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[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds 1.5
« on: 2016-08-14, 18:16:56 »
it will take at least a month from now

Ok, thanks :)

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds 1.5
« on: 2016-08-14, 14:55:53 »
Ondra, when is planned (approx) the release of 1.5? during August? (next week? XD)

Is because I tried it and the improvement in speed is very noticeable (I'm not sure if it's me but I get more or less clean 1080p scenes in 10 minutes with a 0.5 denoiser againts 25/35 min with 1.4... I don't know if I'm dreaming but... astonishing... and hte post process effects... simply WOW! For a fast job they are awesome!


[Max] General Discussion / Re: REBUS RenderFarm
« on: 2016-08-14, 02:50:43 »
Does Rebus accept daily build 1.5?

Hey Maru.

I did everything but nothing seems to work, the lag in max is astonishin, it's impossible to work!

I'm desperate, right now I'm upgrading to Windows 10 annyversary update to see if this helps, but I'm in a tight deadline and this is breaking all my deadlines, I have 1.4 hotfix 1 :P


[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds
« on: 2016-04-13, 09:45:00 »

WOW New custom bucket mode!!!!

Cool solution indeed :)


[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds
« on: 2016-03-29, 17:05:31 »
What comp software did you use?

It seems you have to multiply the velocity pass, try with a value of 10 and see the result, I found that situation in the past when I extracted velocity passes from mental ray, with Corona I just use motion blur and that's it hehe


[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds
« on: 2016-03-28, 11:55:54 »
Interesting, why did you decided to make it not temporal? So it could work better with single frame renders?
Could it be better for animation if it was temporal?


General CG Discussion / Re: VR or realtime type software
« on: 2016-03-26, 18:18:12 »
The best way to do this IMHO is Unity, but this is to do a full custom app of course, and you can even offer them multiplatform if they want this in phones and tablets.
We did several apps, the counterpart is that it's not a cheap thing to do, not because the software but because you need a lot of time to make sure the app works correctly and to implement every feature you want, so to prototype an app like that is fast, to make a fully working app of good quality high level is costly, but as anything well done :)


[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds
« on: 2016-03-22, 09:45:46 »
Maybe is what rawalanche says, a not optimal air flow may be provoking this, all depending on how do you have your refrigeration configured.

Do you see the same temperatures if you render with iRay for example? In that case you would be in the same situation using CPU+GPU, so if the GPU is the problem you should see the same temps you see now in the denoising phase I think.


Hardware / Re: A new PC for Corona
« on: 2016-03-21, 17:18:01 »
IMHO with this budget you can get a pretty good 5820k with 32Gb of RAM, a ver good render node for a low budget, I don't have time to give you a full config, but basically an Asus motherboard, a closed liquid cooling system and a low cost GPU :)

I'm sure others here can be more precise :)


Yeah... Some like that hehehe

Disagree, I think it's just a missunderstanding of how noise works and what causes noise, that's why he wants to stop direct calculation, but it's not because he wants direct/indirect, he is just thinking on how the render and the clean up proccess can be faster, and he is giving an idea, the thing is that this idea is based on a wrong paradigm about noise.

And regarding the "always"... you are right, not always, but it's the feeling you get the first times you work with this kind of render engines, and it's the idea you get when you prepare a simple scene, so this drives unexperienced people with this engines to think that direct light is always clean meanwhile indirect is the reason of noise.
Of course it's not, but it's something people find difficult to understand, that is why there is a need to explain the "where the noise com from" matter, so people understand that it's not just light entering from the window, but there may be many other reasons.

So, of course not always, but if you simplify it is what people in general thinks until they understand how this work. (at least is my feeling about how newbies understand this).

So I still think he is referring to adaptivity without knowing it BUT the only person who knows this for sure is Tiago, so please Tiago clarify this (just out of curiosity hahaha)


I think what he is asking in the end is adaptivity, since if there is a part of the picture that is already clean this part will not take cpu time, while the rest of the still noisy image will be cleaned up until the desired level.

It's just he understand this as direct/indired because visually, the direct light effect (like a lamp or a sun entering through a windows) is alwasy clean before the rest of the picture, and that is why he understand this as direct/indirect, but I think it's more of a clean/unclean :)

Just what I understood from his description, and if that is what you are asking then... adaptivity is coming... to release soon! hehe


Good to know Ondra!

I still hope you will develop the project inhouse, but in any case is good to know that it can be done from the outside, the Blender community is very active :D


[Max] Daily Builds / Re: Daily Builds
« on: 2016-03-16, 11:18:16 »
Can you sahre the animation when you have it? I'm curious about how denoising will work with an animation, if it may cause splotches.


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