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Gallery / Geometry fun project!
« on: 2014-06-12, 06:06:36 »
Hey this project was made just for pure fun and improveing my skills in color connections. Secondly i was testing the corona render, with is pretty awesome and really fast, and have very cool light!

For seeing more just click on image :D there is 6 works in that style :)
or this link

[Max] General Discussion / Price of plugin to other soft.
« on: 2013-11-04, 15:07:14 »
The question is kind of simple and not.

So let's take that i am some company yes, i and i really like corona render, but it is only for 3dsmax. My studio works in Cinema/Blender or other program. How much cash, do we have to pay, so there will be made plugin to program with we choose, or is it even possible.

Or secondly.

How much or do u have in plans makeing standalone version, but with some interface, like Octane.

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