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Win 10 Pro 20H2
R23 latest
Corona V7 daily Oct. 23

When I render this scene in the viewport with IR, it goes through all 12 frames, goes back to "parsing scene" and crashes.


The distance shader creates a grayscale map, thus should be working in a shader effector to scale clones.
In the example scene, the clones don't seem to respect this map when I use a noise in the Distance scale, the distribute as if the slot were empty.
Am I doing something wrong, is there a general misunderstanding or is it a bug?


Win 10, Corona V6 Release, C4D S22

In this setup where a Distance shader in a shader effector is to scale clones, these clones are not rendered at all in IR as render instances (render instances usually render fine even with IR).
Switched to default instances, they render.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Distance Shader refresh issues in IR
« on: 2020-07-17, 15:13:49 »
Distance Shader.
The "preview text" (the red background) is upside down in the preview window (Distance: no objects) and does not change either once an object is assigned to.

Then there are some IR refresh issues.
Load the scene and run viewport IR. Select Circle.1 and move it along X. No change in the viewport. Disable the Spline Mask. The result in the viewport goes red (which is ok).
Turn the Spline Mask back on, the viewport stays red (which is not ok).
Restart the IR, all is back to normal.

Version: 6.0 daily Jul 16 2020
Win 10 2004
S22 latest

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Crash with IR
« on: 2020-07-17, 00:40:39 »
The scene rendered fine with earlier dailies, with the latest I get a crash as soon as I start IR.
Renders fine in viewport.

Scene, assets and bug report included in "grassy" uploading to dropbox right now.

Win 10 2004, S22 latest, Corona daily v6 July 16.

Load the scene and start the IR in the viewport.
Select object "links" in the OM.
Rename it. Press enter. IR rerenders the scene without the normal map visible. I assume it's an issue with the vertex map shader I used.

Bonus: Stop the IR. Crash. Does not happen all the time, I guess ;)

Win 10, S22, V6 latest daily

I uploaded the normal texture via dropbox (the private uploader failed to work for me).

[C4D] Bug Reporting / IR crash
« on: 2020-06-10, 20:03:03 »
I was moving object Rechts in the viewport when C4D quit.

S22, Win 10, Corona daily V6 from May

[C4D] I need help! / Fireflies and bump
« on: 2020-06-07, 00:17:09 »
Win 10, S22, V6 daily from May 29

I got this issue in one of my recent files and I am no sure how to remedy it. Actually I do, if I switch off bump the issue goes away - but first things first.
I have a few leaves in this scene (the rest had to go) and just one of it is infested with a nasty swarm of fireflies.
If I lower (very much) the bump value the little beasts go away. They come without and (of course) with DOF.
The final noise in the images is quite a lot below 1%.
What would be the correct step to decontaminate the leaf without sacrificing the bump (it is not needed here, I know, I am just interested in the general solution to the problem)?


Changed some parameters in a node mat, got a crash. In the bug report it starts in C4D and quickly escalates with Corona IR. Reported to MAXON as well and curious who gets the blame.

[C4D] Bug Reporting / Noise inconsistency
« on: 2020-05-07, 20:59:50 »
No, this is not about the long-standing issue that C4D noises need an insane amount of strength to render even subtly.
It's not even about noise in a layer shader is rendered only when it is in UV mode (although this is annoying, too).

Look at the image (scene attached).
All three cubes have one thing in common: They all have the same noise shader in the bump channel, at 100% strength.
The left cube has this noise shader (set to 2d space) in a layer shader. It's there, it renders. Yay!
The middle cube has the same shader (set to 2d space) directly in the bump channel texture slot. Renders as smooth as a baby's posterior.
Let's give the layer shader another try then. The right cube is set up like the left one, except that the noise in the layer shade ris set to the texture space). As if nothing had ever happened!

Cranking up the bump strength to 10000% finally shows some effect for the middle cube. But as I wrote in the first sentence, it's not about ... ok.
But even with 10000% bump strength, the noise in texture space does not show ión the right cube. Stubborn guy.

In short, it is pretty annoying to remember all the rules and exceptions WHEN a noise condecends to work as one would expect it, it takes up too much time!
Please, fix this!


[C4D] Bug Reporting / Crash in IR, rendering fine in VP
« on: 2020-04-07, 00:20:43 »
As the topic says: it renders in VP but crashes with IR in VP.
Scene and bug report uploaded. Since the uploader worked in the afternoon but now failed several times, I used Dropbox.
The file name was grass clean border

Win 10, C4D 21.207, Corona V6 daily February 27.

[C4D] Resolved Bugs / Crash with Hair [RESOLVED]
« on: 2020-04-06, 20:14:56 »
Hair has become pretty unreliable and responsible for crashes lately, as it seems.
I've uploaded a scene that crashes on render while "Preparing geometry". The reason lies within the used hair objects.
It used to render fine with R20 and V4. No idea which of both is to blame.


Win 10, C4D R21.207, Corona V6 daily, February 27

Win 10, C4D R21.207, Corona latest daily V6
The scene crashes as soon as I try to render it.

It crashes when the hair is active. No clue yet why.

12 crashes later: It's got something to do with the "Curl" parameter within the Hair object. Nothing real tangible yet, it's weird.


Nope, I didn't try all night, but when I touched the scene again, it crashed all over again as soon as I tweak (any) hair parameters. I am really, really curious what's going on.

The "Inside Volume" does not work anymore in V5 Hotfix 1/2.
In V4 Hotfix 1 it was still working. It also worked in the dailies before V5 release (checked it with a V5 daily from Sept. 20 which I had in a C4D installation), I don't have V5 Release (before hotfix 1) installed anywhere anymore to check if the bug came with the first hotfix only.

Win 10, Corona V5 Hotfix 2, C4D R21

I got a crash when I changed Material.3's Self Illumination color (it started updating/finally rendering and crashed). was uploaded.

C4D 21.115, Corona V5 Hotfix 1, Win 10 latest.

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