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[Max] I need help! / Smokey Interior effect
« on: 2017-07-06, 22:40:48 »
Does anyone know how to create a slight smokey feel in an interior?

Gallery / Container House
« on: 2016-06-05, 15:09:51 »
I just entered this into the 2016 CG Architect image competition.... with barley hours to spare.
Chances of winning are slim, at best....but, if I get a mention, at least, that's something.

Gallery / Retro Kitchen
« on: 2016-04-28, 20:13:17 »
Experimenting with filters to try and get away from the raw render look.

Gallery / Shipping Container House
« on: 2016-03-26, 15:08:37 »
Inspired by Patrick Bradley's Container house.

I would appreciate any info on what is the going rate for a 3D render and what factors govern the price.

I became an interior & architecture designer after many years working as an illustrator. I have gone full circle
back to presentation but use software instead of traditional pen & ink and marker pens.

Very interested to here how others charge. How to combat against clients that change their minds alot and the
timescale you would allow for undertaking a presentation project.

I understand this can be a sensitive subject and people don't normally give info about how much they charge.

Just to put you in the picture.... I am talking about commercial projects for large building projects like Football Stadiums
and recreational clubs and office building blocks.... as well as smaller residential projects.

[Max] I need help! / Render size
« on: 2016-03-18, 09:01:49 »
I always doubt what render size to render at.

I render at 3840 x 2160p. I have read that animators render at double the size and then reduce by 50% for the final image (1920x1080).
This softens the hard edges and helps in Photoshop if you want to doctor things.

I am not talking about print. I am concerned about what size to render at for web.

At the end of the day, rendering at 4K takes alot of time and the file sizes are big.

Can someone educate me on this subject?

[Max] I need help! / Wet Look
« on: 2016-03-10, 10:55:53 »
Can someone please show me how to create wet-look wood... like in this render by Juraj Talcik.

I want a patchy effect.

Off-Topic / Copyrights
« on: 2015-11-20, 20:03:19 »
Hello administrators,

I just posted some pics in the Gallery (named Lakehouse) but I just realized I do not have permission for the
photos in the framed pictures... I just got them from the web.

Maybe it's best to take my post off.... since I don't want to cause anyone offense... or trouble for the site.


Hi Folks,

I thought I would share this because it is a revelation for those wanting to work in 32bit EXR in Photoshop.
I am not a techie guy and do not know all the swings and roundabouts about how stuff works. I just want to be able to get on and do it with as little fuss as possible.

As you all know PS does not allow you to work in Open EXR in 32bit... well, it does, but you can only use 40% of the adjustments. Which is pointless.
I have tried Fusion and Natron to composite but just get frustrated with all the messing around. I personally feel more at home in PS.

After days of research I found a Youtube video which explain how to work in 32bit EXR in 32bit and be able to adjust as normal. Yes.... I am NOT lying.

Follow this video. The guy even includes a new LinearRGB setting which makes this possible and includes it with the download. I tried it this morning and it works perfectly in PS CC.
You must have the ProEXR plugin installed too so you can see your cessential layers in the EXR file.

I notice alot of discussion on this matter and hope this workaround helps.... since from what I read from Adobe.... working in 32bit in the future is not as simple to build into PS as most think.
It is something that will need a total PS architecture remake. So don't hope it's round the corner. It might never happen.

[Max] I need help! / Using Corona Materials
« on: 2014-10-03, 08:57:32 »
I know how to use bitmaps in Corona and apply colour correction... but I am confused by the how to assign the 100 Corona Materials from Corona Library.

I am confused by the Max file that comes with each material and how I load it into the Material Editor.
Can someone please explain as clearly as possible.... or direct me to a link.


[Max] General Discussion / 3Ds Max Catagory
« on: 2014-09-14, 11:00:45 »
Administrators.... is it possible you could create a 3Ds Max Catagory.... please? :)

I know your scheduled answer would be to direct Max related questions to other forums.... but it would be good if everything was under one roof.
Maybe others feel the same....

The forum is nice and clean and easy to use. It's the best forum layout I've used so far.
It makes sense.

General CG Discussion / A warning to all CG artists....
« on: 2014-09-14, 10:32:11 »

Here are some documentaries that I found very inspiring for creative people.... like yourselves.
These documnetaries will inspire you to keep going when your fed up of the pump and grind of the commercial world.

I really like what the guy: Eliot Rausch and what he says in the vid. He is down to earth and honest in his views. The sort of person you would like to have a beer with and discuss creativity in general.

An Entreprenuers Journey. Self employed people talking about their motivations and how they created there internet businesses from nothing to great success.

Press Pause Play
I like it when Moby says in the vid.... "nobody knows where there next pay cheaque is coming from but, they are enthusiastic about what they can do with their software".

Everything is a Remix
Discusses the origins of originallity and how it does not exist... everyone copies other peoples ideas and those that hold on to knowledge like they own it are sadly mistaken.

About people who were fired from their creative jobs in the commercial world and overcame their mis-fortune by finding a new creative career as self employed people.
I have lost my job many times.... not through mis-conduct.... but boredom. Life is so much more interesting when you are your own boss. Not for everyone though.


General CG Discussion / Does anyone know what this is?
« on: 2014-09-13, 09:06:08 »
Does anyone know what this is?
I went on the AREA 3Ds Max Forum for an answer.

Please see enclosed pic. Hopefully, someone will know :)


General CG Discussion / A warning to all CG newbies.
« on: 2014-09-11, 12:34:47 »
I thought I would raise this subject because it needs addressing. It especially affects people new to CG who need help and venture on the Net thinking it is a place of freedom and expression.
This idea is far from the truth and new recruits should not feel upset or worthless when someone does not reply to their emails. It's a modern day curse. They do it because they know they can get
away with it.... and there usual excuse is that they are too busy to respond. Once a website or Blog igoes public they have a responsibility to treat all equally.

There are people out there that genuinely care about the craft of CG and are very supportive to new recruits. But I have only encountered a few. But, let me digress a moment....

You have all been to social gatherings and feel abit on edge standing there with your glass of something... when a stranger decides to talk to you... and then they ask the question you've dreaded " So... what do you do for a living".
Your response to this question will determine whether they look at their watch, look for an excuse to leave and snub you or take your business card because you may prove useful to them.
It is snobbery plain and simple. Snobbery is when someone makes a quick judgement about you and decides they know all about your character. It happens on the web too.

I am new to CG and in the last 6 months my enthusiasm has been tainted by Blogs that snub you. And when I say 'Blogs' I mean the well known Blogs created by the so called "elite" of CG.
My feelings run so deep about this that I am thinking of creating my own Blog Watch-Dog... naming and shaming the bad apples... and venerating the good Blogs that are friendly and show empathy for newbies or
people in general. It's just not right that people can get away with this bad behaviour.... and unfortunetly, it's a growing trend. This is the age of the 'Selfie" and 'it's all about me syndrome'.

In the last 6 months I have come to realise that most Blogs are not places to share ideas... they are Social Clubs for members only. The veneer you see on the outside is window dressing for what the ultimate
goal is.... to build a big fan base and then sell advertising space or CG products. If you ask advice on their personal forums I am sure you will get an answer because the last thing they want the public to know
is how shallow they really are. But, send them a private email and you will get no response.... unless it's concerning a product they are selling. I have had a few responses though words to the affect that they
are too busy working on a project with a tight deadline and cannot help.... which brings me to the point of asking...."Why create a Blog then?"

Sending them praise is not enough, they only listen to people they feel are on their level. Professional snobbery.

Now, you are probably thinking, hold on a minute, matey boy! That sounds abit harsh. And the moderators are probably thinking, lets delete this message cos we don't want to rock the boat.
So, I must add that this is based on my experience of CG Blogs. Other people could have experienced rainbows, dew-drops and fairies on CG Blogs. But I did not! Sorry.

My advice to newbies is.... stick to Software Forums (like this).... you are usually dealing with professionals who are trained to help you and you normally get a good response or
led in the right direction. Avoid Blogs if you don't want to become disappointed. Case closed. Though there are a few Blogs that have been superb and answered back with good info.
In fact, one of the good Blogs directed me to Corona and told me to try it out.

I have enclosed a quick article about: People who don't answer Emails. There is a growing army of people out there that are getting fed up.

[Max] I need help! / Extrude (Max)
« on: 2014-09-05, 10:24:39 »
This is a Max question....

When I extrude.... if I pull left, it goes right along the Y axis. If I pull right, it goes left along the Y axis. Is there a way of swapping this around so it behaves like push/pull in Sketchup?

Is there a way to snap the extruded segment to an object. Please see enclosed pic.

I want to be able to snap the wall segment to the door edge so it's a perfect fit?

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