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Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Juraj's Renderings thread
« on: 2022-05-12, 19:09:15 »
Hi juraj are you still using corona?

Heh :- ) Yes I am. I just took 3 year hiatus of posting stuff (everywhere). Detox from social media, then kid, dog, life got in way.

I will start posting some projects very soon. There are few that I like so much I would love to show them finally anyway, though there is some anxiety about "well duh.. that's nothing interesting, too much better work these days".

I will never change from Corona. Except for Unreal 5 one day :- ) One day though... not any soon.

[Max] Tutorials & Guides / Re: Vegetation shader
« on: 2022-03-22, 09:56:55 »
hey Juraj - love referring back to this post so thanks for your efforts.

Can i ask another question though, how did you balance the outdoor to indoor exposure, what that done in post?

If you're asking about the renderings on 1st page, IPES House, there was no balancing, brightening inside in post or anything. Because this is effectively "open" house, it's not really even interior. It's easy to work with these kind of house :- ).

In Apartment building? Way too many tricks possible. Mike Kelly seems to have new photography tutorial on architecture, I would check that out, it's pretty damn useful.

Yup, some new material systems like the latest one from Disney is based fully on layering. There is no base materials and layered material anymore. Everything is a layer.

I tested it with existing way anyway, and it's pretty cool way to do wood :- ).

original material was not set up in a realistic fashion

That is the case for 99perc. of existing content, even post-PBR era of materials.

The converter does one thing wrong (because otherwise the way it converts proper materials is very nice, it takes into account everything, but that's not what people use converter for mainly):
It tries to correct those materials that were setup incorrectly. Majority of use for converter is 3rd party assets, not our own scenes. So Evermotion, 3dSky, DesignConnected, etc.. And it fails for all of those.

It converts perfectly my own LegacyMaterials. But I don't need that as much.

I believe there are ways to alleviate that by simply having the converted material remaining weird nonsense even if it was like that previously. The new PhysicalMaterial can be abused enough to map over most of content. That is much better result than ending up with metallic books.

Be careful with using native Max procedural noise, it renders a lot differently based on distance, resolution and sampling. It's almost impossible to achieve consistency.

Triplanar mapping noise bitmap is almost safer choice, I've seen most professionals using this method for carpaint speckles. Of course, more advanced noise maps like Vray Stochastic are available, but I am not sure it works in Corona.

For me it's debatable how long it's still physically sound as dyes and stains are quite penetrative as opposed to lacquers, the latter being more fitting to be simulated by clear-coat.

Also, since most lacquered woods are both (or all three) dyed/stained and lacquered, the Physical Material would need multiple clearcoats and definable thickness (Maxwell had that kind of shader), so with CoronaPhysical having just single, you would have to go to CoronaLayered material again.

This would be well worth the research.

CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML360 trx40 doesn't cover the full heatspreader outside of the extended copper coldplate. The waterjet is still only in circular middle.
So it's better than no-cover AIO, but not at all like true full cover coolers.

But this is not issue for 3960X & 3970X because their layouts feature 3 or 4 dies in the middle. So this actually works quite well.
It's only the 3990X (and previously 2990WX) which require true full heat-spreader for even heat transfer.

Gallery / Re: ELYSIUM Collection Villas.
« on: 2021-08-04, 16:33:41 »
Really nice work on your Instagram! Got me curious about the plants, these are some particular collections like MaxTree, or something in-house of yours?

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: AVX load issue during rendering
« on: 2021-07-26, 13:11:18 »
That is natural and expected though. Your CPU is being utilized 6more percent and runs at +200 MHz (at minimum).

You should have faster rendering time. The temperatures are very low anyway, these CPUs can run 90deg just fine.

Hardware / Re: Laptop Suggestions
« on: 2021-07-23, 15:05:24 »
i7 11800H vs Ryzen 5900HX. Incredibly similar in terms of performance, trading blows.

i7 11800H vs i9 11900H. No idea...but previously there was almost never any difference because of throttling and power/thermal limits. Sometimes the i7 was even faster :- ).

You will still have to choose some power profile since both CPU and GPU are usually at 100W in this size category, but they can't really do both at same time.
Well they will all get crazy hot I don't think there's anything to be done, the higher end models already have big vapor chambers, but in practice it's not drastic difference.

I can't advice on individual models of laptops, I usually don't follow those reviews well. I don't care as much about maximizing performance on laptop.
MSI vs Asus vs Dell/Alienware, Lenovo, they change far too often to keep up. I would choose the one you like visually since you will be seen with it in public :- ) Just kidding, but being nice device is important for me to enjoy the experience.

Hardware / Re: Laptop Suggestions
« on: 2021-07-23, 13:36:17 »
Don't buy the 14" Razer, or other small AMD laptops, most of them have fully soldered memory, so it can't be upgraded. Kind of suck to be stuck with 16GB of ram.
The big AMD laptops also have soldered memory, but only partly. So it's soldered 16 + XYZ, giving you maximum of 48GB of DDR4 to upgrade.

All current Intel laptops have two fully upgradeable memory slots, giving you 64GB DDR4 option, this is big plus for Intel laptops right now.

Every laptop that is not Apple Macbook, Dell XPS or Razer Blade is ugly : /. And they're mostly equally ok choice. The bigger it is the better it will cool and better render but it's not as super important on laptop since in the end they're all slow for true rendering, so it's more play around in scenes and then send them home to render.

The very latest i7 11800H Intel chips are really good, on par with 5900HX, but they came out just last week.

My Razer Blade 17 Pro is pretty "silent", but my wife's Razer Blade 15 Advanced is lot more loud due to being so much thinner. I believe most 17" are lot better suited for CGI work, and 2.7KG is imho portable. Sure, 15" 2KG is more portable but are you gonna work in Starbucks? Or just take it with you on travel and keep it place.

Alienware area 51m i9 9900k is actually quite well cooled, but 9900K is desktop chip so the it kind of negates. I don't think you will have much better experience in terms of noise and heat, you will just get lighter. More of a side-grade then upgrade. (You will go from 3.9KG to 2KG (15") or 2.7KG (17") so improvement there).

Not much advice to give, everything is such a compromise in laptops you just have to make an educated guess and live with it.

I'm found it ... The problems are the Buckets ....

Ok, this is worth investigating. I wonder if the Corona devs are testing using cpus like 3990X and so.

Hardware / Re: Laptop Suggestions
« on: 2021-07-17, 11:32:11 »
Yes, the laptop with full desktop parts in OEM chassis from Taiwan makers like Clevo.

Every country has different resellers, in US it's Origin, in EU it's XMG and Schenker, etc..  there are a lot of such brands but the laptop you will get is +/- identical since they only put it together but the chassis is the same.
Here is a (not comprehensive) list of some:

It will feature full desktop 3950/5950X 16-core Ryzen CPU, but usually set to 65W ECO mode or other custom power envelope, but it's user adjustable, just like desktop, with mostly fully unlocked bios.
The only negative is they're big, ugly and plastic. But the cooling is great and performance is well... mind-boggling.

Some of them are also based on 10-core i9 Intels. You lose some multi-threaded performance, but you get Thunderbolt connectivity.


In terms of physical correctness, the previous implementation allowed for non physically plausible results, you cannot have a single surface that's rough but also highly glossy at the same time.

That reminds me, does it now work if we apply different treatment (through material ID for example) to refractive glass (with real volume/thickness) ? Most frosted glass is simply sandblasted on one side and polished on other (when it's not glued to hide the sand-blasting in middle).

I remember this always created some kind of artifacts.

Learner’s Corner / Re: Cloth with fibers
« on: 2021-07-14, 10:34:20 »
Sure. I attached  the material i used for the effect, take a look

I just cloned my cloth and in the copy i used this material ;)

Thanks much Alberto :- ) I had a thought it would be a copy (heh I use similar trick for car paints) but it wasn't clear.

Yup, nice trick.

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