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Gallery / Simple 65
« on: 2021-01-11, 17:18:39 »
A project in 2 parts.
Firstly, this is how I would resto-mod a 1965 Ford Mustang. Keeping much of the original styling, no flared arches or overfenders, but simplifying the metalwork dressing, adding a set of modern, proportional 5 spoke wheels & tires and updating the interior.
Secondly, rendering the car in a full 3D scene I've been working on that means I'm not restricted by camera angle or focal length or lighting direction, relatively lightweight and renders fast. As well as making sure the car is always the main focus of the image. It's all Corona scatters driven by distance maps to I can change the size of the scene easily. The barrier is done with Railclone, as that bends geometry where Corona Spline scatter doesn't.

The mustang is courtesy of Wire Wheels Club, who have a number of excellent free models -
Free OMP Steering wheel model by Swedge design -
Lighting is Corona Sun & Sky

I plan to have more variations of the scene (I have already done Maize and Sunflower fields in the background) so that I can tailor the scene easily to the type of vehicle I'm rendering.

3DS Max 2019, Corona 6.0 & Adobe Photoshop

Gallery / A Study in Carbon - 1975 BMW CSL 5.0
« on: 2020-11-10, 17:37:45 »
Inspired by the work of Speedkore who restomod classic cars (and some modern ones) with carbon fibre bodywork, especially a 1974 BMW CS 3.0 built for Robert Downey Jr.  Based on a free model by Simon Grover -

3DS Max 2019, Corona 6.0 & Photoshop

Gallery / RWB Cleveland
« on: 2020-08-17, 13:02:32 »
"There's something about this that's so black, it's like how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black."

I'd wanted to do an all black RWB for some time and this quote I thought fits rather well with the wonderful absurdity of RWB Porsches. There are another couple of Tap references in the images, but I wont give them away.

I used a different workflow this time, using both the "for compositing" option in the Corona shadow catcher material as well as "transparent alpha" combined with Corona light mix to be able to seperate lighting elements such as the head & tail lights. Using the "For compositing" meant I could better match the DoF of the backplate which was stopped down to f/4 on a 35mm sensor, and composite in photoshop. Doing it all in the Corona VFB means the DoF of a Corona Camera & backplate never really matches up.

I've also attached the photoshop layer stack to show the compositing workflow. I prefer the end result with this method but it is slow and does mean less images produced in the same timescale as I had to render out a "For Compositing" render which takes a lot longer to get down the the noise threshold as well as a standard lightmix one.

3DS Max 2019, Corona 6.0 (RC2) & Photoshop

Gallery / The Sole Bay Commission
« on: 2020-08-05, 20:53:40 »
Another Porsche 911 Re-imagined by Singer this time based on my favourite beer, Broadside by Adnams brewery in Southwold.
The projection mapping isn't perfect in places, but I need to get on with the interior and detail renders as well as other projects.

3DS Max 2019, Corona 6 (Daily Build) & Photoshop

Porsche 911 Singer model by Symon Kubicki -
Backplates & HDRI by CTC Creative Studio -

Gallery / コンクリート
« on: 2019-10-07, 21:55:39 »
An entry for the 30th Automotive CGI competition - Concrete Environment

I wanted to emulate the work of CGI artist and photographer Dave Cox with a light painted image. This would also hopefully force me to remember and stretch long since used Photoshop compositing skills. Just doing post work in the VFB had become a slight crutch that I need to break away from occasionally.

I used light mix to render out each layer separately along with a number of masks which out allow me to paint in/out the various layers to create the final image. A full write up can be found  here -

Criticisms are always welcome, I'm relatively happy with the result but this was more about the journey than the destination.

Rendered in 3DS Max 2019 with Corona 4.0

Gallery / Oh Canada!
« on: 2019-07-01, 09:58:22 »
"Canada is like a loft apartment, over a really great party." - Robin Williams

Happy Canada day to my friends and family in the true north. I decided to render a coupe version of McLaren Canada's 570S Convertable MSO commission. 570S model by RexFu with the HDRI & Backplate set by AutomotiveCGI/CGI Plates.
I'll have some more breakdown shots and motion shots using just the HDRI + Corona dome map to add later this evening.

3DS Max 2020 & Corona 4.0 with Lightroom used for the quick post work

Gallery / The Isleworth Commission
« on: 2019-03-08, 14:34:14 »
My entry for the Automotive CGI render contest 26: Studio Porsche.
The brief was to create a studio shot using Syzmon Kubicki's Singer Porsche 911 -

I decided to go for a full CGI environment in order to further experiment with Toby Lee's Automotive Studio lighting techniques ( and try to create a scene that could serve as an environment render and a hero image of the car itself. I don't have any experience with lighting or photgraphing cars so please don't take this setup seriously.

The strut aluminium framework I had already created for a job at work so built a quick set framework and then the warehouse around that followed by added various props in the foreground to break up the open space left by my choice of camera angle.

With the exception of the interior lights and headlights all the lighting is indirect lighting created by the left and right fill lights bouncing off the top plane. These two exclude everything except for the bounce plane above the car.

I also took it as an opportunity to spec a Singer as I would have liked. I added tesselation and turbosmooth modifiers to the interior leather weave and then converted them to Corona proxies to cut down on memory useage, and file opening times. The weave is a mix of leather and suede and I tried to pay close attention to Singer's material finishes so there was a liberal use of the complex fresnel map for the nickle plated metal and gold plated wheel nuts etc. I went with a muted grey paint finish with darker grey stripework and blue porsche decals to match the interior leather.

The final hero image has a small amount of retouching in photoshop to remove the rear bounce board reflection and some small reflections that I didn't like.

Hope you all like it and feel free so suggest any critisisms you may have.

Gallery / 1964 Chevrolet C10 Custom Pickup
« on: 2018-11-26, 23:42:36 »
Another lunchbreak experiment using a C10 pickup I had textured but not finished. Started out using Toby Lee's studio lighting technique but was getting silly 3hr predicted rendertimes for a 1080p image so I used plane lights with the gradient in a map slot instead which unfortunately aren't as subtle.

3DS Max 2017, Corona 3.0 & Photoshop

Chevrolet C10 model by Chris Pryke
Front tyres from CG Trader
Wheels from 3D Sky
Toby's studio lighting tutorial:

Gallery / Foundry Gardens Sale & Markeing Suite
« on: 2018-11-14, 16:28:19 »
Sales & Marketing suite proposal for one of our clients, Countryside Propoerties.

Most of our porposals are viewed on 1080p screens in compressed pdf files so there normally isnt any point in rendering out anything higher res or, better quality than 2-3% noise threshold as the tunaround time on these proposals is also quite short.

3DS Max 2017 & Corona 1.7.4 & Corona Image editor

Gallery / Shelby Cobra 427 Keno Light
« on: 2018-11-01, 22:59:22 »
These were for the Automotive CGI facebook group competition a couple of months ago. I wanted to revisit the post work once it was over but have only just got round to it.
The scene is fully CGI with a liberal use of the corona distance map to control both the scattering of the grass/leaves but also the displacement on the ground plane.
These whole scene was a mixture of experimentations from the lacquered aluminium bodywork panels to the distance maps and using the old ivy generator to grow ivy up a tree instead of the usual wall.

3ds Max 2017, Corona 1.7 & Photoshop

Gallery / Porsche 911 GT2 RS
« on: 2018-10-27, 22:15:10 »
A short project experimenting with Photoshop's Path blur tool to simulate motion. Not quite as quick, accurate or user friendly as Virtual Rig Studio but its essentially free it's worth playing around with.

3dsMax 2017, Corona 2.0, Photoshop

Porsche 911 GT2 RS model by Thomas F -
HDRI maps & Backplates by HDRmaps -

Gallery / "Because in a split second, it's gone."
« on: 2018-10-12, 23:15:02 »
Quick lunchtime render project of a McLaren Senna.
Definitely not my favorite in the McLaren range but that rear wing gave me the opportunity to play around with a composition I'd been thinking of since Greg Zaal released this HDRI.
HDRI lighting (set to dome mode) with a single strobe light & environment volumetrics to give the hanger opening a bit more pop.

Senna model by Thomas F -
HDRi environment by HDRI Haven -

Work in Progress/Tests / Custom Honda NX650 Tracker
« on: 2018-09-13, 22:58:19 »
WIP Custom Honda NX650 Tracker in the style of Classified Moto. Base NX650 by David Ullmann, Front end and wheels from GrabCAD. Tyres from Turbosquid. Single sided swing arm, exhaust system and various bits of detailing by myself. Might live-stream/record the material creation. 3dsMax 2017 & Corona 2.0

[Max] General Discussion / Corona + Nvidia AI Denoising
« on: 2018-08-17, 09:55:37 »
The new DB includes Nvidia's AI denoising (which is limited to Nvidia GPUs) and will presumably be included in the next full release. Will this be replacing the current denoising implimentation or an option in the settings?

Work in Progress/Tests / Welded Exhaust
« on: 2018-08-07, 17:04:06 »
Quick test trying to develop a welded (unfinished) exhaust for a Triumph Cafe Racer.

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