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Hi, is the render running when trying to send to the picture viewer or has it completed? I just checked it here with V9 and it seems to work when it's running.
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[Max] I need help! / Re: Animated Sky with clouds issue
« Last post by Aram Avetisyan on Today at 12:45:44 »
The closest you can get to overcast sky is to go with full cloud amount, no sun, and play with phase and variety to get the coverage wanted.
Playing with color correct can also help.
[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Mac M1 LOW POWER MODE bug lives on.
« Last post by Philw on Today at 10:18:38 »
+ I do think as has been mentioned elsewhere there is stuff under the hood that makes the MacBook Pro machines just that little bit more cautious with their CPU use. If anyone would like to gift me a 20core Mac Studio Ultra for "testing" I'd happily do some more testing :-)
I havent tested in Corona 10.

Is there a way to fixit in Corona 9?
[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Mac Studio Experience?
« Last post by Chules on Today at 09:06:57 »
On my Mac studio Ultra with 128Gb all works as it should, all cores fully on close to 2000% with all night renders.  I think the performance problems are realated to Macbooks.
Interesting to know if the new M2 Macbooks pro max have these issues as well. I was thinking of getting a Macbook pro max with 96Gb but if rendering slows back to a throttled mode its a waist of money.
Thanks for the information. This week I'm going to order the mac studio!!! I love the infographics and homes you have on your website. All the best.
[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Mac Studio Experience?
« Last post by Chules on Today at 09:04:45 »
@Chules There is a large thread somewhere about this performance issue for the new Macs. I thought i remember someone mentioning some type of workaround to get the performance up, but can't remember exactly. Curious if you install an app like Macs Fan Control so you can monitor the temperature. Does the slowdown happen when a certain temp is reached, or is the slowdown a preventative based on the load?

What happen if you have a fan blowing on it or run it in a cold room? Does that keep the temps down and does that affect the temps?

Thanks for the suggestion. I will test and tell you the results. All the best.
Hello, as Romullus said - it is a 3ds Max limitation. We are aware of this and currently working to improve it.

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[C4D] Bug Reporting / ACES OT Settings ignored by Teamrender Server
« Last post by HFPatzi on Today at 08:46:40 »
Good Morning!

Since the ACES OT setting was implemented in CR9 we have a problem with our renderfarm. The Renderserver seems to render with ACES OT always on. Even when we uncheck it in the VFB, Camera Tag, etc.
We have one Computer, running cinema's team render Server and two computers running the teamrender clients. All of them are running under windows with the latest cinema/corona Versions.
I'll attach a comparison image and also the cinema project for your convenience (Maybe change the light material to another HDR file, sincethe one i used is too big for upload ;) ). Just render it locally and on a farm. ACES OT should be switched off.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona 1.3 Benchmark
« Last post by Juraj on Today at 01:04:15 »
To be honest, even the latest Cinebench R23 gets some numbers and windows version all wrong. Might just be hard to get accurate reports from unusual platforms.
[Max] I need help! / Re: Animated Sky with clouds issue
« Last post by Tom on Today at 01:01:27 »

No sorry I don't have any update, I prefered to go for an animated backplate: the animation is pretty short, around 2 seconds, and the backplate did the trick pretty well so I gave up for now on the animated Corona sky.

Plus I wanted an overcast sky and I was not too sure how to achieve this with Corona sky: adding a color correction map to desaturate the sky maybe?
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