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I will log this in our system, and we will continue to investigate it here.

Did you try this with the build from the 26th of February too?

Let me know if you continue to experience it and find some solid reproduction steps.


(Report ID=CRMAX-311)

The 26th February build is installed and had no issues till now. Everything work as excepted.
But I agree, if I see anything strange, I'll be back!

I had the very same issue of all displacement objects being invisible at some random rendering. And then again just fine right after.

Not replicated myself, happened twice with the previous daily. Unlike Dionysios, I never installed any Substance plugin, so I am 100perc. sure it's unrelated to it and it's purely Corona issue.

I am not sure I remember correctly... but I believe this issue was at IR, not regular rendering.

Hi Juraj and I hope you're fine first of all.
Yes, it happened to me as well only in IR mode. But the problem is that I can't replicate it! Now everything works perfectly fine.... New displacement fix as well.


Okay this is definitely very strange.

Are you able to send me the models which your are merging into the scene as well as maybe a video of exactly what your doing when this happens?

Maybe I am missing some important step..



I am going to pass to you the original files of those plants.
Now in my case everything works fine, as I said, I closed Max, run it again and no issues.
I only merged them in the scene, in a first step I pointed the software to the new maps and rendered in interactive to tweak the materials and suddenly happened again.

I'll send you an email once uploaded!

Thanks again Rowan.


Okay understood.

We do have some crashes with substance logged in our system already. They are with our dev team to see if something can be done. (Report ID=CRMAX-185)

Otherwise I'm glad currently everything seems to be working. Do let me know if you experience further problems.


Hi, today the scene I've sent to you it behaves very strangely again.
Parsing time became slow and right now objects are again disappeared. I am sending you an image...

The only thing I did was to merge some new plants in the scene. I have the feeling that when I add something new in the scene, it starts behaving like this. But as you noticed it doesn't happens always.
Close Max and restart resolves temporary the issue.

Dionysios -


So far I was not able to reproduce this issue. I rendered the scene 20 times and each time it rendered correctly..

Do you get any warning or error messages during rendering?


Hi Rowan,

Yesterday everything worked fine for me as well but 2 days ago I had parsing time slow down and then the objects disappeared from the render twice! This is the reason why I opened the post here again. I had no warnings or errors at all. Only slow parsing time which wasn't as slow as before the fix we are using now. Just a bit slower than normal.

Yesterday I did a lot of tests and previews on that scene and me too as you, no issues.  -.-

At this point I want to report something but I don't want to complicate things, just for you to know.
A month ago I decided to start using the Substance materials and as you probably know, we have 2 ways to use them:

1. Via the Substance plugin.
2. By exporting from Substance SW all the maps and build each shader manually.

My experience:

1. A disaster! A lot of crashes, very often the plugin was resetting the parameters and then guess what? Object with displacement were disappeared very very often from the scene.
I naturally thought that this issue was related to the plugin itself and not to Corona or 3ds Max 2021.

2. Transforming the parametric materials in maps then manually created the shaders and had no issues at all.

So, this behavior I saw twice the other day really surprises me as there are NO SUBSTANCE parametric materials at all in the scene. Since I had those problems I never used them again. I just use their maps (which I like) but not their native shaders.

Let's keep in touch, I have a lot of work to do these days so I'll have more change to check if this behavior turns back or not and figure out when.

For now I have no more clues.
Thanks for helping as always.


PM is sent to you.

Dionysios -


That definitely doesn't look right :( Would you be able to send this scene to me I would like to investigate it asap?

Can you also confirm your computer specification?



Hi Rowan,

today I have no parsing slow downs like yesterday by the way. Very weird...
In any case, I can send you all the scene so you can investigate better. It's still a WIP but I warn you that the file will be quite big cause of the textures, (6GB with textures packed).
I'll send you a private message with the link once everything is packed and uploaded.

My specs are:

AMD Ryzen 5950X
128GB Ram
Gigabyte Aorus Master X570
GPU 3080 RTX
2 NVMe + 5 SSD

Win 10 updated to the last version
3ds Max 2021 updated to the last version
iToo Forest Beta 7

I'll get back to you ASAP.

Dionysios -


well, I think the Displacement issues are not 100% resolved.
This is what I've noticed till now:

1. On heavy scenes, it happened twice, the render started relatively fast (no parsing issues) but all the objects that have a displacement map were disappeared from the render.
I attached an image where this happened for the second time. No road, some trees are missing, no walls, ecc.

2. Sometimes parsing times are ok, but not always. This behavior is not constant.

Thanks and have a nice evening!

Dionysios -

Yes of course! We'll keep in touch.

Dionysios -


I work with the new displacement fix for 2 days now and till today I had some very good performance and no issues with parsing time.
But, today, while working, I merged a couple of new tree models in my scene and the problem appeared again. Actually, turning off Displacement got only a bit better. Something happened and it slowed down all the parsing process....

I close 3ds Max, open my scene again and the problem disappeared.

Just to let you know even if I know that is not too much info for you now.


Dionysios -

And as if by magic!

Have a nice weekend too :)

Yeah!!! :D
I saw it 5 min ago and I already downloaded it and it works perfectly.
Thanks so much for your support guys, really, you're all so talented.

Dionysios -

We're trying really hard to get a new build out.. Hopefully really soon ;)

Thanks and this is the reason why I excuse myself before, I know your hard work.
Have a nice weekend all.

Dionysios -

Hi guys,

do we have an idea of when the fix will be published? I am working without displacement right now and sooner or later I need to activate it again.
Thanks and excuse me for asking such information.

Dionysios -

@Dionysios so I am getting exactly the same results with the physical and legacy material. Please check my attached render and scene.
My guess is that you simply did not enable glossy reflections for the legacy material in your tests.
This is definitely one of the light transport issues from

You're right Maru, legacy does the same when glossy reflections are on. My fault and sorry...


This will be in the next daily build. Keep an eye on the forums ;)



Thanks so much, such good news!!!

Have a nice weekend.

Dionysios -

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