Author Topic: Downward compatibility  (Read 716 times)

2020-09-03, 08:48:05


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when saving a szene build with corona 6 and reopen it with corona 5, there will come a error message like "error in filestructure" or in german "Fehlerhafte Dateistruktur" and file cant be open. Just for letting you know.


2020-09-03, 09:51:23
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backwards compatibility is not at this point fully supported, especially after the daily build from 30/6/2020, in which some major internals of the node material system were reworked.

Changes in Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D (Daily Build 2020-06-30) (

    Reworked internals of material node system to improve stability and allow future improvements
    • WARNING: the new node system saves data in a different format; if you use the node system in your scene and save with a daily build that's from Jun 30th onward, it will not load correctly in older daily builds from before that date!

Thank you for understanding,