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I purchased corona solo on the 21/11/2023 then the following day chaos charged my credit card an additional EUR418.80. WTF is going on ? I have never had an issue over the years purchasing corona until it was changed over to chaos's system. Also they implemented a renew subscription option that was enabled without sending me notification prior, without even having my banking details. Then they had an automated system send me an invoice ! It took 6 days before support even got back to me to cancel it.

This is so unprofessional I decided to share this issue here and on the chaos forums.

So if you have purchased corona during the black Friday sales check your bank account.

ME to chaos support:

I purchased corona solo on the 21/11/2023 then the following day chaos charged my credit card an additional EUR418.80. WTF is going on? You have charged me for a license I did not order and its a pro version. What is going on I did not ok this transaction, this is NOT OK. I want my money back and compensation. I can see on my credit card you have charged me. This is illegal and I will be contacting my bank. I ordered a solo license yesterday and for some reason you have charged me for a pro license. Now I have to waste my time contacting you !


Supports reply after almost three days:

Hello Joseph!
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and would like to inform you that a refund has been requested for this charge. You can expect to receive it within the next few business days.
 If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.
ME back to support :

Hi support

You have not repaid the full amount of money taken from my account I am really upset about this and have to contact you again. This is so unprofessional ! You have to adjust for the exchange rate and you need to pay my international fee for the transaction to pay me back, since it was chaos's mistake not mine. I also asked for compensation for this and you have offered nothing. This could have been avoided if support did not take over two days to get back to me. Attached is a copy of my bank account indicating the transactions and the amounts. This need to be repaid in full.

Please get this fixed ASAP.


Over the last 12 months I have been using and researching AI ie MJ, Dall E etc, and Archviz has been my career for the last 20 years. With the latest advancement's in AI tech, it seems to me the industry may no longer require 3D artists within the next 24 months. Revit now has AI implemented into the program at an early stage but with some amazing first steps. Also some Viz studios in Australia have started to produce renders that have a mixture of both 3D and AI. I have also recently seen multiple architects start to use AI also with amazing results. I guess what I am trying to say is I think Ai is going to change the whole game in my industry and many many more. Being able to produce images in a fraction of the time, cost and experience etc really is a game changer.

What are peoples thoughts on this ? It would be great to hear from the Chaos crew.


[Max] Resolved Bugs / Chaos phoenix not fully supported ?
« on: 2022-12-23, 23:58:43 »
I just installed phoenix 5.01.00 to test since it was packaged up with Corona premium. And I am getting an error saying its not supported and crashes 3DS Max 2022. What am I missing here I thought it was fully integrated since it was packaged up with Corona ?

Where can I download Chaos Phoenix 5.01.02 my chaos account only allows me to download 5.01.00 ?

Also the MY Chaos account is very confusing to use who set this up ?

Not sure what this is but I have a basic layered material setup. I am using the AO map as a mask for a layered material and during rendering I get a complete max crash back to desktop. I can use the interactive render fine no crashes but when I do a final render it crashes during the rendering process. I tested the scene with a basic metal material works fine renders to the end and when I use an AO map as a diffuse renders fine. I also remerged my assets into a new scene still crashes. I updated my corona 7 daily build same crash. My system is only using 18gig of ram during the rendering stage.

My system is a threadripper 3990x, 128ram, win10, 1080ti gpu, Max 2020, corona-7-3dsmax-daily-2021-03-22

Update " Remade the material using the legacy shader worked fine" Must be a bug with the new physical shader.

Gallery / AEVUM
« on: 2020-07-02, 03:08:02 »
AVEUM is a personal project inspired by Roman architecture.

Check out my other work at.

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