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Can I do a distributed render only on the slaves?


General CG discussion / 3ds max System and Display units
« on: 2016-07-13, 09:56:14 »
Hi guys,

Maybe a noob question but what settings do you use for your System units and Display units in max? For my system units I use centimeters. Used to use millimeters but this gives problems with larger urban projects. So I set it to centimeters now and keep my display settings to metric/millimeters. Is this the best setup?

I ask this because I get this really annoying units mismatch dialog (since max 2016) for my xrefs. So I want to turn all my xrefs into the correct setup. So I don't have to press ok 20 times when I open a file.


Resolved feature requests / Target CoronaSun
« on: 2015-08-24, 13:59:00 »
Hi guys,

I downloaded the 1.2.1 version. Great update!
The only thing is I saw the CoronaSun has changed to a target Sun.

I used the "old" angle/direction sliders a lot.
Can you put them back on the roll out? For instance if the Target checkbox is turned off?

I don't want to be reactionary btw :)



Hi All,

I have a question. My CPU doesn't uses 100% all the time when I hit render. The closer I zoom into an object the less CPU corona uses. Is this a normal behaviour?
If I detach the diffuse bitmap of the material I am looking at it runs on a 100% again. Attach the material and it uses 15-20% of my CPU and sometimes not even all of the cores. Has this something to do with bitmap filtering or blurring? Why does this influence the CPU usage so much?

I tested it on 2 computer. Both the same problem. I can't recall experiencing this before.
I use 3ds max 2015 and Corona 1.00.02

Please help, thanks a lot.

Resolved bugs / colomap values in VFB act strange
« on: 2015-03-12, 21:48:05 »
Since corona v1.0 my colormap setting in the VFB act strange. When I type (for instance) -2.0 for exposure it changes to -20.0. Or when I change contrast to 5 it jumps tot 99.0. When I alter the values inside the corona scene (F10) menu I works fine.


Gallery / first commercial render
« on: 2014-09-08, 21:38:23 »
Hi all,

My first commercial render. Since we use Corona we are able to sell our images. Before we used Corona they looked too bad to ask money for them :(.
Thanks Keymaster!

(btw, the setting behind the couch is a industrial complex. I had to add it to show customers where the appartments are located. It looks a bit flat in my opinion.)

I need help / sun size 64
« on: 2014-09-01, 14:40:37 »
Hi all,

Is it me or was I able to create a sun size of, for instance a 100, and is the size now limited to a maximum of 64?


Gallery / an interior test
« on: 2014-07-04, 17:00:05 »
Hi All,

A test for an interior.
It is harder than I thought to make a good compostion. Seems so easy :).
It is just a first try. I realise the modeling and composition need a lot more trying.
(for the ones who like details. I now cutains need something to hold them.)

BTW no post work. Straight from max/corona.

General CG discussion / brick generator
« on: 2014-06-25, 09:48:16 »
Hi all,

Maybe a lot of you guys use this website already. (Dutch link. I think it's available in other languages too)

I bump into it a week ago and used it a lot since.
The site generates brick textures for free. Less quality then a lot of brick generator out there but for me (as an architect) the main advantage is that the are based on real bricks.
The textures are not useful for close up  but for distant buidlings with nice seamless textures it works for me very well.

btw select a brick. Then go to textures. There they have hidden the generator.

Hi All,

Maybe a stupid question but is there a difference between a CoronaLight, for instance a rectangular light, and a plane with the CoronaLightMtl?
I like to use the light material  (I'm a former Maxwell user). But maybe the lights offer more quality, speed, etc. The only thing I can find is the IES option.
I tested 2 interiors and saw no difference between the images and the render times are identical.


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