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Gallery / LIVING BOHO by THEAH98
« Last post by THEAH98 on Today at 21:02:30 »
Hi guys!

I share with you a personal project, of a Boho-type living room, I also took the opportunity to have fun with the new Corona tools, the fabrics are procedural and made with Sheen, the rug with a Chaos Scatter, I am in love with ToneMapping.

Follow my work on IG: @THEAH98

Greetings to all!

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Corona decals with FFD OBJECT
« Last post by Marvey on Today at 19:51:03 »
that dont help since the decal still not curved and i really need the white line to be curved. thanks
[C4D] General Discussion / Re: I couldn't open it suddenly
« Last post by jojorender on Today at 19:21:52 »
I think the keyword here is “suddenly”.
This happens to me too, on a semi regular basis.
Cosmos browser works fine for hours, then suddenly I get the “There is a problem with Chaos Cosmos” msg with the “reload” button. Reload > window goes blank.
Sometimes it comes back after 30 min or the next morning.
Happened this morning, Aug. 19, at 11:10 am EST/ UTC -5
At 1:12 pm EST Cosmos loaded normally again. (maybe check your server logs)
It feels like the Cosmos server is overwhelmed and goes dark every now and then.
If this is licence related wouldn’t this also impact rendering? I can render just fine while Cosmos is not accessible.
I have a very stable & fast internet connection, no AV, no firewall blocking.
MacOs 10.15.7 / Cor V8 HF1
Gallery / Pumpkin
« Last post by Skalpel3d on Today at 18:00:16 »
Renders for the project of the interdisciplinary design studio The Space with a light, playful approach to halloween

Gallery / Nordic
« Last post by Skalpel3d on Today at 17:23:40 »
[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Displacement adaptivity cut-off issue
« Last post by maru on Today at 17:08:42 »
I hope sooner or later we will get a separate adjustment to extend the displacement culling beyond the camera, at the moment it is not possible to use displacement in combination with a fisheye camera, you can check it yourself using the water surface created with PhoenixFDOceanTex

Ouch, that sounds like a bug, we will investigate!

Meanwhile, you can use the following string option to calculate displacement even outside of camera frustum:

Code: [Select]
float geometry.displace.maxSizeScreenOutFrustumMultiplier = 1
Using string options:
Changes in Corona 9 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2022-08-19) (

  • Added:
    • Added Corona Pattern modifier
      • Create a surface, apply the modifier by placing it under the object (just as with any other Cinema 4D modifier), place pattern-geometry under the Corona Pattern modifier and everything is set up
    • Decals can now be imported from Cosmos
    • Added option to preserve Slicer material when using material override
    • Added option to preserve opacity and bump when using material override
  • Changed:
    • Improved Corona Error window - improves performance when lot of errors is shown and fixes UI problems on macOS
    • ACES OT tonemapping operator is now used by default in new scenes
    • Cosmos browser on Windows now opens in its own window instead of external web browser
    • Removed support for Cinema 4D R14, R15 and R16
      • These versions are really old and required lot of maintenance time that we can now focus on improving new and existing features
  • Fixed:
    • Corona lights can now be instanced using both render instances and multi-instances (previously this only worked in IR)
    • Corona lights now also work with Chaos Scatter
    • Corona lights now support included/excluded objects also in viewport preview
    • Improved viewport performance when lot of Corona lights is present
    • Fixed issue when spherical Corona light would disappear when it was non-uniformly scaled in IR
    • Fixed rendering of Cinema 4D area light - Note that there is still only basic support for C4D lights
    • Fixed crash when loading corrupted Proxy file with full mesh preview enabled
    • Fixed problem when hidden object was rendered in IR when it was instanced by render instance or multi-instance
    • Fixed occasional crashes when changing instanced object render visibility in IR
    • Fixed occasional crashes when running Cinema 4D with low memory and low memory error was triggered
    • Fixed minor (few KB) memory leak when rendering
    • Fixed crash in decals caused by some objects with corrupted geometry
    • Fixed some cases when Layered material preview was not updated after changing its submaterials
    • Fixed minimum value for step in UVW randomizer
    • Fixed Corona using only E-cores of modern Intel CPUs on Windows 11 when in background

Note: during our testing we found some potential problems with Pattern on macOS when used in interactive rendering in scenes containing hair. We will examine these for the next daily build.
[C4D] I need help! / Re: Corona decals with FFD OBJECT
« Last post by TomG on Today at 16:48:07 »
Rather than try to do the white line with one decal, could try using Scatter along a spline to place multiple decals, though that might only work with a dashed rather than solid line as the solid line would not be a smooth curve.
At the moment the clouds look great, I haven't tested them with interiors but in general using the available options you can get a sane result

The sun behaves strangely, disappearing and reappearing in front of and behind the clouds.

I think the most important point is that the Volume effect treats clouds like any other Hdri map, drawing a uniform fill strip along the horizon line. I would like these 2 effects to work together without limitation. (see the attachment)

I didn’t notice any dramatic performance drops, I didn’t measure the exact comparison, but it feels like everything is fast enough

Thank you guys for listening to us and adding clouds in this development iteration)

PS I already mentioned in another topic, but I will repeat here, while I was testing clouds on this scene with the sea, I noticed that the fisheye camera cannot be used normally with displacement, subdivision culling does not work correctly and right in front of the camera, displacement does not give the desired level of subdivisions. Given that you added DOF for the fisheye camera, can you please fix that too.

PPS I will additionally mention that I did not manage to achieve an acceptable look of an almost evenly overcast sky, as if there is always not enough range of parameters, for example, I would gladly set the cirrus amount to more than 1.0.

Similarly, it would be convenient to be able to slightly randomize the position of the clouds in height relative to each other, if you set the "Altitude" parameter to a sufficiently high value, then the repeatability becomes clearly noticeable

It would be cool to have access to the parameters of the cloud shading itself, (make them more transparent without changing the thickness for example, or slightly change the parameters for scattering in them) + I would like to have a greater variety of real-life cloud shapes.
As a result, from all these parameters it will be possible to form presets (low cloudy / rainy / cirrus, etc., which can be used by ordinary users who do not like to "play"
[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: No New Daily Builds?
« Last post by johnnyswedish on Today at 15:49:16 »
How about thunder n lightning?... Very, very frightening... Have a good weeeeeeeekend all! :-)
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