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not at all a technical test...but had fun doing it..
works well with a couples of lights..
the ones with black background only have and light in the zenith...and did a quick reference image with just a corona material with similar color to see what the shader did...

it would be nice to have support for native hair and fur for the this do other stuff besides hair


[Max] General Discussion / Re: REBUS RenderFarm
« on: 2017-06-27, 23:27:54 »
Hi, I think that it will come into the end on which one renders faster and gives the best results, and the easies way is to try both options on different cameras then decide what to do with the rest of two cams. I know from past experience with Rebus that Distributed Single Frame is not allowed to have keyframes, so you will need to run it on a single machine and submit different 3ds max scenes setup for each camera and with the UHD cache set on loaded for that cam if your prerender it on you computer.

About particles, I don't have much experience rendering that, maybe someone else can tell what's the best way to handle this problem, something that comes into my mind is to try to merge the xref in the main scene if it's possible, only if it won't make your scene unopenable or break something else.

Best of luck!

So...did a couple of tests. And the best result where using uhd caching locally ...every 5 frames using "load + append". I've seen very different rendering times from a simple scene (times vary from 9 to 18 minutes of a 50 frames animation) so had to use a noise limit to get consistent results...

using UHD or PT as secondary solver gives some flicker ...

And pflow in xref does not work...they need to be merged. Kind of a bummer, because the scenes get a little slow to navigate....Other xrefs with keyframe animation works well.


[Max] General Discussion / Re: REBUS RenderFarm
« on: 2017-06-24, 01:08:26 »
Hi everyone ..I've been using rebus for still with no problems. But now I have to render several cameras within a scene that have lots of moving objects, lights that change intensity and even cached mParticles (1.4GB of cache) ...It's an open scene as you can see in the image attached so I've been test rendering locally with PT/PT. Wich option will be the better one to go? with noise limit (3 to 4 works well in this scene)?? or caching a GI per camera?? ..

And I a have concern with a test scene I uploaded today. It seems that pflow/mParticles do not work if they in a xref scene.

Corona after clean Install ...latest DB
Moved all assets to a Local Drive.

Strange behavior ...Renders are different each time and last one, all objects are "gone"

Should I upload this to Mantis??

This is a repeating problem i've been having since 1.5 all the way to 1.6 DB 

I've been having strange problems with rendering. In the 1.6 DB materials with refractions render wrong, like in attachtment 2. They suppose to look like attachtment 1, just some plasticky tubes. After this if I activate IR or make a render...well, nothing renders (attachtment 3) is working and all you can see in the image is background color or enviroment image. Everything gets back to normal after restarting 3dsmax. Wich is really problematic now because we need to render an animation.... It happens with backburner too. It renders fine for 8 to 10 frames, then..all renders without objects..

I've tested with max 2014 too and we are having the same problem.
Max 2017 is with SP3
Win 10 x64 ..

I just cannot think of any solution. The only thing I've notice is first the problem with refractions and after that just nothing renders...

I'm doing some material testing for some styleframes for the animation, so the screenshots reveal several materials, and just the ones with refractions are having the problem...

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: 3DS max point cloud render
« on: 2017-01-18, 22:12:12 »
+1 here too.

We are doing at the office a viz with some LiDAR data. 20+GB of raw data. 500 Million points.... Really cool stuff. But mentalray is slooow as hell, vray doesnt do any point color rendering but it can render the pointcloud loader in max. So in the mean time we are doing the animations in ptools, cool software but booooring.... and had to transfer all the camera animations to the other software.

Would be nice to have it rendered in Corona.

I'm reliving this thread because of the recent post in the gallery about photogrametry. Maybe rendering some assets as point clouds from photos, laser, kinect, etc. could make some workflows a bit faster. Instead of meshing or do some retopology at the end.

Gallery / Re: science and nature theme
« on: 2016-01-11, 14:59:00 »
look great!!...
and i'm going to geek in can play a little bit more with the liquid, it looks straight at the can model a bit further to simulate surface tension

Gallery / Re: Product Visualisation Watch Timex T49865
« on: 2016-01-04, 14:58:29 »
cool renders..
you should play in making an indiglo material  :D

Gallery / Re: Hof Emblehem
« on: 2015-12-21, 18:22:07 »
I think the "tilt shift" effect is a bit to strong and it needs a painted mask to work properly.
You are applying a "3D" lens effect to a 2D image, so you are not considering the camera distance in "3D" to the objects.

Look at this image.

The dome is in focus as well as the other objects in that "distance plane" in 3D...even tho' the background buildings are in the same "line" (as in XY coordinates of the image) they get out of focus because they are indeed farther away in space...

So the closest tree in your image, will probably be all out of focus, not just the bottom part.

The gradient mask works well, but you can paint with a soft brush the elements wich are not in the same distance with your object of focus...

I hope I've explain it well, pardon my english :)

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona and virtual reality content
« on: 2015-12-17, 22:00:34 »
stereo cube maps are awesome...clients easily load them on to theirs gearvr and voilá ...
since its needed to spent time in some scenes "filling" with props or doing some stuff all over for vr, it would be nice to have a few clicks options to do the export...
great to know you have something started already :)

Gallery / Re: House in nature
« on: 2015-12-17, 15:40:15 »
I kinda like it. Reminds me of this photos I had as wallpapers some time ago.. 

Gallery / Re: Travelling Essentials
« on: 2015-12-14, 17:13:24 »
beautiful :) ..
the only thing I noticed is some loss of "contact shadows", in the color render I get the sensation of some floating objects (pencils, keys, wristwatch strap). I guess its from the warm light opposite from the overall blueish one. Maybe just a tiiiiiny bit of AO pass in photoshop will help.

Also I have that Zenith camera with that lens xd ..the camera and lens black material are a little bit less glossy in my opinion.

anyhow, the color palette its beautiful!

Gallery / Re: Ikea kitchen study
« on: 2015-12-10, 15:48:30 »
it reminds me of this :)

Department of Mathematics, Natural and Computer Science
Photorealistic Rendering with V‐ray
Anja Rackwitz
Markus Sterner
15 June 2007

Gallery / Re: HALTZ! Inception time!
« on: 2015-09-09, 15:30:09 »
that b&w version>---save--->apply as wallpaper ...


Gallery / Re: Summer mood
« on: 2015-07-14, 20:00:05 »
i dont mind that guy ...i think that for that scene it has a good pose .. the scale is odd and try darken it, theres a lot of light behind him and he too bright for my taste..

also try to chop down the tallest tree xd ...or make the image with a but more height you can compose with 3 elements: sky, trees and ground

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