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Gallery / Re: Interior living room 001
« on: 2015-05-08, 19:02:49 »
but the cloth texture really  does look wired :s   ..

Gallery / Re: Wild House
« on: 2015-05-07, 16:11:39 »
Hi....great colors! :D..

i just have a couple of comments xd could try adding some chamfers of edge textures to the materials, specially to the bare concrete.
Maybe the 3d trees in the back could use some blurring in post-pro you can blend the 3d with that misty feel of the background photo.
And you can play with some double or triple glazing to give the reflections on the windows a more realistic look (in real life a house with that many windows and in that environment will probably have insulation glazing)

i would try a different aspect ratio of the image just to play with ...a little more vertical. you could use the "overscan" script to do it and it will keep the camera position and rotation. and a bit farther away with more focal length that honda doesn't get to distorted
also your could try to make the light coming from the right side, so it can be a little more bright below that metal stucture


Gallery / Re: Small house in Finland
« on: 2015-04-10, 16:40:14 »
besides I've spotted a tree with the same rotation but separated from each other, so they look kind of duplicated ...I cant think of anything to critique xd and materials are incredibly natural. excellent :D!!

I just have a personal opinion on such types of photo realistic renders. It seems to me that due to the clear sky and high sun, in reality a lens with at least (at leasssst) f8.0 have to be used. And when you step down the image will get sharper and sharper, less chromatic aberration they'll have and less vignetting (there are some constrains though, like diffraction and for that lenses at f32will make a blur image)...So probably lowering the GI-AA balance and let it render for a bit more passes will get you a bit sharper image (¿?) ...chromatic aberration is a defect, it has to be used properly (at small apertures there barely visible just at the edges of the image) or not at all. I find it interesting when applied within an artistic or conceptual porpoise to an image. 

this images remind me of some of Michal Nowak renders...super green grass, clean blue skyes and sharp images like taken with some of the best optics out there ..

is it possible that you upload a screenshot of the model? or some problematic part of it? ... depending on the geometry I use different workflows ...sometimes .step files get very accurate converting them to .iges or .stl and in most cases they get very well defined in .obj, but you have to change some settings at the moment of export. I do this always using Rhino. Even sometimes exporting to .fbx you will get a really smooth mesh in 3dsmax.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: day and night test
« on: 2015-03-20, 16:14:48 »
I checked the scene too and didn't see any problems with geometry (I think boxes inside boxes should work fine - same for bubbles, right?) but fixing refractive blend materials should help.

I've learned not to trust imported geometry. They work well in some cases but not all that's imported its usefull.
For instance some glass boxes clash with the glass fence, so its far easy to edit just one box (i'll do extruded close splines probably) ...

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: day and night test
« on: 2015-03-20, 14:49:09 »
hmmm it a CAD imported geometry? ..

i was looking at your file and you extruded isolated edges, I cannot see any splines as you said. Doing this gives a lot of problems with materials, I dont know why, but here in the office we often have this sort of problems importing geometry from revit or autocad. The final geometry tend to get bad xform, bad uvmapping, etc, etc, try to import in a different way so you can keep the curves from cad as a spline in 3dsmax ....

or, you could extract the edges with the "create shape" button so it can be turned into a proper spline....then you should use a "sweep" modifier to make the glass fence, this way you can uvmap the glass with some noise using exact measures like mm ....

----------wait ...i was looking it again and your fence railing is a proper should use that with a sweep modifier, its a lot easier.
and your "glass boxes" geometry should had the "THIN" ticket in the material, and probably clean that mesh, because those are boxes within boxes...I don't thinks that's useful for its purpose here

Off-Topic / Re: Funny images/videos
« on: 2015-03-19, 18:54:00 »
Just saw this xd

Gallery / Re: Bleriot XI
« on: 2015-03-17, 17:20:44 »
wait  O_O

is it all cg? even the enviroment??

would be nice to see some closeups of the engine :D

Gallery / Re: Kitchen Varenna
« on: 2015-03-17, 15:22:49 »
very clean!

i can only say that the trees are close to the window, so probably they can cast some shadows in the window frame and a little on the floor or be visible in the reflections of the appliances..... I know its a background photo but it would be a good challenge and will add some natural randomness to a very clean and slick kitchen

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Cliff House WIP
« on: 2015-03-16, 19:33:02 »
Your light in scene doesn't correspond to the background.
Look how the bushes are lit, highlights are on top  and shadow on left. I your scene should match that the shadows from your objects should be be turned something like 70 - 80 degrees counterclockwise .

I am sure this will make a more balanced scene


shadows are very wrong :c

and if the view is important, you should put some more effort in the background...maybe add some haze, check of the white balance of the render matches the backgroud

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: New exterior
« on: 2015-03-16, 19:24:30 »
you should try to back up and use a longer lens, then apply the vertical shift ...
they look cool if i see them each in separate....but if you plan to do several, you have to converge the different PoV to get similar results, because in both sideways views the building looks tall, but in the second one, not so much....
and they will look a lot more distorted if you put people in the upper floors

and if you don't want to change the aspect ratio, try playing with the overscan script to give more space to the image, then adjust the lens

it would be nice to see a render with some clouds now :D


Gallery / Re: Wise Up - Lumo Studio´s ArchViz
« on: 2015-03-12, 21:39:09 »
this look really nice. :D
just three things bother me a little..
-the fluorescent tubes are way to "flat" try adding some falloff to the intensity, like a fresnel effect..
-i'll add some sharpness to the images, there are a liiiiiitle bit too soft for the eye for my taste...or probably its due to compression xd..
-and the last images has DoF, but the background image don't ...

here at the office we do a lot of interiors for companies...did you lit the interior only with the lights comming from the fluorescent lights, lamps and fixtures?? ...or did you use sun+sky, portals, etc, also???

News / Re: Corona 1.0 is out!
« on: 2015-02-27, 16:19:49 »
thank you. that worked :D...
but after you put unrealistic numbers in the colormap tab some spinners get back to normal when you input correct parameters. in the WB its ok put 5555555555 and turns to 999.0 , then you go back to put 6500 for instance, in other ones this doesn't work....this only happens on the VFB, when you put parameters in the Camera/Exposure/Tone mapping tab they all work well ..
sorry for the offtopic

News / Re: Corona 1.0 is out!
« on: 2015-02-27, 15:20:46 »
In version 1.0 ...i'm doing it right now ...3dsmax 2014. different scenes, close-open max's stuck on 99.0 when you input unrealistic parameters .....try another number, "accidentally" put 11111111.11

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