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I just wondered if there is any way to "blend" the shadow layer with some blending mode like in Photoshop, or like in Corona Mix map.

I wonder if there is a way to match the darkness of the shadows of the 3D objects and the background image? (In the 3D software- not in post)


There is a warning about motion blur on objects with changing topology which is pretty much acceptable. The message also says   those objects will be excluded from motion blur calculations, which is what I want but it doesn't seem to work this way. Objects with changing topology are not excluded and create artifacts. I've had these artifacts on an object with animated Slice modifier and an animated Symmetry modifier. I need to turn off motion blur for these objects. Standard Max motion blur switches on the Object Properties dialog don't help. Should I completely disable moblur on geometry from Camera settings?

Oops!! :) I'm so sorry I opened a 3ds Max question in C4D thread, got my answer anyways.

I'm not a C4d user and I have no experience on this software, however many people in 3ds Max side do suffer from the same frustrating experiences. What I often tell them is, 25Million polygons is nothing for a graphics card to actually "shade" the scene, but it is the topology modifiers or sorts of calculations "which depend on the CPU", causing these lags.

You can benefit from your GPU on applications like Lumion or during the rendering of GPU renderers like Iray, Vray GPU, Octane etc.

Most parts of these software don't even benefit the patented technologies of the CPU's, with glamorously shining names and still rely on the raw CPU power.


you can try "stacking" the material - applying both of them on the same object (2 texture tags rather than a layered material) with an opacity map and some UV offset tweaking, the resulting displacement is an addition of the two materials.

Thanks and let me know if you need further information,

I couldn't get a  clear picture of "stacking" and "texture tags", can you detail this a little more?

I need two displacement maps on two separate materials of a Corona layered material.

In the image I have a base material of a human body and two different layers of scar tissue applied by radial gradient masks. Diffuse maps seem to combine well with masks but I can't manage to assign a displacement map along with other maps.

Is there a limitation or an I missing something?

I need to fade out a Shadow Catcher floor plane and I've tried lowering the visibility or blending the material with some transparent material. None of them seems to work. (Shadows disappear instantly) Is it not possible within 3ds Max with Corona Renderer?

[Max] I need help! / Re: Problem with PNG maps
« on: 2021-09-17, 12:22:28 »
I think you can consider resizing the UVW Map gizmo to keep the border outside the object.
The border naturally occurs due to the fact that the image has a border and the area other than the image is some other color, which eventually results in a depth or height depending on the tonal difference.

This is an old feature I used to benefit a lot with Mental Ray, named as "Render Subset of Scene/Masking"

There are times we need to add people, plants or other objects after an animation rendering is completed. The Render Selected feature can be used to render objects separately with alpha, but this way you can't have shadows, reflections, GI effects of the object in relation to the existing surrounding objects. Adding Shadow Catcher Material to the rest of the objects can help render shadows but it requires extra work and poses a risk of saving the scene with Shadow Catcher Materials assigned, unless you save it with another name.

I'd be more than happy to have this feature at hand.

* * * I really appreciate your efforts  * * *
*    T   H   A    N    K         Y    O   U    !   *
:D :D :D

Rendering is moving on.

[Max] I need help! / Re: shadow catcher
« on: 2021-07-15, 09:21:28 »
This doesn't seem wrong actually, if I get it right.

The lights are area lights and lights of this size normally cast this type of shadows.
You can try the light's Directionality parameter to make the light rays parallel.

See if it helps.

Or simply reduce the light rectangle's size and/or move the light away from the object.


Here is a screenshot :

Try deleting this & your scene will not crash anymore.

(Report ID=CRMAX-779)

It worked in this case but I needed a force to pust the particles in the right direction. I tried Gravity and the same thing seems to happen.

Any progress in determining the reason under this. Any ideas on what  I can use to force these particles without crashes?

While I use UHD Cache as secondary algorithm, with,

Animation (Flicker Free)
Try to Load +Append
Save to File


rendering time is improved compared to when each frame is rendered from scratch.
The file size normally increases by time but the rendering time, first decreases gradually but increases as the rendering progresses without any noticaeble quality difference compared to the same frame rendered with a new UHD Cache file.
In a current scene I left the machine to render during the night and after about 200 frames, the rendering time was 2.09 at frame 2048.
I chose a new cache file and restarted. After the first frame is complete, rendering time is 1.07. Almost a minute of performance gain doubling the previous.
Normally rendering from the new UHD Cache file presents a very slight difference in overall image brightness but luckily it is not noticeable in my current scene and I moved on with the new cache file.

Previously it was reported that rendering would take about ten hours (which was stretching towards a clean 11-12 hours. It is now 6.30 hours left.

I believe there is no resource problem in the machine rendering this scene. With a totally fresh 2 TB's of SSD drive and a total of 128 GB's of RAM.

I would love to draw a performance/time graph by but I'm kind of busy right now. It seems to go down a soft slope.

ps. The Captcha window in the ticketing system has a problem in my browser (Chrome) its vertical size is limited to the Captcha area. You have to move a slider to see the blocks. It doesn't verify anyway.

Best regards.

Thank you very much indeed Avi, and all of the team.

That was invaluable. I might think of the particles but I would never think of the wind spacewarp causing this.

I have to find a way to push the particles now.

I am very grateful.

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