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Gallery / AEVUM
« on: 2020-07-02, 03:08:02 »
AVEUM is a personal project inspired by Roman architecture.

Check out my other work at.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-03-12, 14:52:37 »
Just a heads up, I have been running my 3990x build for a few weeks now and this cpu has not missed a beat. The Noctua nh-u14s-tr4-sp3 has been able to keep this thing cool no problems even for extended rendering periods. I had to render a 10k image for a billboard which took around 24hours on rebus single machine the 3990x cut that down to 6.5 hours. The cpu ran at 3.65ghz for the six hours no probs and would throttle from time to to keep the temp below 67 degrees.

Very happy.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-02-21, 00:59:47 »
Haha, that's funny Joe - I saw this and tried the benchmark out and I got the position next to you! Cinebench 20 was also 25793.

After a few minor updates to BIOS, Motherboard, Windows, and GPU...system is running stable and hovering around 50C.

RPanizzon Wow that's awesome ! so happy with this thing. Now I need to install all of my software etc

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-02-20, 23:50:43 »
Wow the 3990x is insane I hit position 37 on the corona benchmark without doing anything it boosted to 3.4ghz on air and it came in at just under 18sec.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-02-20, 06:50:40 »
FYI just installed windows 10 pro on my 3990x machine and it looks like they have already sorted out the cpu groups issue mine is only 1 group.

Nice I been waiting for that and the Cooler issue of what to use.  So I take it you have to run Windows 1909? Isn't there still some really big issues with the version, file search and such? I'm still on 1903 because of it. Or is it just a update patch that works with any version?

Yes it's 1909 and I am not sure about any issues with this build I have only started to use it.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-02-20, 03:47:37 »
FYI just installed windows 10 pro on my 3990x machine and it looks like they have already sorted out the cpu groups issue mine is only 1 group.


Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-02-16, 08:13:42 »

Thanks for the reply I went over the reviews and the 3990x is running cooler than the 3970x so I have gone with the Noctua and the 3990x. I would be interested in your temps etc based on your loop setup. I have ordered all of my parts now so I should be doing my build this week cant wait I am pumped to test it on my current project schedule.

Also an interesting video with some config aspects for the 3990x and the windows core groups with Robert Hallock.


Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-02-11, 22:29:06 »
Hi All

Thanks for the reply's to my earlier post (agentdark45).

So I have decided to go with the 3990x but I need a suitable cooling solution would the nh-u14s tr4-sp3/Cooler Master Wraith Ripper ARGB TR4 be enough at stock speed to keep this thing cool ? looking at the AIO's available nothing else has a large contact plate and the enermax stuff is disaster AIO.

Any opinions on this would be really appreciated.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-02-09, 12:45:47 »
Hi All

Thought I might join in since I am upgrading from a 1950x. So after researching for sometime on parts here is a list of what I am thinking.

3970x maybe the 3990x I would like to see some more reviews before I go for the big boy.

ASUS Prime TRX40 Pro Motherboard. I don't think I need the high end features of the more expensive boards.

Ram seems to be an issue I am going for 128gig I can get two CMT64GX4M4C3200C16 dominator kits but I really don't want the rgb and large heat shields. I found some F4-3200C16Q-128GVK gskill kits that I can buy. both kits are on the QVL list.
Does anyone have any experience with either of these kits ?

Phanteks Revolt Pro Full Modular Gold 1000W Power Supply.

Lian Li Lancool Two Tempered Glass Case White.

2x ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 NVMe SSD 2TB.

I am just going to use my two 1080ti's I am not buying new GPU's.


Any thoughts are welcomed I want this system to last for at least two to three years.

Also for cooling the ice giant could be an upgrade later this year.

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