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Before moving forward beyond frame buffer please check my render of this loft bedroom (measures +-5mx6m).   I also attached my buffer tool settings.

Architecture and finishes provided by our Architect.  This is an image to be provided to sales as one of many in a brochure for a new construction project.  I decided my goal was to visualize the room as a west-elm style cozy retreat with 6pm low sun.  Im the actual builder so i have good amount of discretion here how this project is presented to customers.

Using Max+corona3, default render settings, corona sun/sky, light mix, only this at this point.  I dont love the artificial + natural lighting, but too dark for sales agent without the IES Lighting.  The side windows have a wood awning roof above the windows locking direct sun.  Two doors leading to rooms with single windows are behind the camera (closet and bath).  Its a townhouse so no windows other than whats seen is on the left wall.

Any opinions how to push this further towards realism.? Much appreciated.


Work in Progress/Tests / gently worn exterior latex paint
« on: 2017-07-22, 04:09:05 »
Im going for exterior latex paint on composite (non-wood/non-rot) board and batten, semi-gloss, slightly worn material, so no wood grain.  New construction so not trying to age the material to harsh.

Used Sigers for the metal roofing.

Comment critique please welcome on this and overall other.

Thanks in advance!

(Original Serenbe Farms House, GA, USA as inspiration) personal project

Added more detail camera thank you for looking.  maybe Its better : ( ?

Gallery / Eclectic Apartment
« on: 2016-11-16, 23:01:32 »
Some scene shots of a fun personal proj. design by INT2 only 724sqft apartment with some unusual stuff in it (just for learning) - per original design.  Am new to 3d if you can give some CC tips or whatever you can comment on to get me some more realism. 

Max+1.5+PS;  Models = self + 3dsky (primarily)

Im working to be able to create our own interior/exterior merchandising/VIZ free from our current photography constraints.  We are residential home builders.  So what i want to VIZ is new construction (NOT lived in/used) so work hould be clean & show limited wear.  Sort of "Boundary-ish" style.   But i need to pump in more realism & improve skills.  Thanks for looking.

Thanks for looking.  Any C&C please would be great on how to take this personal project image to the next level for added realism.  I know I have issues but not sure where to prioritize only been working in 3d for <1yr.

3Dsky, personal models, BBB3Viz, Corona1.4, plus small post.

Much appreciate this site & resources offered!.  I enjoy looking daily.  I posted to Ronen's site but my post is not showing up.

Cam1 and Inspriation/Mood pics attached so you can see the spirit of what I was after. 



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