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[Max] I need help! / Re: Railclone and multi-texture
« on: 2015-11-10, 14:02:30 »
just found a checkbox "use instancing engine" the documentation doesn't mention this but by turning it off i can get the random material IDs on the whole object not just the edges. Not sure if this will cause problems rendering larger scenes.

[Max] I need help! / Railclone and multi-texture
« on: 2015-11-10, 13:53:38 »
Are these not supported in Corona? Having issues where my railclone is only randomizing the edge rows and columns.

Railclone documentation says to simply add a material node and randomize the ID to match the amount of bitmaps being used in multi texture. Then make sure that multi texture is using material ID. Both of these have been done and the center mass of my model uses just 1 texture and only the edges have random IDs. Can't get this to work, can anyone else use rail clone LITE and multi texture together?

Progress was made this morning! i cut up the ground plane for camera views and the displacement started to render properly. It still pushes me for RAM but im actually getting a result! Thanks for the help guys. It's good to be seeing some results

Yeah i actually had an email conversation with Martin about the displacement and bump.

Regarding that test scene, it rendered fine on my machine but as soon as i try to use it in a more populated scene it doesn't work and i quickly use more than 16gb of RAM followed by the PC locking up completely.

Does the amount of geo on the plane effect how the displacement modifier or material works? if i subdivided the ground would it ease the calculations at render time? or am i just limited by the machines RAM?

my scene uses 1.5gb of ram then when i hit render its well above 16gb before the calculations are over. maybe my ground plane is too large, it could be calculating things not in view of the camera? or that is hidden behind objects? thought i thought it was screen based and so, sometimes more efficient?

its hard for me to test because each one normally ends in a PC restart each time. I'm going to try a few more things with the test scene and my scene.

Is it possible that you could send me a sample scene with the displacement etc all setup and i try to render it on my machine? my displacement didnt get anything near a result like that. If i can get it to work like that, problem solved but for a herringbone paved floor it was using 30gb of ram and doing random things as a result.

It would be good to figure out what is wrong my end.

Hi Romullus, thanks for your response. Now you have bump working for each bitmap that you have dropped into multitexture but you dont have the bump between each tile. so im using bercon to make bricks and need a bump to define each brick, as well as a bump on each brick.

Displacement doesn't seem to work for me, i just ran it on another machine. 4k image with displacement set to 3.0 in setting. it used 30gb of ram and looked awful. it didnt follow the brick pattern at all and for using 30gb of RAM it was a costly render for a not worth while result.

edit- also interesting you use an output node, what exactly is this for?

Tried upping the displacement number in settings, it didn't crash but didn't give a result any where near acceptable. I dont think displacement is going to work, I have 16gb of RAM on this machine, which has never been a problem before with displacements on other renderers.

Just downloaded a trial version of vizparks walls & tiles, it also uses bercon but with their own custom material node and map nodes. Again I am still struggling to get any kind of bump from corona. Going to contact them directly as well, as it says corona is supported, it even has a singled out material just for corona use.

OK, the displacement was a map made from the bitmaps being used in multitexture but i also tried just using bercon tile by itself with black n white no extra detail.

I'll see what happens if i change some settings

OK so i have to use displacement to get a result with corona? or is this the case with most renderers and bercon? how do i stop it from using all my RAM? it feels like it just slowly begins to eat at the PC until the cursor freezes and then im stuck...

thanks for replying


Looking for help regarding bercon tiles and corona. When ever i use bercon to create my tiled floors or walls, i can never get a bump from it.
I generally use these setups

bitmaps > multitexture > bercon tile > diffuse
bitmaps > multitexture > colour correction > bercon tile > bump or displacement

so with that in the bump, nothing happens at all. if i use displacement, it says calculating displacement and then the PC slowly starts to lock up until it freezes and i have to turn it off. this generally seems to be the case for displacement on any material, so i tend to avoid displacement completely.

i would like to know how other people get a bump while using bercon tiles with corona.


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