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Is it possible in RenderElements (like CShading_rawdiffuse etc) to chose which of the maps from (multiple maps) has an effect on?
Right now if i render with 4 different maps - they all affect the renderelements - there is only a selection for LightSelect-renderelement.

Or is that technically not possible - and i need to run 2 rendersessions - one with those multiple maps - and one with my preferred Environmentmap for all other passes?

[Max] Bug Reporting / autosave feature...
« on: 2019-12-08, 14:37:16 »
its a bit confusing, that you have the choice to autname the files "_%v" (or like that) ... but the nr. of kept files will even delete "autosaves" with different namings.

Feel a bit disappointed that i lost a complete CXR-autosave file from a different camera, after a batch-rendering.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Color Tint resets to blue
« on: 2019-06-21, 13:10:04 »
I today realized the Rendering is appearing in a blueish color tint? Seems like if i do batch-rendering the color-tint resets to a blueish tone each time.
Not sure what it caused it - just started to appearing in various scenes it did worked correctly a week before.

Only thing that happend was the occasional Windows Update and installing of a new Wacom Driver.

Corona 3 Hotfix 2 and 3Dsmax 2018 latest update.

I experienced some immediate crash of 3dsmax - disappearing instantly - when closing the corona frame buffer after i canceled a renderjob.

This behaviour i can reproduce on different machines - usually it happens, when i cancel a renderjob over 3dsmax-renderprogress dialog. When pressing 'cancel' and then closing the Framebuffer at the "close window icon" while the whole progress of ending the job and sorting cache etc. isn't finished at all. First i couldnt reproduce it constantly - but it seems when having some bigger scenes and lots of network-maps (unc path) etc. it happens quite regular.

Using Max2017 and 2018 with corona 1.7.3

I'm not sure if its just my set-up on both of my workstations or if its something you could reproduce as well.

It might seem a weird request but is it technically possible to use rendernodes without installments of any 3D-app and specially all these various plug-ins?

Main reason behind it would be to have the maintenance effort of rendernodes as low as possible. The idea behind was something like Seti@Home, where you got an APP (like Corona Standalone) installed on Rendernode and it recieves only raw-render data to calculate. This might need some more precomputing on the Host-Machine but might be worth it, when you could install an n-finite amount of rendernodes?
So basically the Host-PC will have all 3D-DCC and Plugins installed and Rendernodes will just recieve raw-renderdata without relying on DCC&Plugins on their side.

Is this something possible or is it technically not reasonable - as there might be to much computing on Host-Side?

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Clipping Planes / Objects
« on: 2017-10-24, 16:10:30 »
I need to test 1.7 yet, but i haven't read about clipping objects when using corona - ist that something which will make it somewhen soon?

I can't really reproduce it - but it sometimes occoures when rendering something.

Corons 1.5 hotfix1 and 3dsmax2017/2016.

When playing with Tone Mapping within the Frame Buffer sometimes when Rendering is finished the Output/Frame Buffer picture changes brightness dramatically....
In some cases i tried to alter White Balance and got a complete darkened result - sometimes i tried only playing with highlight compression or other values within Tone-Mapping and the FrameBuffer becomes dark - like some gamma values were dramatically altered.

It is not really reproducible - sometimes this happens, sometimes not - maybe someone else has figured similar behavior.

I attached 2 images showing the difference - the bright one was the original rendered image - and during rendering you could alter the tone mapping values normally - but sometimes (mostly after rendering) changing either value will result in darkened output.
But i can't be sure if its really just while rendering was done, or also happening during rendering in those cases, where this appeared. Usually i recognized when rendering was finished.

I recently got into some trouble while working with Max 2017. Older Scenes which were working stressless with Max 2016 or prior were not able to open in Max2017.

Some Testing on my side and after some Feedback from Vizpark Support we narrowed it down to a problem with Max2017/Corona and a Mapping Method i used formerly in Vizpark Crossmap. I used a Material  which i converted from Vray. It was part of a multi-sub-material and somehow triggered no Problems with Max2016.
In 2017 it somehow caused the Scene to crash in many attempts. Feedback from Vizpark was, the problem occours because of Mapping method - which caused no Problem with Max 2016 so far. (even if it was not rendering correctly in 2016, but it was not really in one of the main Objects facing my attention)

I didn't knew that some Mapping Methods were not working with Corona. Is there a Fix to this or at least a List of mapping Modes which are supported by Corona?

If necessary i can provide Dump-Data.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Funny Output
« on: 2016-09-28, 12:12:59 »
I recently worked with corona 1.5 daily 18th september. Some of my Trees (Forrestpack with Corona-Proxy Objects) behave funny in Cshading-RawCompontent_RawDiffuse output.
Materials are all Corona, although converted from vray.

I've no clue if that is supposed to happen - usually not - but i guess it's worth to mention, even if its still cool looking. Other outputs were done as expected.

I recently discovered, that once i open a scene and started to render something or use the material-editor the viewport performance of max is getting bad. resulting in viewport-stuttering when rotating an object/scene or moving something around.

This behaviour only happend with corona 1.4. for now.

I'm using Max 2016 and corona 1.4 and got a Dell Firepro V7900 gpu with latest amd-driver...
currently i was not able to test this behaviour in other environments.

(Support ticket 3432)

[Max] I need help! / render process unfinished
« on: 2016-05-11, 18:31:03 »
I recently discovered that one of my workstations is unable to finish render tasks. Its unpredictable for now ....
Renderprocess status bar is still active, also the VirtualFramebuffer, but no progress is made - CPU usage is also low - so no rendering is taking place anymore.

Max is not crashed and you are able to save the Image including Elements from the framebuffer  and also save and close Max.

it appeared first after i upgraded to windows 10 ... on HP Z800 with Max 2016 and corona 1.3

I'm clueless right now.

My other workstation, with Win10 and Max2016 and corona 1.3 is behaving normally....

[Max] Resolved Bugs / ObjectID and Forrestpack
« on: 2015-10-13, 17:15:59 »
I recently discovered that Corona 1.2.1 under 3dsMax2015 isn't giving the correct OBJ-ID to the renderoutput. All Forrestpackobjects with different Object-ID will render with Object-ID=0 instead of the given Nr.

I've attached a simple test compared to vray. The Floorplates have ObjectID-0 the front FP has ID1 and the rear FP has ID2

Max 2015 SP3
Vray version 3.20.03
Corona 1.2.1
Forrestpack 4.4.1

would be great to see an override in render elements for materials "visible in masks"  - so one can have materials visible in masks (when it was unticked in material) , where in other renderelements they are still invisible.

I guess it was asked before - but didn't really made it into feature request.

would be great to implement reflection/refraction working on mask-channels ... like Cmasking_mask - similiar so Vrays Material-roll-out in reflection / refraction - Affect Channels "color, color+alpha , all channels"

General CG Discussion / 3dsMax 2016
« on: 2015-04-13, 19:51:23 »
Hi i just read about upcoming release of 3dsmax 2016

even if it lacks some details - the new physical based camera similiar to vray should be interesting.
Hope it helps solving shift and tilt - problems i currently got with corona, using vray physical camera (when heavy shift/tilt is applied)

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