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[Max] General Discussion / Re: 3ds max 2016
« on: 2015-04-20, 20:00:21 »
What files I need to copy?
I only found 2 in Plugins folder and 2 in the general folder of Max.  Still give me an error :(

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: New exterior
« on: 2015-03-16, 18:39:13 »
interesting project, but I also agree that the problem is not the tilt shift, for that size of building you should back up more to get less distortion in the building.
a height angle would help too, the frontal shot look the best so far in my opinion.

General CG Discussion / Re: Fake Hdr
« on: 2015-02-27, 20:28:53 »
Hi, if you want to start building your own HDRI I would recommend to read the blog of Jay Weston IMO he create one of the best HDRI for CG that I know of.  He explain why you will need more stops  than you usually take for regular artist or photography HDRI.
There is a long explanation to what Juraj mentioned, you could use your RAW image to some what give color variance to your scene, definitely for reflections but really it won't give you the real lighting.
You could also do a search for Chrome ball HDR image creation, it is also very used when you don't have enough time or space to use a fish eye lens ;)

Best luck.

Well I still not sure why I have this problem, but I just find out, that all the passes are saved in to one EXR file, so the beauty pass contain all the other passes, so I guess not everything is lost.
Just post it here if someone else have the same issue.  If you are working with Photoshop you will need the EXR pro plugin to be able to read the multilayer EXR.  NUKE and Fusion seems to read them no problems.


Well yes and no,  I am saving as EXR and I just write the output path on main "save as" from render panel, but not in the saving passes, and it save everything no problems, but when I run my work station as render slave it won't save the passes.

Also when I submit to back burner, if it is the same scene but different camera, different output, different save folder, still it give me a warning that there is a similar output. but when it save everything is fine.

I have other oddity from new user.
I am submitting via Backburner several images, they all render fine and save the passes in the corresponding folders, but when I fire up render server in my work station (the same that submitted the renders) it does not save the passes, on the beauty pass.
I render the same scene in a render slave and it save everything, beauty and passes.

Thank for your help.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Resume from dump
« on: 2014-11-05, 22:03:44 »
I guess that did it.  But only 1 pixel thou, I have 3Dmax lock the ratio and it was a 2660 pix, but the rendered exr was a 2659, I just adjusted that in the output size and bing, it work!
Thank you very much.

[Max] I need help! / Resume from dump
« on: 2014-11-05, 18:23:38 »
Hello, I am working on this project with several cameras view and different scenes, some of them after finished saved the beauty and the other passes, some other didn't.  I tried to use the function "resume from Dump" and it work in some exr and it didn't work in other ones.
It give an error "Cannot read EXR, or file does not correspond to the current VFB " and then it can't load other exr, I have to close Max to try again. 
Is there a reason why the EXR won't load
I can't find any similar situation on this forum so I am posting this question, if its been answered I would appreciate that any of you can point me in the right direction.
Thank you

News / Re: Pricing and release date announced
« on: 2014-10-10, 21:31:00 »
I personally prefer the box model because of it's "if I don't/can't pay anymore I will always be able to use what I have" feature.

I also think that this is the main fear that all this "rental" software had created for the user base.  I always try to support the software development and I think that this little conflict with this two plans could be solved of for instance, there is only one Saas plan, and after the years with your monthly payment when you reach the Total software price or the software, you can keep it at what you have if you can't pay any more, Kind of what Adobe proposed for CC customers, but they say you could own CS6.  Or if you pay in Advance you can own that copy, if you don't pay maintenance you'll have to pay the upgrade for new features.
This would be very friendly for the user base, but it will again limit the constant money flow to development teams that need that money to keep them moving.  I really feel that I read too many complains in this forum when in reality what Corona team is proposing seems more than fair already. asking for more than 3 licences for free just for hobby work? it is just abuse.this last payment options update make this very clear to me so I'll just wait until the release ;)

News / Re: Pricing and release date announced
« on: 2014-10-09, 02:41:53 »
First congrats to the Corona team for this great next step and all the effort in try to make it as affordable as possible, yes you will never make everybody happy, it is just the size of the beast really.
I am already in  Adobe CC and soon I'll need to start with Autodesk rental, yes some people does not like it, but for my freelancing it works. The Saas option is not strange to me and I feel is the option that I will take.
With all that said, I think the only problem (if we can call it that way) with the Box model, is the "feel" of lack of support, I know that Corona team didn't meant to do this, but invest in a software and know that after pay you are in your own, it feel not right.  I do understand the points, but I also think that maybe because of the difference type of approach SaaS and box, maybe they can just not coexist together in a product.  Maybe this is why Adobe cut everything and just keep CC, and that's why Autodesk is cancelling the updates and moving to a rental style.  Maybe the only way to make everybody happy would be a Box model, with constant updates and areate at the moment of a next realease, this would be weird because at the same time you have a very generous Saas model, and the developers will have to bite the bullet to make everybody happy?  think about it

Regarding renders nodes, free is always good, but I think that 3 render nodes is very generous, VRay give you one, Cinema 4D give you 3 and so on. More render nodes I would not call it Hobby, come on guys be honest, there is a lot of work developing a software, let us not abuse, this team is generous enough in spend all this time to make most of us happy, they need to make a living, or at least get paid for all the time invested in this software.
and since I am ready the corona Blog always it mentioned a free version for Hobby or people that can't pay no need to complain so much.
my two cents, or equivalent currency :p

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Glossiness behaviour
« on: 2014-09-09, 02:40:25 »
I also agree with Juraj that PBR approach is a more intuitive way to setup materials and get suspected results instead of try and see.  Now to me it is the natural evolving of this rendering technology, in the beginning since it was so primitive, bump and specular where just cheat ways to get stuff done, compared to today's technology and hardware being way more advance we should just able to input real world information and get correct results.
Now the only thing that worries me is with the implementation, for instance Autodesk materials, they create those "Physically correct shaders" to eliminate the guess work for the user, but they are just terrible to use and not flexible at all.  I am pretty sure Corona team will do better work than that ;)

Funny thing is I read that Disney's paper time ago and at the same time I was massaging the possibility to buy Grant Warkick VRay training videos.  I know and understand that it is a great learning source but thinking of this new approach of making materials with physically properties will soon make all the trick and work around obsolete.  it is a funny though still.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Restaurant Viz - Lightning
« on: 2014-08-27, 19:52:42 »
This is looking a lot better, You should try to put some articulation in your stainless Steel counter, and maybe play with some coated metal instead, because now it look very grainy and I don't think more cooking time will make it look better.
Also what value are you using for your black now they look very dead black.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Restaurant Viz - Lightning
« on: 2014-08-20, 19:54:19 »
You have a lot of pendant light there, is that the architect choice? or it is your design?
If some design all those light, and you follow the intensity of those lamps you room should be lit correctly.  in real life those spaces don't look like those sine "Scandinavian" renderings that we see all around, with that dark floor, and dark furniture your scene will suck a lot of light.
First I would check the intensity of our spot lights, adjust the spread angle on them too, then check the albedo of your materials. if everything still too dark for you taste, you can always save as an EXR 32 bits and fix the image in Photoshop or sue hidden lights in your scene to compensate the low lighting.
AS mentioned before here if you are a photographer and the place does not have enough light, then you will have to use "fill lights" to compensate.

Check this images references from the internet, look how much light is coming from the lamps and how many are they using to compensate the lac of natural light.
Also you also will see the falloff of the sun light coming from small openings.

edit :wrong link

ok thanks you!

Mr developer? :)
is there any way to select materials ID though glass? if not this will be addresses in the near future?
I already  to switched from Cinema 4d to Max in some projects only to use Corona, please don't let me down :p


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