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Gallery / Re: Forest & Ocean
« on: 2014-10-17, 21:22:02 »
excelent render quality and lightning mood! ...the only thing that bothers me (and its a very small thing) is the photo in the background...
The trees that are closer to the window should be either reflecting a little bit or cast some shadows in the horizontal window frame. because of the way that photo was taken, the trees seem to be much closer to the window. maybe some polys with opacity maps will do the trick . And if you are using Fstops to control exposure instead of EV in corona, then probably at f5.0 or some wider aperture some bokeh would be visible in the farest hill.

and a less technical comment/question :) ... as far as commercial work goes: why are you choosing Corona? Here at the office a partner and I are still "playing" with Corona, transforming vray scene and what not. And the results in interiors are far superior in terms of lightning compared to vray (in our scenes at least). We have some 20+ i7cpus (lots of cores to play with), so computing time is not and issue. Getting great lightning in interiors with corona is super fast and fun to do. The problem is, we have to convince "the boss" to be able to use Corona in at least ONE project yet xd ....for you, choosing corona has been a "less time setting up lightning" criteria?...better quality?...photorealism?

anyhow ....great images :)

render times? ...did you use batch rendering or backcburner with strips??

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: My corona random stuff.
« on: 2014-10-15, 22:24:50 »
great tests ...
i'm from chile too :)
are you working as a freelance or in a company? ...have you made any comercial jobs with corona already?

sorry for the offtopic ..but you are the first chilean guy I know in this forum xd


Gallery / Re: cecofuli [Gallery]
« on: 2014-06-23, 16:43:19 »
with this kind of projects and such short time to build them. Do you use distributed render? backburner with stip rendering? batch rendering overnight??

and also....there will be a "Corona -  The Complete Guide. 1st edition"??  xD  hahaha ...

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