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I was waiting for the "I need moar sleep" comment when you broke then news :) We just got a dog recently and while it is clearly not the same as having a child boy did I not sleep for a week or two. Still recovering lol.

Yeah the CPUs I meant are the Epyc ones and lately we are really putting in a lot of focus on making sure the performance with these system is as it should be.

Still, I don't quite understand why the top of the line chips seem to be discounted by roughly 50% at most stores I'm looking at. Great time to buy though lol.

As for your 7980x, dang, that looks sweet! I'm currently contemplating getting one so all your feedback here is super duper useful. Thank you!

I'll be getting this! Thank you so much for working on it!

Thank you for making this available to everyone, I too can't wait to play around with it :)

I'm in the US, but I would buy a 96 core at 50% off.  Where did you find that? I saw people on eBay selling 7980X for like 3,500... But I'm a little sus about that. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, just had a new baby, and it's my first so it's a learning experience. But I got some really good updates on the 7980X. Pulling over a 39k on Corona bench and staying under 80c. I'll post results when I get home.

Oh duuude, congratulations!! That's quite the news! May the learning experience be a linear curve :)

US you say? Well Newegg has one listed for below 5k. Here is the link:

I'm looking at a chart that Supermicro provides and they've been discounted like this since basically the first week of this year. I have no idea why and even though these are clearly still expensive products they are also almost comically cheap at the same time lol.

I am beyond tempted myself. A single 96 core can replace and possibly even outperform two Zen 3 64 core Epycs at a much lower power consumption. Sheesh.

@dfcorona got any updates maybe? Totally curious to hear how the 7980x has been treating you.

By the way, I have just noticed that roughly since the start of the year the top of the line 96 core Zen 4 Genoa is being heavily discounted (and other CPUs too). A new 9654 is commonly available at below 6000€ and I even found stores that sell them for 2500€. They used to cost like 10.000€.

I mean it is still a lot of money but we are talking about 96 cores that seemingly go above 3ghz with all cores. These are now basically 50% off.

I personally like the idea because especially in arch-viz scenes can get rather large which obviously has an effect on parsing times.

That said typically what increases scene parsing times is just loads and loads of geometry. It does help a ton of its instanced but even then it, from my understanding at least, isn't trivial to place all the geo in places. I would assume that if you turn a couple of those heaviest forest packs off things will get speedier but I already know you know that so this is kind of useless advice probably :)

If I may I'd suggest a +1 on RecentSpacesSam's feature suggestion thread there. That way we can keep better track of how many people are interested in this particular feature.

Hi Nejc,

- you can't change a pivot of corona proxy...
- it would be useful to have a command in tab/list format to replace assets like in 3dsmax (much faster) ... insert it into the already existing corona "Lister Tab"?
- I forgot about the c4d randomize tools, tnx!!! (Here too, giving it a crown tab look like in 3dsmax would be nice and useful) ... insert it into the already existing corona "Lister Tab"?

Good points! If I may I'd suggest posting those as separate feature suggestions (topics). That way it'll be easier for the team to monitor them and also ask any questions the devs might have :)

Howdy! Here are some of my suggestions for the modeling / object placement features:

- Object Replacer -> "Replace with" under tools
- Transform randomizer -> "Dynamic placement tool" or the "Randomize" tool
- Pivot placer -> "Axis Center" tool

Yes indeed, this is currently a limitation with the Tile shader unfortunately :\

If use the Corona Tile shader directly for your bump effect (without anything plugged into into the Tile shader) then you need to be in UVW mode and you need the filter shader in between.

Here is a quick demo from the Tile tutorial if it helps any

Hardware / Re: Dual Epyc 9654 experience?
« on: 2024-03-11, 12:31:35 »
Hi, we have a single processor AMD epyc 9754 with a supermicro mobo and 384 GB memory DDR5, it is fast as hell BUT the geometry fase is 10x slower than my old pc (dual intel xeon E5-2699V4 arround 8 years old!!), we are still trying to figure out why, and we render a lot of animation so this phase comes back in every frame, we loose between 60 and 120 seconds per frame!

Hmm that really shouldn't be the case imho - yes the 2699v4 has a 500mhz higher boost clock but the IPC has come a long way in the 10 years since it was released.

Could you please double check what frequency is being reported (and core utilization) during scene parsing? Not all the cores should be busy but you should be close to at least 3ghz and that would indicate it is not the hardware at fault.

@dfcorona, just thought of this. I used to have PBO enabled on my 3970x workstation but for whenever I wasn't behind the computer and it was doing over night renders I used a customized Windows power profile on it. I went into the balanced profile and changed the max CPU performance target to 99%. That effectively clocked it down to its base clocks which sure was slower than PBO boosting but hey, went from ~90c to 70c :)

Maybe worth trying out on your end as well?

Here are some overclocks.  One at 6400MHZ RAM and also set temp max to 80c and pulling a 39k, but I would get a loud continuous beep from the motherboard. I then set from Expo I (DOCP I) to Manual and set just the RAM back to 4800MHZ and also set temp max to 70c and I get no continuous beep anymore and pull a 38k.  You can really hear the VRM fans ramping up. Not sure what the Beep is telling me, I'm not all that great at overclocking to be honest... never really overclocked before with my previous systems because there wasn't much to gain, but with the new 7000 series there are some really good gains. Not sure where I feel safe with the Temps yet, I know you just don't want to go over 95C. But for continuous rendering I don't want to be close to that either.

On my Zen 3 Epyc render node (Supermicro board) the continuous beep means VRMs are overheating :\

Here you go

Very interesting, thank you!

@dfcorona may I ask what the all core turbo is when running say the Corona 10 benchmark for example?

Just for the sake of the debate but are we all perhaps too temp sensitive? Consumer chips go up to basically 90c and that is considered "ok". Should we perhaps treat Threadripper the same?

I mean I personally can't quite bring myself to think like that. Consumer chips technically aren't designed to run 24/7 plus server chips (Epycs and Xeons) tend to have lower max temp ratings. Still, I do wonder :)

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