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Hi guys,

I frequently use PrintScreen to get color references from the web when I'm working. I use Gadwin Printscreen and assign new printscreen images to be saved to a specific folder, but I would like to streamline the process a little more by being able to paste the last copied clipboard content to the slate material editor directly. Is this even possible to do in Max?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Slow Corona Material Library
« on: 2020-07-06, 20:38:46 »
Having the same issue at the office.
Does this improve with more cores on the CPU, or is this a single threaded task?

99,999999% sure it is single-threaded.

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Custom watermark on IR?
« on: 2020-07-05, 14:09:04 »

Don't know if it has been asked before but is it possible to have a custom watermark checkbox on IR? It would be super useful and a huge timesaver to send tests to clients without the hassle of inserting it on photoshop.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Slow Corona Material Library
« on: 2020-07-03, 16:44:02 »
Thank you Marcín! At first, trying out the daily build from 3JUN the material editor seemed faster but it was only placebo :-)

Would the GPU switch be a relatively "simple and fast" approach to develop? Anything you guys already tested?

Thanks for the clarification!

[Max] General Discussion / Slow Corona Material Library
« on: 2020-07-03, 01:14:07 »

What is the technical reason why the corona material library is generally slow and somewhat laggy especially when scrolling but also when dragging a material to the 3ds max slate material editor? It has been that way since it was introduced.

What I noticed about GI vs AA is that lowering the value is very similar to lowering the passes. For example I use 20 passes for IR as default. When I lower GI vs AA to 8 I get almost identical image as default GI vs AA value at 8 passes. So its easier to just lower the passes since this does not impact my non IR rendering. Both takes same amount of time to finish too.

Yes, lowering passes I already do on a regular basis in IR. To me, no need to mess with GI/AA balance.

Thank you Marcín! Always helpful to know ;-)

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Dissolve with previous image
« on: 2020-06-09, 22:53:46 »
Oh, I get it. Much better with subsampling, IMHO. Don't even know why would someone turn off subsampling but i guess that's the only way to keep both users satisfied. Thank you again Rowan! ;-)

Well, this actually helps when setting up lighting :-) Thanks romullus!

Interactive rendering is THE main reason I use Corona. I love it!

But as I was fiddling around just now in the Render Settings Devel/Experimental rollout I was thinking, besides changing the UHD Cache precision, what can one change to further speedup IR in that specific rollout?

[Max] Daily Builds / Dissolve with previous image
« on: 2020-06-09, 17:52:28 »
I'm not getting the use of this feature. Can someone please clarify? I don't notice any change in interactive rendering activating or deactivating it.

That's right Tom. All tests above were done without using the sun and the warmer tone is still very visible. No more messing around with turbidity to get that look ;-)

Ok, done very few tests and it seems render times stay the same if turbidity is set to the default 2.5 (i guess that is the default value, right?). Preetham was about 1% faster which is irrelevant in this case.

I must say though that the new sky seems to have a much warmer and pleasant tone that Hosek or Preetham. Is there any special reason why it is that way?



New Improved:

Hi Rowan!

I will try to do some testing today. A few days ago it "seemed" there was an increase in render times but I can't confirm before proper testing.

Any of you guys noticed an increase in rendertime between the new sky and the old one?

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