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Why this complicated setup? Corona already has properly implemented master control in CoronaColorCorrect texmap, they just need to add this to the rest of the maps, like triplanar and UVW randomizer.

Gallery / Re: CGI | NYC
« on: Today at 09:35:50 »
What city bus with Russian license plate is doing in NY? :D

The problem I see with this method is that in many cases it won't give us the desired result. As long as the pivot point of a element is inside the scattering area, the tool won't delete that element.

I think that having an additional option to use some objects from the scene (like the sidewalk) as the "trimmers" would be a better solution than just relying on the pivot of the elements.

Don't forget that element's pivot point is at its selection center, not at its base, so in your example those marked blades would be trimmed by the scatter. I'd suggest to actually try the feature and see if it really fails in most practical scenarios. In my opinion, which is based on short testing, current implementation works great and might be even superior over bounding box detection.

It considers the pivot of the element, not its bounding box. So any element whose pivot is outside of the defined area will disappear (grass blade growing on a plane will be visible, grass blade growing outside of plane will disappear). We may consider the bounding box or or other methods of trimming in future versions too.

Please make it optional, in many cases pivot point detection makes more sense than bounding box detection.

Here's quick comparison between spline areas, edge trimming and slicer. I think some people expected edge trimming to work like slicer. Personally i find current behaviour much more natural and realistic, but it seems that there are some issues with edge detection precision, which i'm sure will be fixed by the devs in future builds.

Bug report - edge trimming isn't working if plugged through Corona select texmap.

I think it's the case of you misunderstanding how this feature works. It removes any mesh element that are placed outside of scattered area*. It will not remove anything if your instances consist of single element, like box, or teapot in your examples.

* i'm not exactly sure how the scatter determines when element is considered to be outside of scattered area. It looks that decision is taken not by dimensions of element bounding box, but rather by the placement of its base, which IMHO is very nice feature!

Are you sure about this? It wouldn't be trimming then? It'd be more like removal.

Can't speak for the others, but that's exactly how i want this feature to behave. If i'd want to slice geometry exactly and precisely along the edges, i could use Corona slice instead.

As for the installation, i had no issues at all - installed RC1 build and everything worked. Maybe there's some issue with multi-loader setup, like it was the case recently? OTOH, if you already tried unpack method and it still doesn't work, then i have no clue how to help, other then suggest to contact the support.

Can you show your setup and the result that you get? There shouldn't be any "slice effect" - edge trimming is removing whole mesh elements that falls outside of scattered area.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Clouds playground!
« on: 2022-10-01, 10:02:52 »
I forgot to thank the team for the seed parameter, it's so much easier to quickly evaluate different clouds positions now, so thank you very much! :]

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Clouds playground!
« on: 2022-10-01, 00:22:00 »
Contrails distortion looks weird. Could it be somehow improved to better resemble the actual thing?

Also feature request - i would love to have an option for partial cloud coverage. No need for something fancy like painting maps for explicit control, a simple spinner "horizon bias" would be already great - quite often IRL you can see beautiful clouds over horizon, while sky overhead is completely clear, it would be nice to be able to replicate this in Corona.

I think simple "trim edges" checkbox in the scatter object, would make more sense - Corona could add edge trimming texmap to the opacity slot internally at render time for user convenience. I did quick test with just 4 materials and already it was quite a chore to plug/unplug edge trimming map several times in a row. If you want to use the same asset in multiple scatters with and without edge trimming, you would need to duplicate their materials and that would quickly turn in to mess.

On the positive side, i was pretty pleased to find that the new feature does not slow down render very much, i was expecting worse.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Wip's n sh*t ;)
« on: 2022-09-30, 11:43:39 »
And the energy prices are getting higher by the day. We need more sunshine and less clouds please :D

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