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Hi guys,

I frequently use PrintScreen to get color references from the web when I'm working. I use Gadwin Printscreen and assign new printscreen images to be saved to a specific folder, but I would like to streamline the process a little more by being able to paste the last copied clipboard content to the slate material editor directly. Is this even possible to do in Max?

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Custom watermark on IR?
« on: 2020-07-05, 14:09:04 »

Don't know if it has been asked before but is it possible to have a custom watermark checkbox on IR? It would be super useful and a huge timesaver to send tests to clients without the hassle of inserting it on photoshop.

[Max] General Discussion / Slow Corona Material Library
« on: 2020-07-03, 01:14:07 »

What is the technical reason why the corona material library is generally slow and somewhat laggy especially when scrolling but also when dragging a material to the 3ds max slate material editor? It has been that way since it was introduced.

Interactive rendering is THE main reason I use Corona. I love it!

But as I was fiddling around just now in the Render Settings Devel/Experimental rollout I was thinking, besides changing the UHD Cache precision, what can one change to further speedup IR in that specific rollout?

[Max] Daily Builds / Dissolve with previous image
« on: 2020-06-09, 17:52:28 »
I'm not getting the use of this feature. Can someone please clarify? I don't notice any change in interactive rendering activating or deactivating it.


Tried using the "lock texture to icon" on V-ray dome light with Corona but got the, somewhat expected, incompatibility error.

When will it be compatible? The way of orientating the hdri is much user-friendly on V-ray since this feature was introduced than in Corona. In Corona it is very obtrusive having the material window opened only for rotating the hdri in CoronaBitmap.

Unless there's a better way or any sort of script/plugin that does it in a more visual manner, I think this is something that could be improved.

[Max] Feature Requests / V-Ray IPR and Corona IR
« on: 2019-06-15, 13:19:08 »
Hey guys,

Recently tried v-ray 4.20 and although it still isn't any faster on production rendering than Corona (I'm getting Corona being around 70-100% faster), their approach to IPR/IR seems to be more "fluid" than Corona. Can't quite put my finger on it but I suspect the following:

1) Initial image feedback seems faster, even if it is more "degrading" initially. I quite like that approach. Is it possible to replicate it for Corona?
2) Window resolution is much more flexible, allowing us to set any window size we like. I'm aware this has been an onward discussion for a long time but this combined with a faster visual response would GREATLY improve usability IMHO.
3) Being able to make several render regions without having to press SHIFT also seems to be more user-friendly in giving that impression of a fast response.

Don't get me wrong, Corona IR is very fast once everything is computed. It's just that initial response when V-Ray IPR gives you a degraded image almost instantly when Corona IR stays black initially for a couple of seconds.

Also, apart from all the IR suggestions, when making a render region in production is "Computing GI" necessary to be processed for the whole image? I remember a Corona team member responding about this issue and saying there was no way around this. I think V-Ray works without having to process all image data when region rendering although I'm not quite sure about that.

[Max] I need help! / Custom aperture maps
« on: 2019-06-07, 00:07:32 »
Saw this image the other day on a facebook group and I was wondering if someone knows where can I find such custom aperture maps? Paid or non-paid.

I remember that the highlighted obstacle map was included in the old Maxwell Render installation but that's about it.

[Max] Feature Requests / Procedural lens effects
« on: 2019-06-06, 01:49:35 »
As per the new v-ray release :)

General CG Discussion / Working remotely (reduce lag)
« on: 2019-05-31, 15:49:06 »
I'm curious to know how do you guys work remotely.

Currently, I have the simplest method by using Teamviewer on my home computer and office computer, but, as you may know, lag is an issue especially when modeling. Not to mention the fact that sometimes shortcuts stop working randomly (W move tool is a prime example).

Would seriously like to know how can one reduce lag as much as possible when working remotely. Been hearing about VPN but I have no idea how to set it up.

Hey guys, just wondering if this is normal behavior:

Since Nvidia Denoiser implementation in Corona, I hardly use it because to me Corona Denoiser is exactly the same speed on my dual Xeon 2696 v3 against my GTX 1070 Ti. My question is: is this expected? I seem to remember in V-ray the difference between Vray denoiser and Nvidia denoiser with the same GTX 1070Ti was more evident meaning Nvidia denoiser was faster than V-ray denoiser. Is Corona denoiser more fine-tuned speed-wise than Vray denoiser?

[Max] Feature Requests / Clipping warning in VFB
« on: 2019-02-15, 13:00:26 »
Is there any clipping warning tool I'm not aware in Corona? Similar to highlight and shadow clipping warnings in Camera Raw or force color clamping in V-ray? Anything that enables clear clipping visualization inside VFB?

[Max] Feature Requests / In-camera "copy to render settings"
« on: 2018-12-27, 00:32:35 »
Sorry if this has been already asked, but just like fstorm has, is it possible to have a button "copy to render settings". Useful when tone mapping is already fine-tuned in one camera and to avoid having to fiddle with exposure on render settings.

Hardware / 10 Gigabit Ethernet Performance
« on: 2018-07-29, 00:31:36 »
Hello guys,

So, I was thinking about buying another dual socket workstation and connect it directly to my other dual Xeon workstation via 10gbe PCI cards so I could further improve speed.

What performance should I expect from this sort of setup? Will the slave computer react swiftly (as in participating in the rendering) just like the main one when dealing with interactive rendering, for instance?

If so, what PCI cards would you recommend? ASUS XG-C100C maybe? Thanks!

Hardware / Quadro K1200 upgrade
« on: 2018-07-15, 21:45:54 »
I'm mostly interested in 3ds max smooth viewport/high FPS. What graphics card would you recommend? Should I stay in the Quadro line like M4000/P4000 or should I buy the GTX 1070/1080?

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