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I need help / Putting Corona frame buffer into Max viewport
« on: 2014-09-02, 17:29:46 »
Is it possible to put the Corona frame buffer inside a Max viewport (while rendering) to keep the console tidy?

Please see enclosed image as an idea.

I need help / Email notification
« on: 2014-09-02, 12:00:33 »
I don't get email notifications when someone responds to one of my questions.
Which means I have to trawl through the forum and see if I have had a resonse.

Is there a way of setting this up in my profile?

I went to the AREA Forum to find an answer to this question.... nobody knew the answer.

Please look at this Corona Vid and please tell me how the guy created the portals so quickly (to face upwards) in Max.
Normally you can only create Planes on the ground unless you rotate them 90 degrees or use them on the Front or Left viewport.

I need help / Corona Material Converter info
« on: 2014-09-01, 16:46:41 »
Does anyone know how to use the Material Converter to change VrayMtl to CoronaMtl?

Can someone direct me to a video or something.... in basic terms.
Also, please direct me to tutorials on how to get the best rendering options within Corona.


General Discussion / Questions about Corona
« on: 2014-09-01, 07:41:09 »

I have just joined the Forum.
I hav'nt even downloaded the software yet.... but I am very excited by the software. It's beautifully simple and looks user friendly.
I use to use Sketchup + Vray. Recently, I decided to move to 3Ds Max + Vray. But, after looking at Corona, I feel this is the best way forward because of the simplicity.
I feel way behind everyone else in terms of knowledge and skills so it's nice to become part of a new software (that is like me) on the crest of accendency.

I have a few questions....

1. Can the Corona converter convert VRmats (vismats)?
2. Can I use CG Source: Floor Generator + Multi-texture map? If not, is there an alternative?
3. Can I convert my materials from with your converter?
4. Does the Slate Editor work with Corona?

In Sketchup Vray you can use the SU Eyedroper to choose a material in your viewport, right click and import a VRmat with instant result in your viewport. Can Corona do this?
What I don't like about Vray (that really gets me annoyed) is how complex it is to appy materials. Hopefully, Corona will address this and make it simpler.


PS - The Forum is great :) Very nicely laid out.

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