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Hardware / Re: I NEED HELP with a PC build
« on: 2022-11-28, 15:39:21 »
The 13900K is indeed single-threaded king, but 7950x remains the overall-performance king. Really no bad choice to make.

Very good CPU progress this generation.

This graph is also good reminder, do install Windows 11 with them.

Gallery / Re: Food Styling
« on: 2022-11-28, 08:46:33 »
well the cinnamon roll was enough to make me hungry

Hardware / Re: I NEED HELP with a PC build
« on: 2022-11-28, 08:44:40 »
I recommend one or the other :- )  Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360 or 420 is my personal AIO recommendation, and NH-D15 is my personal Air recommendation.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: CoronaPattern playground!
« on: 2022-11-26, 11:29:47 »
Very cool! Is it just me or does it look like it affects smoothing groups? Looks like it smoothes the overall surface despite your projection plane being flat?

Hardware / Re: I NEED HELP with a PC build
« on: 2022-11-26, 11:28:15 »
Well, the general opinion that swayed from "The chip will burn" to "fine with any cooler" is quite extreme :- )

Of course the chip won't burn but throttle but performance difference won't be minimal at all in multi-threaded performance.
There is big difference in general use (games, media) where few cores can clock very high leaving the rest docked or clocked lower and thus maintain high performance (FPS,etc..) despite overall throttling, but mixed workflow like Corona Interactive will suffer lot more.

Powerful cooler is always good idea and there is reason why coolers are rated for some particular TDP (Noctua has the best publicly available list of this).
Even when you power limit (or/at same time voltage limit) keeping the CPU well cooled maximizes your performance. You paid a lot of money to leave it on the table.

Reason to avoid Enermax is because they have the highest fault-rate in industry. If you have 3000 USD PC, you don't want your liquid cooler to grow shit inside, lean or just explode the pump outright.
They simply produce crap products, it's that simple.

Hardware / Re: I NEED HELP with a PC build
« on: 2022-11-24, 09:13:08 »
I would say do not buy anything from Enermax, esp. when it comes to AIOs.
AIOs in general had lot of bad rep lately (from non-Asetek sourced pumps), but Enermax is legendary for their poor track record.

Buy some of the market staples:

Air: NH-D15
AIO: Arctic Liquid Freezer II (This is the best AIO on market due to thicker rad) 360/420, or any of the popular Asetek models (NZXT, Corsair, EK, etc..). No really, buy the Arctic :- )

Even laptop integrated GPUs have smooth 3dsMax viewport, it's very little affected by GPU power. The important is to not run out of VRAM, so 8+, ideally 12+ GB GPU card is good otherwise you will be limited to 1-2K textures in viewport look and single 3dsMax instance open.

I am glad you scored a deal for the 7950X :- ) ! That was probably the only authentic Black Friday shit lol.

Hardware / Re: I NEED HELP with a PC build
« on: 2022-11-18, 14:01:26 »
Having the website list median (and possibly average) score would be very nice. Right now, you just have to kind of randomly scroll (with popular CPUs for quite a lot) to find somewhat representative sample.
Actually, it's not very useful at all in current form.

With denoising and upscaling algorithms, brute force in form of rendering time is also less and less useful. I wouldn't compare different CPUs in similar price bracket in that way anymore.

Hardware / Re: I NEED HELP with a PC build
« on: 2022-11-18, 12:27:07 »
Have a look at the few threads in this section that discuss Ryzen 7950X and Intel 13900K builds.

These are the best two builds you will be able to buy today. Don't look at Threadripper with your budget, it's generation (or two) behind already and very cost inneffective.

I am on Win11 on every PC except my Threadripper :- ) Will upgrade on next few days.

Short answer: Yes.

But you won't be able to use it in 3dsMax/Corona because neither has color management (yet). There is a hack though available to nVidia users:
It allows to "force" ICC profile onto non-managed applications as well. It might cause some conflicts or issues but it's what it is.

As for software color-calibration (one that generates ICC profile), remember that you calibrated for existing monitor settings at time of calibration. If you change your monitor settings (in monitor OSD menu), your ICC profile will become incorrect.

The best course of action for software color management is to choose Monitor's widest gamut option, usually it's default/stock one, then pick brightness and contrast (ideally between 125-200 NITs, which usually corresponds to 50perc. brightness +/- on average monitor) and then do the calibration. Pick Color space target (sRGB for general web use, AdobeRGB or DCI-P3 for print or HDR or general wide-gamut workflow), corresponding gamma (2.2 for sRGB and AdobeRGB) and White Balance Point (6500K for sRGB and AdobeRGB).

Then load your ICC profile into Windows Color management, and preferrably also the NOVIDEO tool I linked above if you want to see correct colors in 3dsMax.

DON'T embed (or apply) this ICC profile to your images. This ICC profile only applies to your monitor. Save your images with generic color profile depending (sRGB or AdobeRGB, etc..).

[Max] I need help! / Re: corona sky
« on: 2022-11-09, 16:23:40 »
Have you ever opened .raw file and applied "linear" profile? It's bit harder to do in Lightroom or ACR (requires switching to much older profile and only then zero-ing attributes), but super easy with Capture One which you use (just select "linear" profile). It would show you the natural color without any tonemapping or post-processing.

It should not be any different if you use similar time of day, angle of looking at sky (not angle of sun), altitude and lower the turbidity.

White Balance between Corona and Cameras is bit tricky, as 6500K gets interpreted very differently by camera makers and raw editors. You might need to tweak this in Corona somewhat to your liking.

Then we're getting in color gamut which can also influence the tint and saturation perception quite a lot. Corona uses internally some generic WideGamut color space, but Corona Framebuffer and 3dsMax itself are not in any way color managed, so getting correct and accurate colors out of it as expected in comparison to well color-managed photo pipeline (mostly AdobeRGB on both sensor capture and raw editor interpretation) is complicated.

Attached is my 1 minute test. 1.7 Turbidity, 1000 meters altitude. sRGB color profile in my jpeg, no space transformation.

Gallery / Re: Sarcophagus - sci-fi short film
« on: 2022-11-08, 21:31:06 »
Super impressive.

[Max] I need help! / Re: corona sky
« on: 2022-11-08, 16:43:18 »
That kind of Sky is only achievable by (in photography):

1) Polarizing filter - Not possible to simulate directly in 3D, closest is Visibility & Reflection override to adjusted version of Sky (negative exposure, gamma + saturation for example)
2) HDR merge
3) Post-production of Raw files - Selective HSL, lower luminance of blue/turquoise and higher saturation of blue/turquoise

Usually, a combination of above. Your photo example is even labeled "HDR" so it probably merged Sky luminance of at least two stops of light less if not more before adjusting saturation of it.

The Sky model that Corona now uses from Hosek is really very accurate. You can also lower the turbidity parameter to get clearer alpine blue sky, it simulates particles in the air.
But it's combination of many factors why architectural photos often features this heavily saturated deep blue look.

I had look at some reviews and here is my meta-analysis :- )

- It does have large coverage (for Threadripper and Xeons) cold-plate, but it seems to be the usual "trick", it's only the thin bottom part, the water injet inside only covers the centre.
- It comes with very cheap but massively fast fans (2500 rpms) and that is what gives it performance advantage against competition.
- When normalized for noise (either by slowing the stock fans or installing something much better) it is only slightly (3-4C) better than usual AIOs, which aren't that good on Threadripper.

So my takeway is mixed. Buying the 360 or 420 version and replacing the fans might be good solution. Just like you did with Silverstone.

Are you no longer satisfied with your SilverStone IceGem 360?

This looks like it would at best be very similar (or worse).

Well that project is done by actual camera :- ) The last photo even includes the designers. Those are simply not renderings.

And that effect (ripples) is primarily from the metallic piece being crumpled/shaped. You will get best result doing the same, with noise map of some sort driving actual physical displacement of the mesh.
The rest is indeed anisotropy. If you find the aniso+gloss value doesn't give correct result, you can play with tail parameter in advanced rollout, stainless steel and similar surfaces can have pretty long tail.

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