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[C4D] I need help! / Re: volumetric fog lines
« on: 2021-06-03, 14:58:38 »
We also cover Crepuscular rays in one of our helpdesk articles. That can be found here:

I'm also attaching a sample scene for you. ;)

thank you very much
Of course I downloaded the file and will review it and benefit from it

[C4D] I need help! / Re: volumetric fog lines
« on: 2021-06-02, 02:11:16 »
So, as well as revisiting the prior questions you've looked at safe in the knowledge that the advice and information there is applicable to Corona in C4D too, you can also check out things like the 5 part tutorial
and other videos on our channel. Other than the differences in the UI, the settings in the volumetric materials, lighting, scene set up, etc. is the same.

You have already seen this video brother before
I followed all the instructions and the lines did not appear correctly

[C4D] I need help! / volumetric fog lines
« on: 2021-06-01, 21:50:28 »
volumetric fog lines

First of all, be aware that there are prior questions about these matters
But all for the Max
And here I am talking about the lines how they appear
I did experiments, but it didn't show any lines like that
Is there a certain way someone can help me?

Hi Marduk,

Your maps are from quixel , as i can see.

Difuse: Albedo map - Color profil : embedded (default)
Reflection : Gloss/roughness - Color profil : Linear
Bump : Normal map in a corona normal node. Check Flip Y (green) -  Color profil : Linear
Displacement : I personally use the .jpg texture, Min level : -5, Max level : 5 (depends of your texture, it can be -10/10, -3/3 etc.) - Color profil : Linear

Thank you and I will review what you said brother
I have previously checked the MAP  quixel

Thank you all my brothers
And yes, I use exr widely, but it does not exceed six meters

But Normal MAP
Why does it appear as in the picture? Is it also because of the large area?
But it is not a great room

Hello friends

Why show the result with "Normal" this way?
And why the result is different when placed under the Corona node or without the Corona node

Well "displacement"
Why disappear when activation "Normal"

And why when you put "exr" in displacement, nothing shows

We all know there is the right photometer in studios and cameras
So it remains only for the photographer to produce the creative photo and with one click he can figure out the appropriate light
He has no suffering

We also know that the biggest problem any designer faces is light - exposures
There is no image without light
Good light = good picture
Also, vision varies from person to person. I may be color blind and possibly have low vision, but I like the design and don't know the correct measurements of light in a scene, be it natural or artificial light.

I have researched a lot into this and I suggest Corona Development Group find a solution that works for us on this.
Light is a primary process in scene and image, not secondary. We don't want it to be random and close person to person
In addition to ignorance of the correct exposures in a scene, there are several things that govern a designer's eye health

There should be a photometer and exposure in the corona
And certainly it will be based on scientific foundations

« on: 2021-01-28, 22:00:47 »
Nice to see
But when Photoshop goes into 3D designs, I can't call it 3D design
A complete 3D design can be made with objects similar to this in Photoshop
Unfortunately there are 3D professionals who do this
It's easy to do anything in Photoshop
But the difficulty is in 3D design

Thank you for the clarification, brother
Use subtitles so maybe I didn't get it well
I now understood that I would have to replace it with my camera or general lighting

Thanks for your time, brother
But aren't these numbers too large to produce such light?

 25000 lumen or 50000 lux ?


Hello friends
I experiment with indoor lighting without relying on the sun or the sky
Completely artificial lighting and I want to get results that are true to life
What I see here is that the numbers are way too high for proper lighting
Note : lux and Lumen

3 lights are placed by size 20cm .....
As shown in the pictures

the question :
Does it make sense that for every one of the lights I have to set 25000 lumen or 50000 lux ?
What is the real benefit of scale when it is in an LED case?
1800 lumen and 800 lumen and 2800 lumen
Room size : 6 meter - 4 meter
This does not even coincide with a review of sites that give me correct lighting for the room according to its size
And how much do I need lumen and lux

Thank you
The sun definitely facilitates the process
But I am talking about closed places and without windows
Here it gets more difficult

I'm talking about the best indoor lighting technique for it to look realistic

If the space is large and the light comes only from the gate, then there is a struggle with lighting and diffusion lighting

What is the best tactic for lighting in a large, closed space?
30m - 9m

For realistic lighting

Can anyone tell me the best way to do this ?

Gallery / Dodge charger 69
« on: 2020-04-30, 23:25:45 »
dodge charger 69

cinema 4d - corona

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