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found the verdict with the green objekt/mask ... it was a thin-refraction material... when unset thin-refraction for the green and red object... they behave as they should (except the probably better rgb channel-mixing)

so basically if you use "thin no refraction" materials you won't get a proper mask - even when set to "never"

Hello Maru,

its behaving weird somehow.

I've several objects... all of them the materials are set to "propagate mask - never" except the red object - it has "through refraction"
as I understand your help-file .. the green object should appear full in mask .. covering the hidden parts of blue object. The red object should be open for the other masks... but the green also shows the blue object in full?

Also i thought the "refractive masks" would work a bit like this "photoshopped" version... when using "intersection mixed (ADD)" in multiple conditions unter Cmask?

hmm... should have read the help-file.
hoped it will behave like in vray when using RGB masks, where you can render full masks of each overlapping-refractive and non refractive objects.

So i still need to render 2 times to get the mask of the foremost and hidden objects?

currently I dont exactly understand how it should work.

I expected to get some combined color in viewpoint overlapping refractive objects. But it seems it shows just the mask of the foremost object, where non object is behind - so showing every mask behind.

Is there some tutorial how to use this new masking feature for "through reflection / through refraction"

I thought it would behave like in Vray - where a "red" and a "green" masked objeckt would appear yellow when they overlap in view.
But currently mask show either full mask for the foremost object in "never" mode, or parts of the refractive object appear just where no object is behind (except the thick boarders) in "through refraction" mode.

Is it possible in RenderElements (like CShading_rawdiffuse etc) to chose which of the maps from (multiple maps) has an effect on?
Right now if i render with 4 different maps - they all affect the renderelements - there is only a selection for LightSelect-renderelement.

Or is that technically not possible - and i need to run 2 rendersessions - one with those multiple maps - and one with my preferred Environmentmap for all other passes?

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: autosave feature...
« on: 2019-12-12, 08:56:20 »
sorry maru...
might be a bit of confusion when writing it in a hurry.
I thought, that autosave does indeed just delete the number of files with the same file-name, instead of deleting all autosaved files. I had rendered 3 diferent cameras and set the number of images kept on render end to "2"... so i actually lost the first rendered one.
I believed that when autonaming the filenames by current camera name "%v" i could prevent the autosave-feature deleting the previous rendered versions.

But now i know - maybe its misleading, that i put it into bug/feature thread. although it be great to have it as a feature, not deleting different names.

[Max] Bug Reporting / autosave feature...
« on: 2019-12-08, 14:37:16 »
its a bit confusing, that you have the choice to autname the files "_%v" (or like that) ... but the nr. of kept files will even delete "autosaves" with different namings.

Feel a bit disappointed that i lost a complete CXR-autosave file from a different camera, after a batch-rendering.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Color Tint resets to blue
« on: 2019-07-03, 09:19:46 »

yes you might be right - it was confusing me, that the camera post-processing isn't overriding that "white balancing" in physical camera, maybe i should have turned on Tone-Mapping in camera modifyer.

About corona camera - i kind of stuck to using standard max physical camera to have it interchangeable with Vray - not sure yet, if Vray can handle Corona-Camera or vice-versa.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Color Tint resets to blue
« on: 2019-06-24, 08:33:24 »
I finally figured what caused it - The White Balance setting in Max' Phsyical Camera were on a different setting, which i usually don't ever touch. Seems it was accidently set to 3200K instead of 6500K.

Sorry for confusing you.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Color Tint resets to blue
« on: 2019-06-21, 14:48:09 »
it seems there is some glitch in that specific scene - still even when merging it into another scene.

But opening another  working scene from a different project some weeks before and rendering it, nothing strange occurs.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Color Tint resets to blue
« on: 2019-06-21, 13:10:04 »
I today realized the Rendering is appearing in a blueish color tint? Seems like if i do batch-rendering the color-tint resets to a blueish tone each time.
Not sure what it caused it - just started to appearing in various scenes it did worked correctly a week before.

Only thing that happend was the occasional Windows Update and installing of a new Wacom Driver.

Corona 3 Hotfix 2 and 3Dsmax 2018 latest update.

Gallery / Re: SKODA 120L
« on: 2018-12-10, 17:12:31 »
so cool... i loved that car in the 80s.  my grandpa drove an 120L in exactly that color :)


hope you sell the model sometimes... so one could  enhance arch-viz images with it 😅


it is not so consistent with testing - when i specifically try the steps the crash doesn't occur right now.
I'll keep an eye on this and try to figure out the behavior, when it occurs again.

Sorry -  I thought someone else had similar experience with instant max-crash when closing frame-buffer.

this won't work as well, as there is no 3dsmax process in the task manager anymore. Max isn't really freezing or anything - just for the time, when you cancle the renderprocess and it needs some time to cleaning up.
After that it completly disappears from the task-manager of running processes. it is just not running anymore.

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