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Gallery / Re: I M P R E S S I O N S
« on: 2018-11-23, 19:19:29 »
Amazeing render times and hardware?

we are still not planning to do the exporter ourselves
just wondering - simply hypothetically - how much need be donated to corona team for write (or update existing) exporter to blender?


tell you what, if either one of the groups convinces developers of the software to help us with the implementation, then we do that software first :D


News / Re: Pricing and release date announced
« on: 2014-10-21, 16:02:51 »
How is with standalone?

yes agree what status is right now? on standalone?

Gallery / Re: Modo + Corona Renderer 2
« on: 2014-06-17, 13:47:26 »
so my question is how did u export project from modo to corona

Porting and API / Re: Corona for Modo
« on: 2014-06-15, 14:22:39 »

The new mental ray is really back in game they fix so many stuff and so many improvments..

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2014-06-12, 15:50:47 »
And what about adding a feature which calculate or evaluate the "noise amount" in order to have an idea when the image is clear enough to be considered "ready", instead wait for long time renders?


u mean adaptive sampling?

Gallery / Re: Geometry fun project!
« on: 2014-06-12, 12:26:00 »
I was really aiming for photorealistic shoot, but more intho some cool lucking art, with fancy colors. Thx for commenting :)

btw it was rendered in blender with standalone

Gallery / Geometry fun project!
« on: 2014-06-12, 06:06:36 »
Hey this project was made just for pure fun and improveing my skills in color connections. Secondly i was testing the corona render, with is pretty awesome and really fast, and have very cool light!

For seeing more just click on image :D there is 6 works in that style :)
or this link

i think redshift will be the fastest but it is biased so... it dosn't count :)
Why shouldn't it count?

generaly i would not compare biased with unbiased it is kinda cheating...

i think redshift will be the fastest but it is biased so... it dosn't count :)

News / Re: Corona@EUE
« on: 2014-06-09, 02:48:01 »
as corona is more arch wiz(my opinion)  i would say that

in that order 1.fur 2.volumentric. 3. sss

News / Re: Color mapping directly in VFB
« on: 2014-06-07, 14:23:35 »
thank u so much for that !

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