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@dfcorona, just thought of this. I used to have PBO enabled on my 3970x workstation but for whenever I wasn't behind the computer and it was doing over night renders I used a customized Windows power profile on it. I went into the balanced profile and changed the max CPU performance target to 99%. That effectively clocked it down to its base clocks which sure was slower than PBO boosting but hey, went from ~90c to 70c :)

Maybe worth trying out on your end as well?
[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Cryptomatte improvements
« Last post by j_man on Today at 05:28:37 »
Something I've overlooked, Cryptomatte requires 32bit depth. Now, could we utilise a multi depth EXR? Or save an the Cryptomatte layers only at 32bit?

Off-Topic / Best quality 360 camera???
« Last post by bethanyrandolph on Today at 05:16:23 »
Hey I was just wondering what is currently the best 360 camera for hdris?

I want to start compositing my 3D models into my footage in Blender, and I want a good quality 360 camera for my hdri.

The thing that I’m mainly concerned about is getting good reflections. For example, if my 3D model is shines/metallic and I got my hdri from a 3D camera, can I get reflections off of my model from my hdri?
« Last post by AV8STUDIO on Today at 02:49:21 »
Thanks for your feedback, I've edited it, you can enjoy
[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Backplate + Sun causing shadow bug
« Last post by aaouviz on Today at 02:02:03 »
6 Years later (to the day, tomorrow)

AND we still don't have a proper solution to this... smh
Good time of day, everyone!

I spent about 7 hours on the forum trying to figure out and solve my problem. My problem:

1. I have a very heavy scene for which I need 80GB of RAM, and rendering takes a very long time, or 3ds max crashes.
2. The scene contains a large number of render elements, such as LightMIX, and I really need them.
3. I'm trying to render the scene in Backburner with the "Split Scan Lines" feature enabled.
4. As a result, I get several pieces of .cxr files that refuse to properly merge into one .cxr file, as it happens under normal conditions.

To be more specific:

* I get one file that has no passes and is not displayed in terms of lighting as it should.
* and I have, let's say, 5 pieces of images, in which everything is fine, but they do not stitch together. They just lie alongside all the passes and LightMIX, but don't merge into a single .cxr file.
Reproducing the problem is as easy as pie:

1. Create a simple room box.
2. Add some signature teapots.
3. Add light sources.
4. Add light sources to LightMIX.
5. Try to render all this into .cxr as usual, but through Backburner with "Split Scan Lines" enabled.
6. Get a headache.

Software: 3ds max 2024, Backburner 2019 (latest available), Corona 11.1

Is there any way to finally deal with this task?

P.S. There is a script in the some thread that allows saving the .exr format somewhat adequately, but I didn't understand if it's possible to do the same with the .cxr format. With .exr, I barely managed to cope with the script, and even then, it's such a workaround...
[Max] I need help! / Re: Help on Decal with Clear Acetate Tag
« Last post by romullus on Today at 00:01:55 »
You can do layering per map instead per material. That way you could get away without layered material and decals would work without limitations.
[Max] I need help! / Re: Help on Decal with Clear Acetate Tag
« Last post by Byteman3D on Yesterday at 23:18:04 »
I turned to two decals method as it is easier to control in any case, but I face another issue, my transparent decal with Affect Base option, diffuse disabled gave the common error message "Affecting only a part of a base material is only supported if both materials are Corona Physical Materials."

It is the material of the sixth bottle from right. Transparent tag appears black.  The reason is obvious, there is a layered material on that object, but I need those layers because 3 logos appear one by one on that bottle.

What is the workaround here? Is it again separate decals for layers or is there a switch that handles things automatically.
I'm not being lazy but fear disrupting the complex animations on the object.
[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Cryptomatte improvements
« Last post by j_man on Yesterday at 22:56:01 »
Nice to hear from you Tom!

Great to hear that the options for creating Cryptomattes are in development.

Are you saying that it isn't possible through the standard render save dialog? Is this how VRay can save Cryptomattes to EXR files, because it has its own fileoutput option in the renderer?

Gallery / Arrival
« Last post by Omegarender on Yesterday at 20:14:02 »
TYPOLOGY: Product | Interior
STATUS: Concept​​​​​​​

Furniture Renders, Pt.3

Volcanic vibes distinguish the Arrival project from previous furniture renderings. It has the sense of surrounding your home’s lifestyle with the essential elements of distinctive styles like Art Deco and Modernism.


Please, give your feedback in the comments

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