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I don't know what to think really. Usually, I am a very positive person, but, in a general way both software do the same, so why a company that is trying to be profitable will want to have two of the same??
Corona team was really kicking Chaosgroup to make a better software, They were an absolute winner after Metal Ray, and Final Render and good old Brazil virtually died.
Development of VRay was consistent but after corona came in the game, boy those 'new features' came up pretty quickly.
Corona came with a big bang!!.
now what?

Hardware / Re: Laptop for VR
« on: 2016-11-24, 22:45:24 »
if it is anything related with VIVE or VR, I would strongly recommend anything with a 1080 or 1070 at least.
We have a DELL Alienware with an 980, it can run very light VR projects, and games but more complex VR projects it can't deliver the 90 FPS you need.
We got a MSI 17" with the 1080 on it, it just fly with whatever we throw at it.
Anything with a 1080 will be 17"
you could find some 15" with 1070 but that about 20% less performance than the 1080 so depending of type of project you'll do it may be OK or not.
Regarding the VIVE box, the second generation comes with a smaller box, or you can search in Amazon VIVE bags, they have very good options.

For what I understand there is a option to not delete when cropping.
I remember using it a few times.

Oh I see now, pretty cool stuff man. great find, then you for the explanation, this is pretty useful.

Holly crap!!! this is making my head spin.
So how you get the PSD to show the color curves??
for instance the first sample you show with the Instagram effect. How did you put those image colors in the PSD??

I have Arion at home but not at the office, this will be great to transfer some of my favorites profiles.


[Max] I need help! / Re: number of passes in crop area
« on: 2016-03-15, 22:07:01 »
Thank guys for your answer.


[Max] I need help! / number of passes in crop area
« on: 2016-03-12, 01:07:08 »
Hi, maybe a dum question, but I wonder.
I always have hard time estimating how many passes I need to get a clean image, so I was wondering if I do a crop rendering of the scene and I get the number the passes that it take to clean up it will apply the same for the full size image?? Of course time wise will be more but the number of passes should be the same ?? or the passes are pixel dependent?
Thank you.

Hello, is this feature working in corona now??
I am trying to do a floor tile but I don't get the material variation, I tried Max multi sub object and also Corona Multimap.

Gallery / Re: Star Wars Day!
« on: 2015-05-04, 20:44:42 »
ha that's pretty cool!!!

So... how do I use this?
If I go to that website link I only get one value for n and k, I can't find anything that tell me the RGB parts,
also if I compare the presets values with the info in that website, they look different.

Any ideas?

The RGB wavelength values are taken as the median of their ranges typically. If you look up red on wikipedia for example, its range is 620-740, so the 650 value used in the map is an approximation of its average. You would then find that number for each color, and input it into the wavelength box on the refractive index page.

For example (the copper values), inputting the R value of .65 gives you an n=.27105 and k=3.6092, hence the .271 and 3.609 in the map. Inputting the same RGB wavelength values under a different material from the index pull down will give you the corresponding n and k values for that material (ie: for aluminum, R value of .65, n=1.3424, k=7.4737, which aligns with the values on the fresnel map)

These are estimated numbers of course, not exact values.

Thank you for the explanation, now it make sense.

So... how do I use this?
If I go to that website link I only get one value for n and k, I can't find anything that tell me the RGB parts,
also if I compare the presets values with the info in that website, they look different.

Any ideas?

Ok thanks for the answer.
I was wondering what values did you used to create that falloff, because. When I opened your file 3d Max warn me that it was created using a educational version of 3D Max, after using that falloff in a new scene, in my machine still telling me that it was created in student version :(

I won't be able to use that falloff here, if you could share the actual values ( don't know how) it would be great.
Thank you again.

If I understand correct you fixed falloff, will only apply to one type of material only? one type of metal.
By CorBel shader you can change the curve depending of N and K values.

how did you get that curve any ways? I am trying to copy but it does not give me any values, just the curve.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: 3ds max 2016
« on: 2015-04-21, 02:16:57 »
Oh I just saw that in the installer, great, thank you.

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