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Hello, folks.
I'm having trouble loading a VDB file made by the Cinema Pyro simulator. I tested VDB from Houdini, and it worked. When I try to load VDB from Cinema, it says, "Unable to load." Does anyone know why it doesn't accept VDB from Cinema? You can find a VDB file attached.
Many thanks!

Easy fix for me is to remove the ΕΎ from the filename. Looks like the corona loader does not support all characters.

The trick is to render to the picture viewer. The missing clones in the IR seem to be a bug or a limitation (no idea).

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Rotating texture
« on: 2024-01-04, 15:51:03 »
Or a transform in a layer shader.
I did try that but it was not working with a Corona bitmap, only a standard C4D bitmap. This is why I was hoping the projector shader might be a replacement for rotation with the Corona bitmap.

Yes, it seems to be working with the C4D bitmap only.
The projector shader should work as well but it still scares me a lot - it was a bit unreliable in the past.

[C4D] I need help! / Re: Rotating texture
« on: 2024-01-04, 13:58:20 »
Or a transform in a layer shader.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Motion Blur Bug with Emitter
« on: 2023-12-17, 14:58:37 »
When you emit particles in this scene and have motion blur active, Corona won't render the object the emitter is under, just the particles. When the emission has stopped and the last particle has died, the objects are rendered again. It's all the same if the particles are baked or not.

Corona V11, Cinema 4D 2024.2, Windows 10

I'd still choose the C4D bitmap as long as the Cor5ona bitmap does not support layers sets and animation settings.

[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: Cinema 4D's Pyro Playground!
« on: 2023-12-01, 15:35:59 »
Cinema 4D's Pyro support added!!! Set any object alight by linking the C4D Pyro output object to the Corona Volume Grid object to add fire and smoke simulations to your scene!

Please share some screen shots, how to set scene...!


Create an object.
Assign a Pyro tag to this object.
Create a Corona Volume Grid.
In the Corona Volume Grid, click on the Eyedropper, go up to the Objects manager and click on the Pyro Output object.
Ignore the warning (for now).
Done. Start the IR. Forward your timeline. Adjust the settings in the Corona Volume Grid.

Purely out of curiousity: Your characters topology is not changing during the animation (polygon count)?

Glad I could help.
When I work in cm right from the start, I never had issues with imported models from Cosmos. Maybe you can make this work for you, too.


Who'd have thunk ;)

The only difference between your scene and mine was the scene scale.
Yours in mm makes a blurry result.
Converted to cm (and scaled back to real-world coordinates) unblurs it. (Steps: Project Scale from mm to cm, Scale Project from 1 cm to 0.1 cm to keep the model at 180 cm height).

Why? I have no idea ...

Even the white dots on the blue dress disappear.
I cannot reproduce it here in my own scene.

Do you have, by any chance, DOF active?
Or strong image filtering?
Blurring with a non-default radius?
Or could you even share the scene with just the three models from above?

It is hard to say what might be the reason without knowing your scene and settings, but the issue looks like a combination of too strong denoising and bad Cosmos browser materials.

Some Cosmos browser models come with, let's say questionalbe material settings that may stem from an automatic conversion of the materials from Vray to Corona. Often you will find an IOR of 1 and a glossiness of 100. So, checking if a material makes sense is helpful.

What denoising settings are you using, btw?


[C4D] I need help! / Re: Help me please on a displacement!
« on: 2023-09-14, 20:09:22 »
Literally me trying to look at your image ;)

Love your dress!

So while we are always looking for ways to improve speed, those are now smaller increments that are possible - because despite our slogan, rendering is not magic, but mathematics :) Just in case anyone starts impatiently waiting for 50% speed boosts!

I wish you could link Corona's render speed to inflation ;)

Gallery / Re: Ninja Landscaping
« on: 2023-08-22, 21:12:56 »
Nice work! ...that

The foot ... yeah ...

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