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[Max] I need help! / Re: ram distribution isnt equal into DR
« on: 2017-06-14, 16:58:43 »
looks like you are having the same issue as me, maybe. The ones with very little RAM being used arent doing anything toward renders by the looks of it.

I get this problem where some nodes just hang with "waiting to start" and sit around 5GB ram. while other nodes just pick the render up and go.

edit - currently have a ticket with corona support to try n see why this is happening.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Material Preview Brightness?
« on: 2017-06-14, 15:43:42 »
also noticed the material preview blowing out a lot more, I'm not sure when this happened but I don't remember it being like this.

I might try that bit of script to reduce the intensity.

[Max] I need help! / Re: DR hanging after hotfix 1
« on: 2017-06-13, 15:06:58 »
I was having the exact same problem, until I realised I'd still had just 1.6 on the machine i was rendering from and 1.6.1 on the dr slaves. Could've sworn I installed the hotfix 1 but mustn't have done. So conflicting versions must b the most likely cause?

Checked my the versions, my machine and two of the slaves that cause problems are on 1.6.1, no version difference in corona. Starting to wonder if something in the network is going wrong. Earlier all nodes just gave up trying. They would ping and start then give up and retry.

[Max] I need help! / Re: DR hanging after hotfix 1
« on: 2017-06-09, 13:35:10 »
Zipped up and sent some logs from the node that is currently playing up. Had to restart DR and then it picked up the render again.

All machines are displaying Corona 1.6.1 as far as I can see.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corrupt / Problematic Max Files
« on: 2017-06-08, 15:09:59 »
Also have this problem now and again in the studio, sometimes the file is just super slow at opening. We thought it was the file compression but it still happens just less often now that we have turned that off.

Doing a garbage collection can fix it for a while.

Also running Max 2016 but with Corona 1.6.1

[Max] I need help! / DR hanging after hotfix 1
« on: 2017-06-08, 14:49:05 »
some of the DR nodes seems to be hanging now and again when starting renders. They start parsing scenes but don't actually do anything and sit at the default 5gb of RAM usage as though they are waiting for a task.

If you restart the node it doesn't get found without starting the render again on the master PC even though search LAN while rendering is active.

anyone else having similar problems with nodes hanging or not being found while a render is active?

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: Is 1.6 slower than 1.5 ?
« on: 2017-05-10, 09:39:59 »
Yes, clearly 1.6 is more noisier,  I haven't tested it properly (busy) but it feels noisier, also in the IR which also seems to be a bit less responsive compared to 1.5.
I agree - IR in 1.5 is more responsive and comfortable.

1.6 IR is amazing for me, I can do so much more now. in 1.5 it was very hard to use IR sometimes but in 1.6 it is a lot easier to not crash the PC while working with it.

Hardware / Re: Render Node(s)
« on: 2017-05-09, 17:20:46 »

I'd have to get a hdd and windows 10 but would a gpu be needed as well? I was looking at the 900 euro e5-2670 guide but if this comes with a warranty its a bit easier if anything goes wrong in the beginning. weirdly the link says quadro 6000 but the description says no gpu.

Hardware / Re: Render Node(s)
« on: 2017-05-04, 09:40:03 »
short version is: if you stick to just corona, then there are no issues with dual socket machines, everything works exactly as when having single CPU with double number of cores. Ram is not split, but shared, at no performance penalty

Cool, thanks for answering. Just need to get one now!

Hardware / Render Node(s)
« on: 2017-05-03, 14:06:31 »
Our current work stations are between 32 - 64gb RAM and run cpu's like i7 6800k.
We are looking at buying a monster machine or maybe 2 that could be sat in the corner as constant DR machines to help smash through renders.

Firstly, is doing this the most opitmal way to help everyone in the studio render faster while working on projects. We cant upgrade everyone to dual xeons in one go, so the plan was to buy 1 or 2 that can run DR and help out.

When speccing a machine with x2 xeons, if it has 64gb ram does that mean each cpu has 64gb ram to use? or does it get split into 32gb per cpu. Never had a dual cpu machine!

Trying to spec something up roughly on Scan -  Is this expensive for what it is? and is it specced to a standard we should look for to help improve render times in the office? I'm looking for that area where its best for money in performance, once you start reaching the best of the best its usually minimal gain but a lot more expensive.


brilliant thanks, i thought it might have been hidden since its not for production use. Just wanted to check it out.

Pretty much what the title says. Where do I actually find this if I want to play with it for a bit of fun? I just updated to 1.6 and checking out all the extras. Saw the psycho sampler in the notes but im not actually sure where it is?

Plug CoronaColour maps into multimap slots - it has controls for Kelvin temperature as well as output intensity.

Ah i see it! awesome. Thanks Romullus.

Recently I used Corona MultiMap in instance mode pluged into the light´s texmap slot to randomize color temperature and intensitiy. Maybe this helps in what your are after?

Good Luck

I got the corona multimap to work with randomised temperatures but it doesnt affect the light intensity at all. I didn't see anything to change that with a map unless I just overlooked something obvious. Having the temperature ranomisation is good though, the intensity would just be a bonus.

Recently I used Corona MultiMap in instance mode pluged into the light´s texmap slot to randomize color temperature and intensitiy. Maybe this helps in what your are after?

Good Luck

I'll give this a try, thanks Frood!

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