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Hardware / Re: Monitor Recommendations
« on: 2020-09-02, 13:34:10 »
Juraj could you name your top three monitor choices for color critical work, as of this writing?
I second this. Been looking at the LG ultrafine 4k made for macs. Really dig the design and picture quality

Ultrafine 4K for Mac is only two models though, old 21.5", and newer 24". Both are really small for any CGI work.

If you mean Ultrafine 5K for Mac, in 27", that is excellent monitor with few caveats:

- You need nVidia 2xxx or upcoming 3xxx card because to get 5K, you need DSC compression via DisplayPort and then USB-C to DP cable to connect it (it natively uses Thunderbolt which won't work for PC GPU connection).
- Hack-install bootcamp drivers to be even able to select brightness and color-space. It's 500 NITs, 99perc. DCI-P3 panel, so without native control in Windows...that's trouble. This workaround might not work forever, but it does right now.

And finally to my personal recommendations: Any price level? Since I recently bought RazerBlade laptop with 144HZ refresh rate... I've become addicted to refresh rate. Not for gaming, for work! It's fucking brutal, it's amazing beyond measure. Everything is so smooth. Scrolling websites, rotating 3D models. Just moving your cursor around the screen. It's glorious. So with that said, my ideal monitor is:

- 4K+ Absolute must. At least 130 PPI (in 32", it's ok, not great, not terrible), ideally 160+ PPI (which alligns with 27", very crips, nice). We can only dream on Apple's 220PPI...oh well.
- 120/144HZ Right now, the only 4K/120-144HZ monitors on market are in 27" size and most of them will come in Q4 towards the end of year. EVE Spectrum will be one of them using the LG panel. Other right now on market look bit too gamery...
- 99+ perc. of DCI-P3. Corona is not color-managed right now, but won't be without forever. All the content consumption will be moving away from purely sRGB we are right now. Like 90perc. of mobiles support wide-gamut colors and that's where people watch content.
- IPS and IPS-like (Samsung LPS, Sharp's IGZO, AU-Optronics AHVA-IPS,..). I already described why VA panels in monitors (to not be confused with high-end TV VA panels) don't quality for any color-critical work...or any work at all.

I am not writting unrealistic things like OLED screen or 1000-zone FALD IPS because we simply aren't getting that (or not any soon (1-2 years) or cheap (will be 4k+ Euro).

So right now I don't like any monitor on market anymore. 4K/60HZ just doesn't make me happy anymore :- ). I would buy the Eve Spectrum in 27"/4k/144HZ. You will need Turing (DisplayPort compression DSC) or Ampere (both DSC and HDMI 2.1) GPU to drive such monitor though, Display port 1.4b alone without DSC or HDMI 2.0 don't feature enough bandwidth.

Now 32"/4k/120-144HZ...most of those will come in Q1 2021. Seems like LG had trouble with such panel, and Innolux likewise, don't know of anyone else who was planning such panels.

If you need something really good right now in 32" size, 4K res and 60HZ, I still stand by BenQ models. 3220U for newer look, wider gamut,etc.. older 3200U for budget conscious. Or one of the top LG ones ( LG 32UL950-W or older 32UD99-W ) in ultra-fine category (not to be confused with ultra-fine for Mac, which are different).

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2020-09-02, 13:16:58 »
Happy to see tone-mapping & PBR get the spotlight on!

I would like to see further Vray interoperability/support, at least 100perc. material/map wise.

I cast my third vote onto GPU/Hybrid though, because why not = ).

[Max] I need help! / Re: Refraction doubles render time
« on: 2020-09-01, 14:06:20 »
Hey, no help from me just wanted to say I love the result so far :- ). Do you have WIP thread? I have older personal project where I planned to make same stuff with yacht&foam, though not animation, just stills.
I would love to consult with someone eventually who already passed some pain of the process :- ).

Hardware / Re: Physical RAM for rendering
« on: 2020-08-20, 21:55:28 »
You can enable it, you should in fact :- ). Only situation where it should be disabled is when it affects stability, not all systems are compatible with all market available speeds.
The memory itself cannot be damaged in this way, the associated XMP profile was tested by manufacturer to work. (But not for all systems).

You can mix different brands as long as they will be run at same speed but it's usually ill-advised as it can leads to issues. It's risk, it can work flawlessly, not at all, or anything in-between. It depends on lot of factors.
In that case you might need to set everything manually because the XMP Profile can be different and be stable for one kit, but not for others (It doesn't just set the frequency and main timings, but also lots of voltages and subtimings, it can set up to 40 parameters).

Hardware / Re: Buying a Monitor
« on: 2020-08-17, 20:45:06 »
Two 2080 would be little bit pushing it :- ). Starting fully off-topic thread wouldn't be bad idea though, I'll make it once I finish projects this week so I am not tempted to procrastrinate there.

The CPU development had "interesting curve". i7 9xx (Bloomfield) ---) i7 2xxx (SandyBridge) were massive upgrade 10 years ago, one of the biggest advances ever. But then the next 7 years brought almost no movement at all. So those early SandyBridge CPUs were super-valued among gamers. I sold my i7 2600K for 200 Euro 5 years later after I bought it for 330Euro 10 years ago? Just ridiculous :- ).

3 years though, AMD Ryzen finally accelerated the speed and made another rapid improvement similar to Bloomfield--) SandyBridge. This year CPUs, are just amazing. They are so good, that laptops are finally powerful enough for work, not just "eh, ok, doable I guess".

GPUs on other hand, had much more linear development, until last 3 years where things started to get slow, so exact opposite of CPU development. And looks like that will be over when nVidia Ampere 3xxx and AMD Navi2 will come this fall. It might be another small revolution. The best idea than, will be to upgrade and not buy second GPU.

Hardware / Re: 2990wx Shutting down
« on: 2020-08-17, 13:59:23 »
Is the MemTest showing you run the memory at the full XMP profile? 3600 CL18? Or is it just identifying the name like this.

Post RyzenMaster screenshot if you can please.

Hardware / Re: Buying a Monitor
« on: 2020-08-17, 13:40:12 »

I wonder who else from the whole internet has a setup like me ? :)  BTW, new games with high graphics like Forza Horizon 4 work with all the effects on max, decent resolution (for me), and 70 fps.

WOW :- )! Pre-SandyBridge CPU, that is getting somewhat archaic :- ).

10 years ago, I bought my first PC workstation, and I waited three weeks after Christmas for SandyBridge (i7 2600k legend!) to arrive, since it was massive step (30perc. more performance at least) at the time.
The fact you kept this CPU is impressive :- ). It does limit your GPU quite a lot, but only above 60fps in realtime, and probably not at all for rendering which doesn't depend on bandwidth.

If you were to upgrade to some current CPU like Ryzen 3xxx or IceLake Intel (10xxx) you would feel like on another planet, the jump would be so drastic it can't be described :- ).

Lot of people are still working on 10 years old CPU, but it's mostly SandyBridge ones not Bloomfield.

And who else has that? I know of Francesco(Cecofuli) :- ). Not sure why he never upgraded.

Well, I am bit perplexed by that... Prime X399-A and Zenith Alpha are both by Asus. The ROG means it's just "premium" Asus product. Asus has Quality Control issues, but anytime it does, it pays more attention to fixing the expensive product (i.e. ROG) than the budget product (Prime series).

You bought cheaper board without even trying to take the memory out and put it back it?

Hardware / Re: 2990wx Shutting down
« on: 2020-08-12, 16:48:16 »
You can check memory stability with MemTest. There are few, you can run it from bios or Windows. It's best to let it run for hours.

If it finds mistakes, it doesn't mean the memory is bad, just that it's not good at related working speed.

Hardware / Re: Buying a Monitor
« on: 2020-08-12, 16:46:25 »
The optometrist remarks wasn't for sharp eyesight :- ) My eyesight sucks. Minus five dioptries myopia. It was remarks on 'ease' on eyes. Displays with higher accuity are less stressing, the clean anti-aliasing is easier on eyes.

People didn't complain about Crysis not looking sharp enough because no one was even able to run it properly :- ). Just kidding, people didn't complain about 8MB of memory either.  Doesn't say much. Even now a days most gamers/users will use some kind of "XYZ doesn't make sense" and think that's it.

I am using 3x 4K displays for work, doesn't really stress my GPU to any perceivable performance drawback. If I were using 8K display, I would just set pixel size in Corona framebuffer to 2X (Effectively creating constant 200perc. zoom), and IR rendering speed would be identical. Average high-end GPU has no issue to drive 3x 8K 60HZ displays through DisplayPort (or upcoming HDMI 2.1).

In meantime, I received my Optimus CPU block :- ) After 8 months, but it's such piece of art. What a stunning build quality..

Eh, sad I will not use it anysoon since 3990X just absolutely rocks on Noctua UH-14s TR4, but maybe I will use it for mobile build in my Sliger. (doesn't fit more than 140mm height coolers).


I have a Threadripper 2990WX, but it seems i'm way behind the benchmark average.
I have 128GB ram, only 96 is recognized though, its clocked at 2933htz or something.

This is the issue. Because of this, it probably runs single-channel and this absolutely tanks performance.

There are three possible causes behind not recognized DIMMs:

- (Most common) Memory is not correctly seated. It's very easy to actually do this, as it has to very firmly "click". Double or tripple check every module if it's 100perc. correctly seated. If only one DIMM is wrong, it will disable full channel, so two DIMMs (hence why 128 --> 96)
- (Less common) CPU is not correctly seated and is not recognising all memory channels. With Threadripper sockets, this is less common, but with uneven CPU cooler pressure can still happen. CPU cooler has to be very firmly screwed down.
- (Least common) Faulty DIMM. Sometimes happen, I had just recently returned Corsair Vengeance (4x16) because one module died. This is pickle to troubleshoot, because if only one DIMM dies, the CPU will disable the full channel so it appears like two modules are wrong (so you will go from 128 to 96).

Like Lolec said, your CPU cooler is also wrong, but your issue is with memory, the most common issue with PCs :- ).

Hardware / Re: 2990wx Shutting down
« on: 2020-08-11, 13:30:40 »
Hmm, I still have one rendering node on 2990WX/Zenith Alpha running Windows 1903. It's fully stable but it has cheap memory that runs only 2800 at 128GB config but that's besides.

One questions: When it "shuts" down, can you just reset it with normal (or on-board) power button? Or do you have to turn power on PSU on/off? I remember having issues with this and it related to memory as well (hence why mine only runs on 2800).

Hardware / Re: Buying a Monitor
« on: 2020-08-11, 13:26:17 »

I got somewhat lost here :- )

Priorities between resolution, refresh rate, backlight quality, color gamut,etc.. it's all being advanced equally at the same time. Obviously everyone has preferences for some different aspects. Good, because the market has a billion options for everyone.
If you argue about the science of HiDPI displays being far more pleasant on your eyesight, ask the optometrist what they suggest :- ).

And people not wanting magazine like print-quality? Look at Kindle E-Ink type displays and books, the difference is stil collossal in experience and companies are racing to bring high-DPI e-inks, but the price is prohibitive.

And biggest downside for me would be higher resource demand of such monitor.

And that is indeed the biggest, but also the only downside. (Unless we consider "big pricetag" also downside :- ).
The original scepticism above from you and others, was that it is more demanding on eyesight, but it's built on premise on lack of proper scaling. I only wanted to argue the opposite, it's actually far more easy on eyesight and your optometrist would agree.
Looking at my 400+ DPI cellphone is just glorious and I enjoy it so much I wanted to swap it to latest 550 one. I just keep reading all news and articles on it instead of my PC.

Hardware / Re: 2990wx Shutting down
« on: 2020-08-11, 12:42:34 »
You have the best motherboard in terms of power cascade, but it's Asus so... the quality control is what it is :- ). Unfortunately. Do you have the latest bios? Chipset drivers? (it has to be installed in that order, you need the former for the latter, esp. for stable 1903/2004 Windows 10 builds).

Enermax Liqtech can be faulty even from brand new but you can only tell by monitoring temperatures. With 2990WX, and Liqtech, they should barely if ever touch above 70.

What about the memory? Is it running XMP? Definitely don't try to run it faster than 2933/CL16. Definitely not 3200-3600. Even if it works for a while.
Is that PC unstable even with default (2133) frequency?

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