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The ability to select denoise mode on materials with bump map, right now I have to use a paid plugin denoiser in ADOBE PREMIERE to get rid of the noise corona cant get rid
of with the built in denoiser no matter how high I push the settings.
Please fix this as sometimes in archviz we need to use quick turnarounds and denoiser is perfect for this but this problem with some parts denoise and are nice and smooth, some other parts are noisy as heck. Please add this possibility to choose to denoise materials with normals and bump maps enabled no matter what. We will deal with it in Photoshop.

Would really like the ability to turn on and off shadow and illumination per object like Vray lights. I had to rerender a scene 3 times to fake a shadow on a product shot, whereas I could`ve just excluded one light from casting shadow, the other from illumination and problem solved.

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to ask if anyone is having issues with Corona 6 and 3dsmax 2018 sometimes, it just crashes when i reset or open another scene.
usually happens more often if one of the viewport windows are Corona Interactive. I turn it off and then open or reset but crashes almost always.
Sometimes I have to switch the interactive vp back to top or left or any default viewport and then reset and it works.
Im running on a Ryzen 9 with asus geforce 2070 super rtx and 96gb ram. Running newest geforce drivers, thinking it might be vid card issue.
Tried the nvidia studio drivers too, same thing happens. I have Forest Pack installed, Arnold by default (although i don`t know why) and Vray next the latest version.
I have the other renderers because some archviz scenes use vray and I need it to convert them to corona.

Any help would be awesome

Hi Guys,

I slightly rewrite the iCube converter script for people who are having issues with Corona AO errors and Corona IES lights.

The Corona AO material to Vray Dirt has an option of inverted normals in VRDirt which has to be manually added after conversion if it was used.

The Corona IES light conversion had issues with renaming the IES file so now if there was IES file added to the Corona IES, IT WILL BE REMOVED!!!
you have to manually add it again. I am still trying to figure out that line in the script to get that working again. So hold tight.

Another issue I ran into is if there is a hidden Corona Sun in the scene, the converter doesn`t know what to do with it. An unhidden Corona Sun converts without issues. Weird.

You can test it, let me know if there`s other issues. I am NOT by any means a MAX script guru but i had to tinker with it because a client needed the scene in Vray instead of Corona and it would`ve taken me days to fix the scene manually. It me, i don`t want to go back and forth but it is needed occasionally. All other parameters of the script are untouched from the 2014 iCube version.

You can download it from my website THIS ==> in the FREEBIES section by clicking on DOWNLOAD FROM GOOGLEDRIVE

Cheers and keep on creating guys!
Peter Mayer

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