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Hello everyone and welcome to my topic.
Here I'll upload my tutorials and making of's with Eng and other subtitles.

Happy viewing and enjoy. More tutorials coming soon.

Best regards, Andrew.

Resolved bugs / Corona Layered Mtl + VertexPaint bug
« on: 2018-05-30, 09:33:52 »
Hello, dear RenderLegion Team. I found a bug with vertex paint layers and Corona Layered Mtl. Maybe this isn't bug and I doing something wrong =) So I need your help =)


1. I've created 3 Corona mtl's and Corona Layered Mtl.
2. I've painted Vertex Channels with different VertexPaint modifiers.
3. I've tried to Blend this 3 materials with 1 Corona Layered and VertexColor maps.

And one of the materials doesn't see VertexColorMap... and in result - we see only blend for 2 materials with one VertexColorMap..

Here is the scene with this bug -

Best regards, Andrew.

Hello, dear RenderLegion =) Will you plan to add Optix Denoiser or AI Denoiser to Corona Renderer?

Ai Denoiser in Octane Render:

Optix in Vray:

Best regards, Andrew.

Hello, dear support =)

So, I tried to render HairFromMeshStrips object with Ornatrix and saw this error. (pic1)

When I converted it into the simple Ornatrix hair - everything was fine. (pic2)

Windows 10, Ornatrix 5.2.6, Corona 2 DailyBuild Dec 18 2017.

Hope you will fix this in the next release =)

« on: 2017-10-05, 18:55:35 »
Hello, everyone! =)

I decided to create this artbook for all my works which I will render in Corona.

So, this is my first work, which I created after when I was impressed by Luc B├ęgin work =)) I like work with fur and hair and very impressed when Corona Team added the amazing hair and skin materials =) Early I created this creature with Vray for my longer project which named "The Forester".

You can read more about this project in my interview for 80lv -

In the video, I show the process of adjusting the skin and hair in the new Corona Render 1.7, as well as the retopology of some objects in 3d-Soat, texturing in the Substance Painter and setting up materials in the Corona render. Show using the textures for scuffs and dirt from the site Poliigon, as well as creating chains using the script BraidedHair. Combing the hair and fur in Ornatrix. Rendered on the farm. ( 2*Xeon e5 2670 56Gb RAM)

The noise threshold was originally set at 5%, as the developers themselves advise for Denoiser. But later I realized that I'd better render a little longer and bring the threshold to 2-3%, instead of using Denoiser. I didn't like it. Still, the eye is pleasant more natural photo noise, rather than a smoothed picture. Especially if you put a threshold of 3-4% - the noise is almost invisible in 1:1.


Gallery / The art of Charly
« on: 2015-07-15, 11:50:48 »
Hello everyone! My name is Andrew and I'm 3d freelancer from Ukraine =) Now live in Koh Samui(Thailand).

So, I want to show you my first Corona render of tulips composition =)

You can buy it on 3dstocks




Happy viewing!

Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly

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