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2016-02-25, 20:51:42


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Yes sometimes I am lazy and Yes Corona rocks at speed and ease BUT....

Why is the material library site so empty? I cannot find a road texture at all. I could just search for an Asphalt seamless texture and create on quick but isn't there anywhere I can go to DL or buy a all inclusive material pack? The ones out there are dismal! There are 139 materials on there in total! There are more Maxwell Road textures to DL than 139!

This sounds like a huge rant but it's not supposed to be. Just trying to figure out where to get more Corona Materials from quick.

Anyone know?

2016-02-26, 08:17:03
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is not that bad really. There's plenty materials out there already and that number is constantly growing.
Here's few sources you can start with:

Good luck!
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