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I need help / Backburner Corona Point Cloud
« on: 2016-10-09, 13:53:42 »
Hi, I am having a problem whereby if I render a job across the network using back burner and I have corona point cloud exported objects they do not render. Everything is there except the point cloud objects.

I need help / 1.4 Background image is not showing?
« on: 2016-07-11, 20:56:59 »
Hi, is there a new method for getting a background image to show in renders / interactive render?

Usual workflow -

Open Render Settings - Scene Tab / Environment Dialog Box / Material Editor.

In the Scene Tab I select Corona Render and choose a General Bitmap (choose a nice image)
Drag that as an instance into the Environment Slot (8)
Drag that into an empty material slot.
ALT - B to open viewport settings and select Environment Background.

I them tweak my tiling and offset in the material slot. This shows in the viewport and used to show in the interactive render a bit more precisely. It now doesn't show in the interactive render and now not even when I do an actual render.

Any help would really be appreciated.

Hi Guys, i'm back at teh help desk :s

So I've been trying to get DOF right in my scenes but without using ZDepth passes as I don't fully get how to make the forground out of focus then the mid grond sharp then the background out of focus again. I think doing it with the camera might be easier selecting an object for the focal point?

Theeennnn... I can add volumetric fog in corona and get nice god rays but the image attached has a kick ass sun with great lighting coming between the leaves and on the grass. Is this done just using a diffuse map inthe translucency slot? And how is that sun on the grass so good? Mad!

Any help again would be appreciated by thousands of chameleons smiling down at us from above :D

I need help / Shadow Density
« on: 2016-05-31, 22:15:55 »
Stupid one...

In max it's easy to adjust your shadow density and make it darker or lighter but where in Corona do you achieve that?

I need help / Bird Flight Exterior Lighting
« on: 2016-05-31, 21:50:03 »
Hi Guys,

I am having a hell of a time trying to get a birds eye view render done of an exterior building (or street).

All my ground shot exterior lighting looks great but as soon as your up in the sky looking down the render just looks horrible. The lighting is too harsh but even dropping the intensity nad fiddling with setting isn't making it look any better. I don't know if it can't be done out of the renderer and it is a post thing with heavy AO or what it is but PLEEEEAASSEEE help :(

I need help / Filters
« on: 2016-05-01, 16:11:27 »
Hi guys, can anyone shed some light on where to add the filter code for a specific item such as desaturation -

object.fill.effect = "filter.desaturate"

object.fill.effect.intensity = 0.5

I need help / Sketchup to Max to Corona
« on: 2016-04-27, 13:18:56 »
Hi, this is a mess :(

I get a Sketchup file from a client. I import to Max and it comes in with all materials applied and looking good. They use Arch and Design mats. I then convert using the converter to Corona MTL. Some of them convert and some don't. The biggest problem is that If we have a building with 4 walls and they all had brick applied. When I convert then maybe 2 of them keep the brick and one will turn blue and the last will turn white?

It literally uses the brick then applies 2 other materials to the other 2 walls. There are then window sills, frames, roof edges etc that all have 2 or 3 new materials randomly placed on faces.

What is the best way and sequence to do this without having to sub element select all polys for brick and apply a single material etc for all objects?

Shoo. I hope that makes sense :)

General Discussion / Render Cpu percentage
« on: 2016-03-20, 17:12:30 »
Hi Hi,

I usually open my task manager and watch the Cpu percentage hit 100% and then stay there during a render but something has changed. I now see my RAM go up while its parsing but then the Cpu hit 100% on handover but after a few passes it sinks to around 7% - 9%. It used to sit at a constant 100% and the renders are MUUUCH slower.

Any Ideas out there?

I need help / Material Libraries
« on: 2016-02-25, 20:51:42 »

Yes sometimes I am lazy and Yes Corona rocks at speed and ease BUT....

Why is the material library site so empty? I cannot find a road texture at all. I could just search for an Asphalt seamless texture and create on quick but isn't there anywhere I can go to DL or buy a all inclusive material pack? The ones out there are dismal! There are 139 materials on there in total! There are more Maxwell Road textures to DL than 139!

This sounds like a huge rant but it's not supposed to be. Just trying to figure out where to get more Corona Materials from quick.

Anyone know?

I need help / CoronaShadows
« on: 2014-10-20, 14:32:46 »
Hi Anyone now how to sort this out without having to delete and recreate lights? Came in as an FBX from Revit.

ERROR : You need to either set shadows to Corona Shadows or disable them for all default/photometric 3ds max lights.

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