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Hardware / Re: Computer for Corona and 3ds Max
« on: 2024-06-10, 23:24:38 »
3dsMax doesn't require strong graphic card for modelling. The only limitation is GPU memory (VRAM), which gets used for showing textures in viewport which is unrelated to rendering. 3dsMax being outdated doesn't use compression and you quickly run out of memory and then speed of viewport drops to like 1perc. As long as you use 1 or 2K res max viewport you will be fine with any GPU on market that has 8GB of VRAM.

So powerful CPU and plenty of memory is all that's needed for Corona indeed.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: GAUSSIAN SPLATTING
« on: 2024-06-10, 16:42:17 »
Absolutely! I am all for this too :- )

I am watching this with interest and I have some partial off-topic note. The up-coming Windows build, that will be public in September I think, but is already in fast-track beta public test (not sure which channel that is but probably ISO is available to everyone), 24H2 comes with completely new (process/core) scheduler. I do wonder if this might help our situation as well? At least a bit?

I am debating whether to test this myself, but I don't have much time or patience currently with very busy life.

The worst performance with high-core machines in general work is 3dsMax/Corona while doing IR. The rendering performance is as expected (the Ray/s metric), but every other process (Material editor refresh, Precomp phasing, etc..) is perceivably slower at same time.

Once again, not to de-track from above issues, just wondering if it could be additional piece of puzzle. Windows Scheduler was always big weak point for high-core machines.

Hardware / Re: Which Monitor is best?
« on: 2024-06-06, 13:41:09 »
You might just be sitting further away :- ). I use 150perc. for 32" 4K with tripple surround (3x32") and 150perc. for 27"/4K when I am travelling with  single or dual 27" monitors but I sit much closer to that setup.

I use additional 125perc. scaling on top for internet browsing.

Even with my lens or glasses, I couldn't do 125perc. either and I would find 175-200perc. to be very comfortable for text but already problematic with how it condenses all visual elements. It's all compromise sadly for text vs graphic parts.
Apple does 200perc. for 27" 5K resolution, so it's not like you're in some too odd territory :- ).

Weighted normals are often weird in Corona, not sure if Corona reads them correctly. It looks correct in viewport, but then Corona often does something else.
I think Pokoy and Romullus have investigated this issue. Too bad because it can often be one-quick solution to shading CAD files. I too work often with Rhino.

Hah that's like the exact opposite I do :- D, but I think I just keep my default at 8/2 for almost any work (it's faster for IR/AI-Denoiser work too) and that gives me enough passes for 4-8K images (it also allows for more adaptivity re-comps)
I do find AA to be important always, imperfect AA is big CGI-giveaway to me, as cheap photo will be blurry mess, but it will never have that artificial edge 3D stuff has.

I always found this to be the case as well, although very minor, so I never really even bothered to do PS overlay to check. I thought it's byproduct of some order-of-operation or layering method, etc..

Less passes to look visually good, but also less passes for same noise, but never checked any formula :- ).

But this is good thing to pay attention, so you don't end up with too little AA done. Since high-res images don't need as many passes for GI/Light, they can for example end up being around 2-3perc. noise (visually clean) with only 25 passes for example, but roughly 100 passes are needed for really clean anti-aliasing from my experience.

Here is example of DDR5 RDIMM (the 'R' - Registered, is important) :

It's unfortunately whole magnitude more expensive than regular DDR5 memory. I personally didn't know this information few weeks back :- ) I don't really keep up that well now that all PCs are fast and I am not upgrading very often. I know a lot about children bicycles though.

There are also many generic variants that go for cheaper (here is example from few pages back from this thread, I am linking the 256GB version but I am pretty sure there is 128 as well.

TRX50, well, all Threadrippers (X and WX alike) now require Registered Memory modules same as Epyc. So that listed memory will not work.

Hardware / Re: Building a new workstation
« on: 2024-04-28, 15:37:12 »
I presume you mistyped Ryzen 7950X but no, it would not work like this. In particular:

7950X requires DDR5 memory instead of DDR4.

Working but suboptimal: 850 Watts. This is roughly enough for top CPU (like 7950X Ryzen) and GPU (4080) but transient spikes can cause it to overwhelm.
It's better to just go straight for 1000 Watts PSU and have peace of mind.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper issues
« on: 2024-04-28, 15:31:44 »
Super interesting. Are you testing local render times or DR&BB? And total frame times (Scene start-up, Precomp, Render, Denoise, Save, close-scene) or just pure speed in terms of Rays per Seconds?

I know from my experience the higher-core and more complex (multi-CPU,etc..) machines can for strange reason struggle with non-rendering aspects, particularly pre-comp processes can wildly swing. For that reason I often avoid Distributed rendering on complex scenes as the DR could take as long as 10 minutes or never even start due to some random bug.

Yeah I can understand, but now that devs have latest high-end dual-Epyc, let's see what happens :- ). There are lot of after-market Epycs on market so that would be quite good for studios if their performance becomes bulletproof in Corona.

That is not what I meant, there is nothing faulty with CPU. But that doesn't mean all software can utilize it in same way. How Embree can utilize the hardware depends on many aspects of software stack, from motherboard firmware to OS scheduler. If those things are written for retail SKU, tiny discrepancy can cause misutilization.

Years ago, one of such solutions was upgrading Visual Studio redistributable used for compiling. Just saying it isn't as easy as updating libraries often, though I do hope it is for this particular issue.

Perhaps not much else to do with left-over retail stock since most systems are built as all-in-one solutions. There might also be quite less interest in them compared to sourcing any available GPU stock.

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