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Cry Engine ray tracing look great. But can't beat the Datasmith workflow imho.

Can't wait to get started with this:

I don't think I going to sleep tonight :D

The GPU baker is very fast. I have tried it myself. Hopefully, it's even improved upon after this release. The quality has definitely gone up.

Definitely. So maybe we can help Unreal a little if we all reply to the "Requested item" on the Unreal Studio forum page. And tell them if they really want to make something out of Unreal Studio/Datasmith they should prioritize light baking.

link to the forum page:

Anybody saw this?

finally, someone is tackling the horrible lightbaker in Unreal. I gave it a try. I liked it very much. Nothing near Corona quality of course :D

@jocalath, it is pretty easy to bake all the lights in maps and place the bakes on temporary objects in Max. I attached a test I made half a year ago to test bright white corona-lightmaps and glass door reflections in Unreal. Maybe this is helping you?

I want the same as you for a long time. I, therefore, use a somewhat desperate workaround.  I bake lightmaps with corona, place as an emissive map on a temporary corona material, placed on a cloned, temporary object. These temp objects I import in Unreal with Unreal Studio (works fast).

It is not a perfect workflow I have some issues with combining the lightmaps and dark textures but I get good enough results which I can share with my clients.

Lights (only used for the realtime reflections) are also exported with datasmith/Unreal Studio. They need some tweaking in unreal but are pretty good.
For complex reflections, I render cube maps in 3ds max/Corona and use these in Unreal reflection probes. They are lightweight and don't need lights to be exported.

Of course, this is a temporary workflow until we all bake fast lightmaps/fields in Unreal using Corona Render for Unreal :D

Gallery / Re: Classical apartment product showcase
« on: 2018-04-03, 22:29:42 »

Lighting is so nice as always.

Do you want to explain hoe you achieved it?


I need help / Re: Stone tiles
« on: 2018-04-02, 13:21:36 »
I think on 3dsky there's a great amount of great tile textures

Daily builds / Re: Daily builds version 2
« on: 2018-04-02, 12:13:51 »
certainly lower chance of heart attack compared to, say, Corona EOL or Autodesk sellout prank:D

Or that joke that Corona and Vray were teaming up. That was hilarious.... :D

Can't wait for next year's April fool guys. Made me smile. thanks

Thanks guys,

I assumed it wasn't possible.
I read the other posts and used the backburner trick.
Wanted to write a simple script for baking lightmaps and render them distributed. Somehow I can't get netrender and baking to work so I thought using slave via Corona would be a solution.

I have to find an other way.

Thanks for your time guys.

Can I do a distributed render only on the slaves?


Assigned ctrt+C directly to your script.

Has anyone seen this? Looks promising

Seems a faster method as Lytro's Volume tracers and better reflections as Nozon's Presenz I think.


from the datasmith forum.

I think they finally realize the light baking in unreal sucks. It but it is on the agenda.

« on: 2017-09-17, 09:06:25 »
These people also probably believe in Santa-Claus as well.

OH NO!. He doesn't' exist?

95perc. of HDRi are wrong. They lack dynamic range ( Sun needs up to 16.5 dynamic stops alone ), are color corrected ( HDRi cannot be color-corrected, no white balance or contrast adjustments) so they can provide nice&interesting light, but don't resemble the real-light.

Do you know which skies are correct?

What skies do you prefer in your workflow?

Gallery / Re: The Coworking 2040
« on: 2017-09-06, 09:32:42 »
This is so great!! What a lot of color! Most interiors are very grey these days. I Like the abundance!
The only thing is scattering of the leaves on the ground. I think it hides your nice tiling on the floor a bit.

Gallery / Re: CLOSE-UPS
« on: 2017-08-31, 17:02:00 »
Dude, teach me how to do images like the first and last one

Sweet Jesus! Can you tell us a bit about the haze/volumetric effects? These are so natural and pleasing to the eye.

Please tell us how you achieved this. The mood is perfect!

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