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Hi there.

I know the problem with Blender was the GPL, but in the same fashion vray and Octane are integrated into Blender, maybe with the new standalone the Blender integration can be turned in a commercial addon, the export code may be open source, but as long as the render is produced in the standalone Corona there should not be a problem with GPL and having to give the Corona addon with open source.

And now if Corona standalone supports Alembic and OpenVDB (the latter in the future)and Blender supports Alembic (wich is on it's way) then the integration could be done using Alembic instead of OBJ's like right now because I doubt we can export a fluid mesh using OBJ's and get the correct render result or an optimal file size for an animation.

Blender is becoming more and more important (along with C4D and Modo of course) with people planning to leave Autodesk, and this is not only said by me but it's a trend that many companies are seeing, dev team I can give you my source about this trend, but in private to respect them, but I can say it's a big and important company in the 3d business and they are seeing this in their clients, also my Autodesk reseller told me that too...

What do you think dev team? people?


Hi there guys.

I've been tinkering a bit trying to achieve a proper matte shadow "state" for objects in the scene so I can render just an object inside the scene maintaining the light around it but getting just the object and the object casted shadows and GI.

So far I tried to di this:


And I get this, wich is a cool beauty, and an uncool alpha.

Now I'm wondering how to avoid all this lighting effect in the environment because I need the object and it's effect in the rest of the scene (in this case the text) and I need the reflections and the light to be the same as in the actual real scene without shadow catcher, so I need all the objects with the correct material for GI/Reflection/Refraction,and I override this material just for direct.

if I use the shadow catcher in the Global Illumination slot, as you can imagine all the reflections and lighting change, but I get the alpha I need.


So the question is how can I achieve the beauty of the first sample and the alpha of the second sample in the same render?

Best regards!

P.S.: I forgot how to include attachements in line, can someone refresh me this so I can include the pictures in the post?

That's it.

The ability to have the render info text as a separated render element so we could store this info, like render time and such things, for example inside a multi-layer EXR.


That's it, Autoregion in max works using the selected object, but naturally in network rendering you don't have any selected object, so an Autoregion include list could be great so we can render specific object fixes rendering just the most accurate region possible.

Hope you like the idea and it's easy to implement.


Hi there.

I'm suffering from LOOOOOONG scene parsing times, some scenes are sroung 18 minutes, others 13 minutes, other take just a few seconds or 1 or 2 minutes.

How can this be solved/debugged? Because my total render time is around 31 minutes, but the parsing is 18 minutes, so my real render time is 13 minutes, wich is awesome! but with teh parsing is horrible.



That's it.

Someone from Spain/Madrid with Corona experience for a possible job?

I'm looking for a freelance for an specific project that we can have in July, it's an Arch&Viz project involving still and video, so I would like to speak with him/her by phone and maybe arrange a meeting.

Our site if you want more info from us:

Answer me here or by private message.


Hi there.

I got this message, no more info.

Exception: please report at Access violation - no RTTI data!

Any ideas? I need to render this scene ASAP.


Hi there.

I'm composing a color render element with a RAW Diffuse, but it gives me a border because it seems that the color does not fit exactly in the RAW Diff, some ideas?

BTW It's not an alpha error, if I remove all the alphas and I just do a simple multiply, color * RAW Diff, I get the border, again, it seems to be the color not fitting exactly into the RAW component.

Ideas please? I need to comp this ASAP and I don't know how to get rid of that crappy border :S

Check pics.


[Max] I need help! / UVW Render element wrong output?
« on: 2015-06-03, 22:45:33 »
Hi there.

I'm trying to use the UVW render element in Fusion to apply a texture to an object, however the texture output is very different when I apply that texture in max and when I apply it in Fusion, check the pictures test_UV_Fusion.jpg, the left one is the max render output, the right one is the FUsion output.

I'm not sure if there can be some problem with the UVW output, Fusion just gets the U and the V, not the W, check all the attached pictures and please, tell me if there is a problem here.

I also tried to enable the built-in UV option of the EXR format, but it returns nothing :P

Some ideas?


[Max] I need help! / Problem with black specular?
« on: 2015-06-02, 19:00:07 »
I remember someone having a probelm with black specular reflections, I'm having the same problem here, and I think that someone discovered how to solve it, some ideas please?

Basically the problem is that when the light is too bright (like the sun) the reflection is black, so it gives a black specular.


[Max] I need help! / Good looking indoor plant material?
« on: 2015-05-04, 20:02:27 »
Hi there.

I don't get good results in nature materials at all, so do any of you have a good material for indoor plants, something properly configured with trnaslucency or SSS or something similar so the plants don't look plastic plants and the fell more natural, after a lot of time trying to achieve this I throw the towel :P


Hi there.

I have this question, I'll esplain why, I have a job where I will have to render A LOT of images that will be exactly the same, except that I will have to change some logos and some colors, those colors won't affect too much to the illumination (well, the may affect but it's not important if I change them and it's not perfect) so to avoid having to render 50 images with 50 different textures I wanted to render the elements without the "color" element and having the color in a spearate element, this way I could be able to replace the texture of the object with the logo in comp using the UV channel and skip those additional renders that could take A LOT.

Check the attached picture, I think it's a better explanation, you can see th teapot with face as the rendered one, and you can see how I changed the teapot texture with a bricks texture in compositing, I did not have to re-render anything, just change the texture in comp.

So it's possible to do this right now?


P.S.: ignore the gamma shift in the result and the different elements, it's just because I made this explanation picture fast and that was not an important thing.

Hi there.

I read some time ago that bucket mode was working in a more linear fashion right now, and I just read an answer from Maru in the C4D forum.

How does bucket work now? and I repeat myself with this question, but I don't see a clear answer, please forgive me if I forgot the answer or if I missed it (probably this last one :P ) but does bucket mode perform adaptivity over passes or does it have adaptivity disabled too?


Hi there.

I would like to ask to divide the resolved features requests in two subforums, one for the accepted requests and another one for rejected requests, this way we can keep track of what happen with the different feature requests instead of having to enter in the resolved forum and enter in each feature request to know if it's been accepted or rejected.

Regarding the already existent subforum I would lock it and let it be for future reference, but that's it.

Just an idea, not super important, but could be good :)


[Max] Feature Requests / Open Subdivisions native support
« on: 2015-02-26, 22:04:21 »
Hi there.

i'm not sure if I did this request before or if it's done by someone else but:

Open Subdivisions native support.

I'm working in a project where I need to model pretty complex technical objects and thanks to open subdiv and creases the modelling was super fast and super easy, so a native support for this with adaptativity could be very welcome and can improve the weight of the mesh depending of the camera view so we can have a visible smooth object that usually could have millions of polygons with just a few thousands polys, plus is something already implemented in several packages, max and maya for sure, about C4D i'm not sure, so native support can be cross-platform :)


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