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Hi, I was searching but didn't find the answer - I have this difference in the bright areas b/n vfb and saved images, thanks in advance.

Gallery / House and palms
« on: 2019-08-09, 09:19:58 »
Hi, how do you find it. C&c will be very welcome. Any advise for finding good HDRI will be very thankful too.

Gallery / BMW
« on: 2019-07-27, 22:53:31 »
I did this for exercise, mainly to figure out how the sun and sky and hdri lighting work. Hope you like it!

Behance link:

Gallery / Kitchen remodel
« on: 2019-07-22, 13:31:58 »
Hi, it's a small kitchen remodel. Design by the owner, viz corona render

Behance link:

Work in Progress/Tests / BMW Test
« on: 2019-07-18, 03:01:57 »

I was rendering with two environments and this is the result with both on - one with sun and one overcast. Hope you like it!

Jobs / Freelancer looking for work
« on: 2019-07-13, 16:49:02 »

My name is Vladimir. I am looking for a new job opportunities at reasonable prices. I have more than 15 years experience in CGI, in depth knowledge of:
- Autocad
- 3ds max
- Corona renderer
- Photoshop

Please, have a look at my portfolio at:


Looking forward to work with you!

Gallery / Wave
« on: 2019-07-08, 12:28:17 »
Hi, hope you like it :)

Software: 3dsmax, Corona, Photoshop

Work in Progress/Tests / Interior
« on: 2013-02-02, 19:55:55 »
Hello all, here is my not so serious WIP :)

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