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Gallery / Iceland Ski Snow Cabin
« Last post by Laszlo Csanyi on Today at 20:53:02 »
The Red Beacon

Iceland's raw, untamed beauty provided a unique canvas where the snow whispered ancient tales and the Northern Lights danced above. The "Iceland Ski Snow Cabin" competition, organized by Buildner, invited architects and designers to enhance this magnificent landscape with a haven for the skiing community. This contest went beyond constructing a structure; it was about creating an experience that embodied the spirit of Icelandic winters.

Participants were challenged to design a small-scale cabin that served as a warm, inviting pit stop for skiers. 

We are proud that our project got shortlisted.

CGI Artist: Laszlo Csanyi
Architect: Bogdan Petru Pana
Hello @MX.Iee,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
I'm not sure I understood your inquiry correctly, so could you please elaborate a little bit more about it?
Does dragging and relating from the channel's connection work for you? (see attached image)
Looking forward to hearing from you.
[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Quad Scripts reappear
« Last post by Avi on Today at 16:07:01 »

This is now logged to be further reviewed by our devs.

(Report ID=CMAX-1198)

[Max] I need help! / Re: parsing scene takes forever
« Last post by maru on Today at 15:52:37 »
The issue was fixed after removing the legacy Mental Ray assets through the 3ds Max Scene Converter. We will see if we can at least prevent freezing/crashing in this case.
Gallery / Mediterranean Villa
« Last post by AngeloFerretti on Today at 15:05:24 »
Hi everyone!

This is a new exterior scene we've been working on for the past few weeks.
As usual, everything is made with Cinema 4D and proudly rendered with Corona.
Olive trees are made with growFX and imported in Cinema 4D.
You can find the whole scene for sale here:

Get it with 50% OFF by using discount code: VILLA50

The scene is ready to render for Cinema 4D 2024 and Corona 12 including:

• 8 different Camera settings and light setups
• Corona Sky setup with Volume effect and Clouds
• 12 Chaos scatters with Areas, Slope and Camera clipping
• Render settings and VFB settings
• 11 takes (to change camera, light setup and render settings with one click)
• 55 Physical materials (node editable - no Legacy materials)
• 92 high quality textures (texture folder: 144 MB)
• High, medium and low poly olive tree 3d models
• Dirt effects made with Decals and Corona Ambient Occlusion
• Background images coming out directly from render (no need to place them in Photoshop)

...and more!

Thank you very much for watching.

Gallery / Suzhou Tower
« Last post by Omegarender on Today at 14:56:49 »
TYPOLOGY: Exterior | Interior
STATUS: Completed
LOCATION: Confidential

This week, we are excited to showcase the Suzhou Tower designed by the renowned architectural firm SOM. This project epitomizes modern architectural excellence, reflecting SOM's commitment to innovative and eye-catching design.

The Suzhou Tower features a striking exterior with sleek, curvilinear lines that gracefully ascend towards the sky, creating a dynamic silhouette. The interior spaces are thoughtfully designed, offering breathtaking views and luxurious amenities that ensure comfort and sophistication.

In terms of 3D visualization, our renderings highlight the intricate lighting and textures that bring the Suzhou Tower to life. The strategic camera positions offer a comprehensive view of both the exterior and interior, capturing the essence of SOM's vision. These 3D visualization techniques play a crucial role in revealing the full potential of the architecture, providing a realistic and immersive experience for viewers.


Please, give your feedback in the comments

today I can't start rendering or IR in any way,
The trick i found: Open scene, start render and stop it, now if i start IR no crash.
not solve now.

I installed corona11 and all it's ok.

Hi, unfortunately we can't help with this kind of report. Please contact us here and attach a problematic scene or a part of it where you are able to reproduce the problem:
Thanks in advance!
Gallery / Dubai High-end Villa
« Last post by houssem on Today at 14:18:58 »
"Witness the stunning transformation of a villa into a luxurious haven! 🌟✨

Studio Shizen reimagined a high-end villa’s indoor pool and gym into a multifunctional entertainment and fitness hub.

Key Highlights:

500 sqm pool area now features a sunken majlis, chic kitchenette, and tranquil Zen gardens.
300 sqm gym with distinct zones for cardio and weight training.

Design Philosophy:
Inspired by Zen tranquility, the redesign features soothing neutrals, bold marble accents, and warm wood flooring.

Project Details:

Architects: Studio Shizen
Area: 800 m²
Year: 2023
Photographs: Kelly Tooze
Manufacturers: FLOS, KAHRS Nordic Homeworx, KARMAN, MIRAGE, Oryx, SANIPEX
Lead Architects: Noor Bitar



[Max] I need help! / Re: corona 12 VFB 2.0
« Last post by JG_monomiru on Today at 14:01:49 »
well i tried one last thing.

I openend a scene in Max 2025 with corona 12 ... and its rendering in corona 12. But the max 2025 installation is almost clean.
So I dont have any scripts and plugins installed (except for batch camera render 1.18 but that doesnt seem an issue)

But this Max hasn't those plugins installed yet - so i dont know if its caused by any of these, or if my max2024 is somehow messed up. I might test an older scene on another machine with max 2024 and corona 12, if i find time for that.
[C4D] Bug Reporting / Mapping Randomizer messes up normal maps
« Last post by GeMeMe on Today at 12:57:10 »
Hi again,

Just ran into another issue: Using the Mapping Randomizer shader to rotate the output of a Normal shader causes the normal information to get corrupted. It appears, the normal information is not correctly rotated to compensate for the map rotation applied by the Mapping Randomizer. This looks exactly like when wrongly inserting the Mapping Randomizer BEFORE the Normal shader. Can anyone confirm, please? If it's me who's doing things wrong, please let me know. Thanks!
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