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[Max] I need help! / Slow material editor [Corona 1.4]
« on: 2016-06-06, 19:08:38 »

is there any information on solving the issues with the terribly slow material editor in corona 1.4?  i find myself spending atleast half the production time of an entire project just waiting for the material editor to load up or update after making the slightest changes to it like changing the maps or even the colour swatches. i never had this problem in 1.3; if it takes 5 seconds for the material editor to load up in 1.3 then it takes about 1min 10secs to load up in 1.4. Again, if it takes 1sec to change the colour swatch or glossy and reflection parameters in 1.3 then it takes 10-15 seconds each time i change these parameters in 1.4....if you do the maths, thats way over 400% of the actual time it would take to complete that project in 1.3. this is alarmingly frustrating!!!

if theres something im doing wrong then pls let me know right away: is it my versions of 3dsmax? its the same problem on my 3dsmax 2014 and 2015( i havent tried 2016 yet). i have updated my windows and have the latest updates for my graphics card. im using a core i7 3.45ghz with 24gig ram, a 500gig Hard drive with over 300gig free space. corona never complains of running out of memory in any of my scenes between, i have correct gamma output, follow the albedo theory strictly, often disable displacement maps etc if it has anything to do with it.

corona 1.4 denoiser is the major reason im on 1.4 and dont want to go back to 1.3 but this material editor issue is really sad and im wondering if im the only one complaining?..... ive seen in a forum where a few people complained about the slow responsiveness of the material editor. i am a proud owner of corona box edition 1.0 and pay my yearly subscription to update and would love to keep it that way and see corona improve effectively with each passing release.

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