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What is the keyboard shortcut in Corona 4 and 5 to region render? In Corona 2-3 it was Shift in VFB. THIS was a very good shortcut and since the Corona 4 version it has been turned off :(. As for sub-sampling, it is very useful for scenes from FP, where even with a larger lawn the amount of primitives instances often exceeds 2-3 billion and Corona needs a moment to reduce it but in Corona 3 and 4 it works great and fast.

Those who are disturbed by large squares / pixels when moving objects or camera, I recommend increasing GI vs. AA balance at 32-64, (better to see the difference in scenes without FP), then it should look nicer for everyone :) to reduce Light Samples Multiplier to 1, and then they work IR even faster, I also recommend setting Secondary Solver to None, and Max ray depth at 5-10 which additionally smooth work in IR, and the quality will be noticeably worse, slightly shaded places will be darker slightly. But for quick previews and quick work with the stage, these settings are sufficient and increase the comfort of work. When working with FP, it's good for even faster GI vs. Set AA balance to 2 and Light Samples Multiplier to 7. I recommend trying it because the difference is significant.

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« on: 2019-04-01, 16:18:28 »
Hi :) A commission for a small developer in Poland

mhhhh... looks like Photoshop is indeed loading the alpha linear now, so I don't seem to be informed very well. Tested an exr here and it seems fine.  (Edit: I did not yet test non-linear image formats :P)
An example of what I find problematic is that you can't do basic pre-divide / post-multiply actions (I'm not talking about remove black matte), so I'm extremely limited in what I can do compositing-wise. Sure, I can stack up all essential corona REs but that's pretty much it - If I have to combine it with something else, this is where it stops. Even color corrections are kind of limited since I have to unpremultiply my passes before I do any color corrections. I'd expect that the curve and levels etc tools all have their internal predivide/postmultiply routine (which I doubt...) but as soon as I do it myself with layer blending or a brush or anything I NEED to unpremultiply first.

But I must admit that photoshop is a topic which drives me crazy anyways (not only because of lwf)... I'm maybe not the right person to discuss this matter in an objective way :D

And has something changed in your approach after the PS 2018/19 exit? Do you still think that when it comes to uncompromising high-end post-processing with Corona RE, it's just AE or Nuke? :) I've been sitting in the graphics for about 20 years and thoughts with a difference in the initial image for clients are really invisible :) Postprocessing in AE or Nuke is associated with 2-3x longer process than in PS

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