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[Max] I need help! / Corona does not load on Max startup
« on: 2021-04-20, 20:21:48 »
I have a technical question about the new Corona not loading up in Max on startup. It doesn't throw errors during startup, but the renderer does not show in the available renderers in Max's render dialog.

Note: I recently upgraded from an ancient 1.7 version to the latest. I do still use 3ds Max 2014, but I also tried Max 2018 (the latest version I own), same result.

What I do is a custom deployment of Corona (or any plugin that is):

- include all the Corona DLLs in the system path on Max startup
- link my custom Corona .DLR and .DLT  plugins in the startup.ini which I call on startup
- load the Corona init script on startup

When Max starts, I see it loading the .DLR and .DLT plugins, it doesn't throw any errors, but I simply cannot pick Corona from the available renderers.

I haven't troubleshoot much further as I don't work in the VFX anymore and only sparingly use Max and Corona for simple viz work for my primary business (hence the old Max version and a very overdue upgrade to the latest Corona), I just hope there is a TD here that knows what's up and would point me into right direction.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi there,

just a question, I want to quickly access the Corona's VFB, so, I need to reach it via MAXScript.

I found it under interfaces, namely CoronaFp interface, but it seems the interface is inaccessible? How come?

Here's my simple inspection code:

Code: [Select]
getInterfaces renderers.current
showInterfaces renderers.current
  Interface: CoronaFpTest
  Interface: CoronaFp
    <integer>showVfb <boolean>show
    <integer>loadAndResume <string>exrFilename
    <integer>dumpVfb <string>exrFilename
    <integer>parseViewexp_INTERNAL <maxObject>viewExp <maxObject>outCamera
    <integer>setDisplayedChannel <integer>channel
    <value>getVfbContent <integer>channel <boolean>toneMapping <boolean>renderStamp
    <integer>exportScene <string>filename <boolean>renderImmediately
    <double>getStatistic <integer>statisticId
    <color by value>getBlackbodyColor <float>temperature
    <integer>loadDrIpFile <string>filename

I cannot getInterfaces() on the Corona renderer's object. It shows them, but doesn't return.

Is this a bug? Or a weird feature?

Thanks in advance!


when I use the 2013 plugins in Max 2014 I'm getting a "Procedure couldn't be found" error on startup.

Is there anything special needed for Max 2014 to get Corona working? I thought Max 2013 and 2014 shared the same SDK version, no?

Thanks in advance.

Once again, the ever returning bug of ignoring motion from point cached geometry.

This is a standard point cached geom (xml/mc), animation of paper crumpling, that is completely being ignored by Corona.

The white ball there (the smear) is an animated sphere just to make sure motion blur actually works in Corona.

Please, fix this!!! I need MBlur asap!

Corona version: 1.01.00, Maxsdk version: 2014

Build timestamp: Jun 16 2015 16:48:31
Defines: Wide RGB

Gallery / Our first TVC done in Corona - Dr.Max
« on: 2012-11-14, 21:09:36 »
I'd like to show you our first TV commercial done entirely in Corona.

This is exactly the type of a TVC that Corona is so good for. The pack-shots were super simle, super fast to render and comp.
The first opening shot was a bit of a problem, mainly due to noise. Corona took about 3 hours per frame for the first shot and I still had to de-noise the interior in Nuke afterwards.
Other than that, full motion blur and DOF done in-camera for the packshots. But DOF and MBlur done in post in the first shot for flexibility reasons.
Rendering everything in a few passes for more tweaking possibilities.

But, Corona is certainly usable for this type of stuff. The ad is currently on air in the Czech Republic.

Congrats, Keymaster! ;)

The full ad:

[Max] General Discussion / Strange dot artefacts in renders
« on: 2012-10-18, 19:08:03 »
I tried rendering my test car scene in the latest Corona build I have (a week old, +/-), but I'm getting these strange super bright pixels in some places.

This render took 20 minutes (as before with the older build), illuminated only by the Corona Sky and Corona Sun.

Any idea where these might be coming from?

Gallery / Mercedes SLS
« on: 2012-09-16, 00:38:54 »
I converted all my finalRender materials to CoronaMtl for this quick test render to see how fast it can be rendered in Corona at full quality.

20 minutes was set for the rendering and I'm quite impressed. All the more since this is the assert version (presumably 40% slower than the real deal!)

[Max] Resolved Bugs / DOF still too noisy?
« on: 2012-08-28, 13:37:52 »
Can anyone help getting rid of noise when using DOF?

I let this super simple scene rendering for 20 minutes and the noise in farther areas is still too strong.

Almost everything is set to defaults in Corona.

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Bug reports by duber
« on: 2012-07-17, 16:35:26 »
- Working with Corona lights (rectangular one atm) makes the viewport flicker in a way that it shows the default Max lighting (which is what I want), but when I manipulate the Corona lights, it switches to the overbrightened lighting Corona lights produce.

- Corona lights are not selectable in wireframe display mode
_Keymaster: FIXED

1) Targeted lights

2) ESC key to cancel current rendering
_Keymaster: done

3) Copy and Paste functionality for the material map slots
_Keymaster: done

4) Corona to recognize the object properties, such as Visible To Camera, Visible To Reflections etc...
_Keymaster: done

5) Multi-Layer shader with tons of blending modes (add, screen, multiply...) and map masks support.

6) Camera Multipass Effect - global override toggle. Mainly to switch it off globally when left on, accidentally.

more to come...

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