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Daily builds / Re: Improved Sun & Sky model playground!
« on: 2020-08-24, 11:28:36 »
I suppose if we could consider the current sky system as a mid point in terms of turbidity in the slider, I'm assuming we could always reduce the amount of turbidity to create that pure blue sky? Its true about the field of view making a difference and the location of the sun in the sky but its in the reflections of glass and metals that a sky with the option of a bolder colour tone would really benefit.

By increasing the colour saturation in the colour correct node for the sky it can bring out other colours like a pink band which is undesirable so hopefully a new system will negate the need to do this.

Trying to get a sky as rich as the attached photo is a struggle with the current system so hopefully the turbidity slider will solve this.

Daily builds / Re: Improved Sun & Sky model playground!
« on: 2020-08-22, 12:22:42 »
The new sky feels quite pale to me. Will the turbidity allow for a richer blue? Im currently switching between a clear blue pg skies hdri and the corona sun/sky and the latter is much more washed out and creates a flatter image out of the box without additional tone mapping. Good idea to use the colour correct node, does that effect performance?

General CG discussion / Re: Why use anything but C4d?
« on: 2020-07-27, 12:05:12 »
I was a long time C4D user but jumped to Max a couple of years ago and wouldnt go back. Whilst Max definitely has its issues, it also has great features like edit poly / multisub mats/ realworld texture sizes and obviously things like railclone and forest pack, not to mention much easier ready made assets availible for purchase, which is a pain to manually convert with c4d each time. I much prefer the c4d interface but Max has a better toolset for arch viz and has better FBX/Revit support. I started with C4D back in version 8 when there wasnt much between max and c4d in terms of arch viz features but c4d has since become more of a motion graphics orientated package and I think will continue on that path. Max is a tough nut to crack but once you get in to it it makes more sense.

Thanks I'll dig out the file later today.

Hi Rowan

Thanks for trying to fix the bump issue. I cant seem to replicate the same reflection issue today, so maybe it was just the bump.

I was having issues with Railclone and the use segement material option in railclone 4. The bump wasnt working with that either regardless of which method was used. But taking that option off and just applying it to the railclone object (like previous versions of railclone) the bump mapping works again. Is there a known issue with this? The diffuse seemed to work fine.


Corona Colour correct node doesnt work for reflection and bump mapping? Certainly in the last couple of daily builds if not earlier. Im sure it hasnt always been like this.

Put a coloured standard bitmap or even the checkerboard shader directly in to the bump channel and you can see it working. Run that through a corona colour correction node - not touching any of the settings and the effect stops working. Same for reflection. Putting it through the max standard colour correction node and everything works as expected.

Pretty sure the corona node should work but for some reason I cant get it to.


I dont think this is possible at the moment. Any chance of being able to lock in the curves editor to the camera view like we can do with exposure? Will make it easier to manage scenes with several cameras that might need different curves settings.


Daily builds / Re: New UVW Randomizer playground!
« on: 2020-06-12, 11:43:54 »
Is there an example file that can be downloaded for this? Its got me completely stumped! Anything I try and tile with a tile number of over 1 makes the texture dissapear and putting the UV offset in just makes for blurred textures. Looking like a motion blur. Very hard to know what sort of input scale we should be using in terms of numbers.


Daily builds / Re: Masks in reflection/refraction playgound!
« on: 2020-06-03, 12:05:21 »
Hmm annecdotally from me. The noisy materials in this scene are new materials created with v6 alpha and the clean ones are old ones. I have run the script and that has fixed all my materials, thank you.

Any new material I am creating now with Alpha 15-05 seems to have it set to NEVER as intended so I'm not sure how this has happened as it wasnt actively changed by me to always - which is what it was set to before I ran the script. Perhaps it was accidentially changed in the previous build?
Hopefully its a passing glitch. Glad to know its intended to be off as default.


Daily builds / Re: Masks in reflection/refraction playgound!
« on: 2020-06-03, 11:22:57 »
Life saver with that script, thanks! Yes some sort of global control would be good. Or a way not to get the noise in the passes, if that is at all possible.

I tried to write a script to apply this to the whole scene which would fix the issue

have you seen this?

Good Luck

Thanks Frood. Thats helpful. Hopefully this workflow will get ironed out.

Noisy ID passes

build 15-5-2020 Max 2020

Not sure if anyone else is having this. Im getting really noisy ID passes with any material that uses displacement. Its like the normals pass is overlaid and there is also some coloured bounced light. Very odd.

Daily builds / Re: New UVW Randomizer playground!
« on: 2020-06-03, 01:16:55 »
Looks cool. I agree though about the setup difficulty for regular patterns and having to think about the maths. Bit of a head scratcher.

Is there a way to quickly random mirror and or rotate a texture(s) in a simple grid? That could be a strong use case.

Ah right thanks for the info maru. I've not noticed it before. Cheers

Corona Colour Correct bug?

Not sure if anyone else has raised this but with the April 28th version at least, Ive noticed there is an issue with the color correct node. Sorry for the tiny examples from this logo, I'm being lazy and taking the brightness out of it to lower the albedo (albedo pass shown). Corona colour correct doesnt bring the white down at all - just the rest of the image. Max colour correction brings everything down and fixes the albedo. Pretty sure this is a bug? I've had it on a few materials so just used the max one as a fix. Thanks

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