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Ok That got me a little further but The view and what I'm seeing in the renderer are still very different.

Thank you for the help!

Thank you.
When merging lightmix layers from a file, if the lights exist in the new file, the lightmix layers should pick them up.
Ive just merged a large file to a new file when trying to troubleshoot some corona specific issues and having to set up 20+ lightmix layers again from scratch is a major annoyance when all of the objects associated with the merged render elements are still in the scene.
[C4D] I need help! / Model Rendering white background
« Last post by Davidgeen3203 on Yesterday at 22:13:02 »
Hello friends

Sorry for my English:-)
Ich want to know, how can I bekomm this Resultat in Cinema 4d using corona renderer ?
On YouTube I can‘t find any tutorial to explain this .

Thank you for your help and support
[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Hotfix Question
« Last post by BigAl3D on Yesterday at 18:52:57 »
Thanks for the replies. I guess I should've mentioned he's running r19 at the moment. Mostly likely, this won't happen. It's a job he got thrown into which is currently set up with Physical C4D. Might need to stay on the cartoon side so Corona might not work here (he's still learning).

By the way, if you grab the link for Hotfix 2 and change the 2 to a 1, you can still grab the older version. ;-)
[Max] General Discussion / Re: Looking for a good Render Farm
« Last post by thr on Yesterday at 18:47:51 »
Ok thank you all for the feedback. I have started using GarageFarm and it is very good. I'm pleased so far. Between GarageFarm, RebusFarm, and local machines, my workflow seems to be better now.
Hardware / Re: Sharing drive in Windows vs NAS
« Last post by dia.interactive on Yesterday at 17:52:36 »
Qnap TS-1277. The initial idea was to load all from the Nvme RAID 0 (proxies and textures mainly) but since we have most of the models on the RAID 5 we usually keep our model asset textures there so loading usually happens from the 2 raids (nvme and HDD raids) and the single ssd's.
I realized my mistake with keeping all files only on HDDs. Just ordered QNAP QM2-2P-344 and two Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2 TB today. I am planning to use it in RAID 1 for both current project files and textures, hdri's proxies etc. Is is a good or bad idea?
[Max] Feature Requests / Re: 3DS max point cloud render
« Last post by johan belmans on Yesterday at 17:51:02 »
Already an old thread and feature request :-)

But in the past years the SLAM technology has evolved and more common in the world of architecture..
It would be great if the Dev Team can make point cloud rendering in Corona possible.
My Windows 10 has updated and IR+FP is working fine now. Sorry, that was something on my side


Ok that's strange, let me know if you experience issues again.


Sorry but I can't figure this one out and its driving me a little nuts!

I have a scene where I need to replace an objects shader (configurator) numerous times. Now the objects in question obviously reflect in other elements in within the scene and I want to be able to capture those reflections within the object render selection.

So as an example.

I have white room with mild reflective properties, enough to see a faint reflection of the orange ball that sits in the middle of the scene. I now want to make that orange ball black with blue stripes, I apply the new shader and want to render the ball. However the reflection within the roomset is still of the orange ball, so without needing to render the whole scene, I just select the ball and hit render. This then includes the reflections cast on the rest of the room, so in photoshop I can just drop the new layer in which is of the ball and its captured reflections and overlay it.

I'm trying to get away from relying on FStorm (having to work with some other visualisers which do not use this engine) which does this feature perfectly with its render object mask in the kernel settings and I have no doubt Corona can do this as well, I just can't for the life of me find out how. The best I have found is of the shadow catcher, but I can only assume this could work if I applied the that shadow Catcher material to the WHOLE scene and render it like that? which just seems like a huge pain to set up as for each element I need to render I would have to have a shadow catcher variant of the scene specifically for it.

Any advice on this?

If I am allowed I'll include the image which demonstrates exactly what I am after.

Any help on this would be hugely appreciated.
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