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THANKS! :) Other topic for that scene, i used an 8' clipped cam (through a wall), w/55mm film width, 40mm focus. Maybe i need more Bertrand advice of shoot as if you are photographing the space?  But it looked tiny on cam.  Is my set up too unrealistic or is this pretty common?

I...think...better.? Any addl c&c also much appreciated - again these are to be used for the developers' website to help customers visualize to-be-built homes. I also posted two exteriors.

Bluebox, you woke-up what i thought was a mediocre image.  What did you do mostly, masked exposure/gamma, curves,etc?. if you dont mind me asking.  It would have taken me another 6mo of playing to figure out i could do that with straight render output.   Also, the price point of these properties is average for Georgia, mid-$300's (US) so they have to feel approachable to the customer.  aaouviz i still have a "carpet complex" so im fixing that.  you all are awesome for the feedback


I really like this. Scratches in the floor is a great touch! Agree that the chandelier is a bit problematic, it seems to be missing bulbs?

I think composition is also a bit off - its quite busy for the majority of the image, but is almost completely empty in the top left corner - 1/4 of the image! Maybe more lights? Or at least some light on the wall?

The rug should also be straight IMO - so rotated approx 45 degrees. And maybe remove the pattern, the fur is making it look like a low-res texture.

The texturing of the top step seems to be out-of-scale. And finally, the tree in the background is distracting. I think it should be a bit smaller/further away, less purple and maybe see a bit of the sky.

Otherwise, everything is VERY photo-real. I can't ever usually get this quality. Well done.

Thanks aaouviz, yeah, the bulbs are supposed to be these tiny 10W, G4's. But they 1) don't show up good on wide angle camera & 2) throw fireflies at 1,500-2,000x power enough to create actual room light.  I f'd up more when i scaled down the whole fixture for a short 8' ht ceiling so you dont appear to bang head on the fixture while in your bed.  NOT real life scales and it shows.  Ill also work on rug and trees i agree.  Thanks again.

Respect for the model and lighting C+C/me would say, actrask comments spot on, hard to define it's location on clg. To add the lighting would be something to experiment with cools/warm combos. GL

thanks Noah45 all cc is needed. I definitely will run some more combos and present some client choices.

Minor, but the first thing that took me out of it was the chandelier. My eye gets stuck on it instead of flowing by with the rest of the ceiling.

I would make the gold much brighter (have the intensity read closer to the ceiling brightness) and the refraction on the glass bulbs seem dark. It may look cleaner to have the bulbs read closer to the ceiling color behind them. When I need to do this, doubling up the refraction in comp seems to do the trick.

Looks great! The floor feels really nice.

Thanks actrask.  Good, Ill work on the lamp glass and metals and try to boost bulb power without firefly overload which i got in lightmix.   Ill read up on those two things and improve it.

Before moving forward beyond frame buffer please check my render of this loft bedroom (measures +-5mx6m).   I also attached my buffer tool settings.

Architecture and finishes provided by our Architect.  This is an image to be provided to sales as one of many in a brochure for a new construction project.  I decided my goal was to visualize the room as a west-elm style cozy retreat with 6pm low sun.  Im the actual builder so i have good amount of discretion here how this project is presented to customers.

Using Max+corona3, default render settings, corona sun/sky, light mix, only this at this point.  I dont love the artificial + natural lighting, but too dark for sales agent without the IES Lighting.  The side windows have a wood awning roof above the windows locking direct sun.  Two doors leading to rooms with single windows are behind the camera (closet and bath).  Its a townhouse so no windows other than whats seen is on the left wall.

Any opinions how to push this further towards realism.? Much appreciated.


Gallery / Re: The New York Times Building. Full 3d.
« on: 2018-09-04, 02:31:21 »
The only thing i can say other than astounding.  & this would take many more hours to compile...more dirt into the vehicles and streets NYC is a dirty place.  This is the Only CC other than... You did justice to the ("failing") NY Times building.

Leave it to an American to insert some political agenda.  So sorry.  Congrats.

New free 3d model for corona available to download:

Thanks for the lemons I will make lemonade also.

Gallery / Re: Some render from KNB Visual
« on: 2017-08-09, 01:35:27 »
Are you using edging for grass/flatwork areas? I think i have to upgrade Forest pack for this feature?  Any other solution to not run-over concrete with greenery?  I like the life you put into these pics.

Gallery / Re: crop garden
« on: 2017-08-02, 22:12:12 »
Not negative critique here but i have a question, maybe DOF, but what happens sometimes in renders when objects start appearing miniature like toys almost.  This is not only me/you but i see it in a couple of Bertrand's latest garden pics.  Does anyone have any comment is it DOF related?  Almost tilt/shift results? 

After studying, DOF and any leaves opacity creates havoc on the alpha layer, had to go in and do a good manual mask for the sky swap.

Yes thats whats happening.

thanks for comment Chrizzo

This is PG1714 clear sky, i agree needs some sky interest in this case.

Question, Do you have any trick for alpha masking tops of trees, esp when leaf transparency ( sky replace in PS).   Seems like a lot of residual fog/ blurred/light areas around tree tops to deal with.   Contrast adj of the mask gets it worse.

Work in Progress/Tests / gently worn exterior latex paint
« on: 2017-07-22, 04:09:05 »
Im going for exterior latex paint on composite (non-wood/non-rot) board and batten, semi-gloss, slightly worn material, so no wood grain.  New construction so not trying to age the material to harsh.

Used Sigers for the metal roofing.

Comment critique please welcome on this and overall other.

Thanks in advance!

(Original Serenbe Farms House, GA, USA as inspiration) personal project

Added more detail camera thank you for looking.  maybe Its better : ( ?

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